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      “The American Dream is Dead”!

                                    – Donald Trump, 16 Jun, 2015


                                  President Donald Trump

         In the speech where Donald Trump announced that he was officially running for the Presidency (16 June/2015), he at one point pronounced, after a heavy pause, that “The American Dream is Dead”.  I remember thinking that when he said this, it seemed as if he was experimenting with a device to manipulate the emotions of the masses, like Nietzsche pronouncing the death of God . Ostensibly, the American Dream is not dead for Trump.  So his signal was split – for dramatic effect – and he was appealing to the emotions of millions of would-be followers – some of them experiencing difficult economic and social conditions. I also realized that in the souls of millions of Americans, the American Dream was a challenge that had taken a new turn and had never been more alive, but they were anxious to keep it alive and did not want to see it diminished or killed by Donald Trump, who from their point of view seemed to be on a rampage against several new trends in American society. Some of those trends have involved long, arduous struggles!


                                 POST-TRUTH LEGACY


‘Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.’

(8 Nov, 2016, Oxford Dictionary)


Well, since the inauguration of Donald Trump, the United States is one, big Emotion Machine. And the emotions promise to get a lot bigger.

The range of circumstances to which this definition can be applied is more or less infinite since it is pointing to a truth crisis as much as a post-truth crisis. You don’t have one without the other. In a post-truth environment, the truth is still there but has been displaced, ignored, suppressed, repressed, or has rolled over like a squirrel before a bear. According to laws of conservation of force, of energy, or mass-energy, if you ‘compress’ something it will ‘rebound’ or react. One might suggest that in a post-truth environment, the energy of truth is conserved and will eventually react. Truth is surely part of the structure of things – including our bodies, brain, memory and the cognitive processes that are interdependent with our bodies and the environment the body moves through. And all this becomes part of history that obeys patterns, phases and cycles. Displace truth and you have displaced mind, cognition, perception, the quality of consciousness and emotion. At the same time it also implies that we have misrepresented the history of mankind by preserving lies and suppressing truths for centuries at a time. But there are points where truth seeks to realign itself in accordance with the laws that created it in the first place. Yet while truth is displaced, both physical and mental health can become eroded even as the environment erodes. All forms of health require truth to be maintained. Common sense to be sure! But in a post-truth world common sense ends up in the same concentration camp as truth itself. In this context truth can be sensed as a dynamic process – not as a rigid or categorical collection of things. The process itself is prone to variability in focus and hence the experience of variability in clarity, direction and purpose.

The definition above is also pointing to an emotional crisis as more and more people of diverse backgrounds, gender identities, mindsets, lifestyles and religious proclivities feel rebuffed by a severely stratified system. A major component in that stratification is wealth inequality. But this in turn has spawned a stratification of power and the ability to ‘control truth’ through government propaganda and disinformation, lobbyism, media, advertising, public relations, education, religion, the entertainment business, the Internet, etc. All these intensive areas influence the way truth ‘sits’ in our systems: as individuals, as groups, as a nation.

When I first stumbled upon the compound word “post-truth” formally on 28 Nov, 2016 in an article written by Neil Macdonald for CBC News’ online edition, I knew almost immediately that I had just crashed into the tip of a very jagged, very large iceberg; an iceberg that had been floating around in post-truth seas long before 2016 – the year that “post-truth” was voted as Oxford Dictionary’s “Word of the Year”. Publishers claim that the use of the word increased by 2000% between 2015 and 2016 which corresponds to both the Brexit Referendum in Britain and the appearance of Donald Trump in the U.S. Presidential race all the way to his 8 Nov/2016 election victory. The “untruth” of “post-truth” conditions is not new, but it seems to have reached a threshold of instability in 2016-17, a point of saturation and perhaps a point of reckoning that has unpleasant, quite dramatic ramifications currently being acted out in the United States through the new Trump administration. What we are seeing is not merely ‘Draconian’ which under special circumstances can be justified. Instead, millions feel we are seeing an arbitrary Ideological Backlash against a hard-won progressivism – but an Ideological Agenda that we already saw grab Germany by its throat a mere 84 years ago in 1933 and not let go until a whole lot of catastrophic damage had been done first. If Nazism is rearing its ugly, cold-blooded head right under our noses it makes sense – especially in view of the unique leadership vacuum it is determined to fill – not to deny it, but to stand up to it and try to understand it and not allow it to take hold. Just as the Nazis wanted all of Germany to “get with the program”, so the White House wants Americans to get with the program with the deceptive insistence that America is not safe so that we need anti-democratic tactics to make it safe. Enforcing this deception is not merely dishonest; it is also tragic because it warps the true nature of Americans endowed with a natural generosity.

“America is not safe” has been an Administrative “talking point” for decades. 9/11 (11 Sept, 2001)in particular has been used to promote this “talking point” and even to begin the process of restricting civil liberties (Patriot Act). Hitler, also, was constantly telling the German people that all his actions were to make Germany safe in order to make it great again. Donald Trump has been pushing the exact same points even as America’s crime rate is at its lowest point in many decades and ‘tolerance’ is morphing into a ‘creative socialization’ that celebrates the power of diversity! Hitler promised to make Germany safe from Communist terrorists and safe from Jews. But this was mostly a lie. Germany’s enemies were much more subtly hidden than all that pamphleteering propaganda promoted. They were much more complex. He was trying to simplify things in order to capture the collective mind and collective emotions of the frightened and frustrated post-Versailles German people. Trump’s inaugural speech should be called The “America FirstSpeech had Woodrow Wilson not used “America First” in 1916 as part of a dishonest promise not to drag America into Europe’s Great War. But once again, when you glance at Germany, you can see that it was the same rallying cry: Hitler’s entire propaganda thrust was The Third Reich First. The German people thought Hitler was promising to improve the circumstances and well-being of Germans. They did not grasp quickly enough that he and his team were programming Germans for war in order to advance an exclusive, elitist and unimaginably arrogant agenda. What Trump and his team have done is replace communists and Jews with Muslims in an effort to fabricate widespread fear and anti-Muslim sentiment as justification for an increase in militarism at home and abroad. This is not new, just a messier and more transparent version than we are used to. The Bush family was so slick, so corporate-looking, nobody knew how to block their militarism. They made militarism look like an advertisement for a real-life Video Game and Americans love Video Games.

The need to make America safe is an age-old propaganda spear – with lots of blood on its tip – designed to create fear in order to cajole people into an agenda they would otherwise not support. Again, 84 years ago, once Hitler had pulled off the Enabling Act in 1933 that made him Dictator, the true menace to the German people became obvious to anyone not yet completely blinded by the barrage of Nazi propaganda that was assailing the whole Reich. The true threat to the German people did not come from communists, Jews, homosexuals, Jehovah Witnesses, etc. It came from the dreaded Gestapo and the ruthless, elitist SS: both Nazi creations. The mandate of the Gestapo under the command of the fiercely loyal Heinrich Müller (who replaced Rudolph Diels), was all too simple: ‘track down and get rid of anybody who was suspected of any treachery toward Hitler and Nazi Germany itself’. That meant it acted in effect as judge, jury and executioner outside normal judicial process!

But initially in early 1933, in order to conquer a democratic Germany, Hitler and his inner circle (Goering, Goebbels, Himmler, Hess, etc.) had to create a unifying incident – the burning of the Reichstag Parliament Building – that was blamed on a deranged Dutch communist who was eventually beheaded. Historians agree that the Reichstag Fire was the means by which Nazism was finally established in Germany, but to this day, there is no unanimous accord as to who really caused the fire as the fire spread far too quickly throughout the whole, vast structure – as if prepped with chemicals – to be within the capability of the deranged and half-blind accused. When you listen closely to one of Trump’s former advisors, Ret Lt Gen Michael Flynn, you realize he has replaced “communist” with “socialist” while he himself insists that nowadays, “progressive” is just a cover for “socialist”; and he has replaced anti-Semitism with anti-Islamism or anti-Muslimism, making Flynn an anti-Islamite. He himself is solemnly proud of the title, which brings him and his agenda far too close to the Nazi agenda than is comfortable. In the recent past he has been known to speak about excising Islamism from the world: labeling it a cancer. And this man managed to get inside the White House, advising the President on National Security issues – up until he was forced to resign in February, 2017. The weapon that Flynn, like the Gestapo, seems to be wielding is not merely fear, but an atmosphere of total mistrust. In America right now, this extends to the government itself. Many millions don’t trust the government. Fear, then, may become the only weapon the government is left with. If people comply, it will be because they are afraid not to. It is incumbent upon the individual to actively seek a basis for trust, otherwise the process of divide and conquer will be that much easier for those determined to manipulate and control the masses.




Neil Macdonald, who had been CBC’s Washington correspondent for 12 years, started his 28 Nov/2016 article in this way:

“The ‘post-truth’ president flattens fact-obsessed media: Trump brilliantly recognized post-truthism long ago, while others were still stupidly issuing fact-checks”.


Many people do not regard Trump’s “post-truth” behavior as “brilliant” (undoubtedly including Macdonald), perceiving his total disregard for objective fact, instead, as both absurd and mentally unbalanced. Some have gone further, even willing to set aside traditional ethics and have labeled him a “malignant narcissist”. Some of the characteristics of this diagnosis seem to overlap with forms of psychopathy – one symptom of which is chronic lying – but also lack of remorse that accompanies “bold, disinhibited egotism”, ostensibly fuelled by delusions of grandeur. Chronic lying can reflect a chronic disregard for the objective well-being of others and just objectivity generally. In this sense, morality has been suspended in, or ejected from the personality. Needless to say this places all of us in very disturbing territory because these characteristics have been there for all to see over the past year and even earlier.

We can also observe such behavior in the people who immediately surround us. Challenge even a small belief or habit and they over-react in a way that should alarm even the most sublime of optimists. Why should there be surprise that we saw bigotry, sexism, racism and compulsive narcissism that we have never seen before in a candidate running for a high political office in the United States? And yet we were surprised. But he won the election anyway and most people didn’t think he would. In a post-truth crisis, everything ends up under the epistemological microscope – including the odd couples: expected/unexpected, normal/abnormal, sanity/insanity; superior/inferior; legitimate/illegitimate, moral/immoral, individual/State and truthfulness/falsity. President Trump is a very uncomfortable and very concentrated reflection of disturbing behavioral trends that have been growing in the society as a whole – especially since the 1990’s. He is a reflection of ourselves. Narcissism is everywhere. And when it is at an advanced phase, it is difficult to recognize it in oneself.

An important question to be asking throughout this unfolding ‘post-truth’ crisis is how much of the symptoms under discussion here are systemic and how much are rooted in the specifics of the individual. In the case of Mr. Trump, we are seeing the marriage of both. Specific characteristics in Trump have combined with a system that has now reached a point of chronic excess. The excess itself is hydra-headed and has spawned a universal me-first culture with unmediated narcissism as rampant as addictive consumerism. Take the symptomatic example of a driver totally consumed by their cell phone at 50 miles per hour in a city. The fact is whatever is going on with them it is more important than the objective consequences of rear-ending an innocent driver in front of them; passing through a red light and hitting a turning car; striking a pedestrian or hitting a cyclist. When confronted, what is exhibited first is a defensive posture with no remorse whatsoever. In my view this remorseless narcissism has become rampant and makes Trump the current social norm, not any sort of exception. All that is exceptional is his position. Many aspects of the system we live by are fostering and even coercing a ubiquitous, systemic narcissism that is altering cognitive aptitude and sensibility. This in turn makes more and more people prone to social media while shutting off human-to-human skills. I believe Hitler also became exceptionally narcissistic and self-serving while also getting caught up in an indulgence in the latest trends in gadgetry, weaponry, communications, transportation and so forth.

Meanwhile, within this system, a super-wealthy elite are commanding too much power from the top. At the very top, this power seems to consolidate Big Oil with Central Banking and control of the Military-Industrial-Machinery – which includes clandestine intelligence + covert operations. A knowledgeable historian might interject at this point: “So what else is new? This is old hat. Minus a gadget or two; a vehicle or two; a bomb or two and we always had hypocritical and cunning wolves preying on naïve, consumerist sheep; predators and prey. We have never advanced beyond this social structure created by Nature herself.” Nobody would ever say this historian was wrong. However it still isn’t the whole story, the whole truth. The whole truth is always more than any single human statement that can be said about it. Mankind is still more than just predator/prey. And this more, this extra something is being tested right now in more or less everybody by degree. A dictatorship will limit the test, restrict the challenge and bounty of what can be learned, while it also falsifies the nature of the truth.


I think what most people under-estimated during the 2016 election ordeal was the heart of the public itself. Perhaps the ‘more’, or ‘extra something’ just mentioned, has something to do with ‘heart’ and the direction it takes when it comes to a big fork in the road. But in the 2016 election we were all too hypnotized and even shocked by Trump’s crude narcissism to remember the “people”. And the press didn’t cover Bernie Sanders enough to expose the connection he was forming with the people – including youth. People have instincts, but politicians and professionals are so busy trying to manipulate the public and its interconnected web of instincts that they refuse to pay any genuine attention to those collective instincts being carted around inside real, flesh and blood people. The attention, as an objective concern, stops short with the manipulation, the strategy, the post-truth talking points. And this is how more and more of us are treating each other. They/us dismiss this vast resource of ‘truth’ as part of a self-serving strategy that ends up unseating truth from its objective and legitimate position in the social order – that in turn impacts the axis of the individual self: not just its maintenance, but also its transformation. The vast resource of truth, as a result, is narrowed down in order to advance one’s own specific agenda. Nazi Germany was programmed to serve Hitler’s agenda and a tight core who were loyal to that ‘plan’ and intended to enforce it Unfortunately the plan was both brutally crude and naively romantic. After the deaths of over 60,000,000 people around the world – with more civilian casualties than combat casualties – the ‘Nazi’ pathology went into remission. But it has never been too far below the surface, ever since, just waiting for cracks in the system through which to seize power. One of the most gaping cracks opened wide in 2016.

This disconnect between the professional manipulator/shaper/exploiter and the mass-they-want-to-shape becomes a key component in the post-truth phenomenon – a systemic component whereby objective facts [truth] become refugees in their own domain. We are trained by the whole system to let ourselves – our emotions and opinions – be shaped by ‘authorities’ – from advertizing to propaganda, to education, to religious expression, to our own parents. But we are not taught how to resist the “opinion-shaping” process. Part of the progress of the last few decades – which started for me around 1976 – has been to learn to resist creatively by following down the truth as far as you can and as far as it will take you. But it can be dangerous as everybody knows and you can be left high and dry with no security. It has always perturbed me the way millions so readily jump on band wagons or swallow lies dished out by governments, or in advertisements, or in public relation stunts – just because these outlets appear authoritative. But then the same could be said for religion: we take literally episodes in scriptures that were only intended as metaphor, myth or symbol. The problem of truth and its orientation in our minds and in our society, is age-old: we are prone innately to mix our metaphors, turning truth inside-out, requiring extraordinary tribulations or even pilgrimages to set truth right again.

At some point if this process of being manipulated by professionals of all pedigrees goes unchecked, the multi-leveled depletion it causes and the accumulation of extraneous guilt that accompanies it, compels the public to cease trusting all authorities and all media – in their hearts – which is why diligent fact-checking – though not particularly sexy – must never cease! It creates a long-term bond of trust among people. When a severe disconnect has occurred between a significant authority – such as the Commander-in-Chief of the USA – and the Media, then the populace finds itself in a social crisis in which democracy has been either informally suspended or flagrantly outlawed. The government is now ready to use the military or special police forces to carry out its agenda. Without objective facts and objective communication, freedom cannot navigate in the fog and murk of post-truth waters. The police and the military require objective facts just like everybody else. Behind the badges, the uniforms, the weapons, the job description and even the decorations, they are human beings like all of us. So in the end, nobody is secure in any post-truth ocean.


                                   2016 Election

The public had come to associate Hillary and Bill Clinton with the Establishment or Ruling Elite – well before the 8 Nov/2016 election. This ‘Elite’ included the Bush group. The Establishment had garnered a reputation across millions of people for being self-serving in the extreme. But they were also seen as both incompetent and dishonest resulting not just in voter fatigue but in a leadership vacuum heading into the primaries. This is when Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump made an appearance – both anomalies in the conventional and not particularly dynamic, money-ruled American electoral process. For these reasons, the leadership vacuum ran deeper than anyone was prepared for. But it was too easy to be distracted by the theatrics – most notably Trump’s One-Man Show – and to end up hypnotized by the dark shadow it was casting beyond even the borders of America. Just what was this Establishment that the public suddenly had trouble swallowing for another 4 years? The decisive rejection of Jeb Bush in the early stages of the process by the public might offer a clue. Who or what are the Bushes?

As it turns out to answer this question requires a book and more than one author. I can only scratch the surface here. The research is both painful and copious and most problematical of all – impossible to complete because so much of the Bush history is significantly covert, tied as it is to banking, oil, weapons, drugs and ultimately piracy and war. Within the proclaimed Christian moral and ethical structure of the United States, many of their actions had to be covered up – more or less by general consent – in order to avoid exposing fundamental inconsistencies in American values and American leadership. If Americans did not want to appear as penultimate hypocrites at the UN and around the world, ingenious cover ups had to become a critical component in all “national security strategies”. For this to work, the Bushes had to get involved in propaganda needed to convince the public that America had serious enemies that posed serious, imminent risks to America’s national security. This practice has been perpetuated right into the current crisis of the Trump administration – including a public reaction to distorted images and information about Muslims and Islam.

But so many years of both propaganda and cover-ups have contributed enormously to the current leadership vacuum in America and in the world – most notably – the disconnect between the will of the government and the needs of the people and our collective residual incapacity – as one very important example – to control the proliferation of military arsenals and equipment as if the military has become the prime religion of the world – or perhaps the word “Idolatry” might be more accurate. Moreover this obsession with the Idolatry of Weaponry and the fear-based psychology that accompanies it, has been at the expense of understanding and protecting the diverse ecological web that we now rather flatly label the Earth’s Environment as if somehow human and animal life and the flora upon which they depend were completely separate from the Earth’s Environment – atmosphere included – that embraces all of it. The increasing disconnect between human consumerist society and our living environment is one of the chronic symptoms of a post-truth world, amplified by the fact that the Establishment and now the new President, both deny complex scientific data that demonstrates how humans are altering the planet in a disruptive manner and at an accelerating pace, producing what can be called “Manmade Climate Change”. The Establishment thinks “exploitation for profit”. It does not think “Conservation” or “Preservation”. It does not think “Wholeness” and it certainly does not think “Harmony”. Without conflict as a prime condition it cannot advance a self-serving agenda set on exploiting as much of Earth’s resources as it possibly can.

For all these reasons the voter public understandably demonstrated caution and restraint during the 2016 election process – except for the split-reaction to the unprecedented spectacle put on by Donald Trump. With respect to the Earth’s ecology that everybody depends on – making it the most democratic reality of all – the United States power structure – Government + Corporate – has decided to offer no leadership of any kind – quite the contrary as exhibited at the Marrakesh Climate Change Conference (7-18 Nov/2016) that took place at the same time as the election itself   – deciding instead to push a neo-fascist-like “Me-First” agenda come hell or high water – an attitude that greatly lowered the morale at the conference in Morocco . But this Me-First-American agenda does not benefit the population as a whole. In effect, unless the Trump-Trend is reversed, the United States has, for all intents and purposes, declared Ecological War on the rest of mankind – including its own citizens. It has done so in the name of Judeo-Christian-White-Anglo-American values and ‘truth’, behind which lies rapacious, corporate greed. Given my own personal lifelong sensitivity to degraded air quality, I regard this as a genuine form of terrorism. And because of my sensitivity to artificial chemicals of all denominations, I feel like an outsider to this Judeo-Christian-White-Anglo-American assault on our environment. But of course having said that, I found environments in India, Cairo, London, Budapest, etc. even more difficult to bear than most American environments. I believe America can easily fix its air quality problems (as well as water, soil, food), but for the moment it is not in the interests of Big Money and Big Oil – nor the hateful motives of the Christian Right – to do so. And with current trends under Trudeau and Trump, neither Canada nor the USA seem to be concerned about Asian air quality problems either – even though those problems are helping to push hydrocarbon counts in the atmosphere permanently above 400 ppm as of 2016. The current Trump administration has even begun to discuss how it intends to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency – that every living, sentient creature that moves and breathes within the borders of the United States, universally depends upon for the enforcement of acceptable safety standards between industry and life itself. As everybody knows all too well, the consumer alone is incapable of safe-guarding the environment without laws in place. Millions will buy anything that is sold – no matter how dangerous – unless it is prohibited by law. Little wonder that serious psychologists and psychiatrists around the country have had to weigh in on the situation: the possible onset, not of mere power-driven hysteria, but a Right-Wing Psychosis.




The Bush group, in truth, goes back in an unbroken chain to Samuel Bush, president of Rockefeller-owned Buckeye Steel Castings Co. – who worked his way onto the “War Industries Board”, that some consider the forerunner to what Dwight Eisenhower referred to as the Military-Industrial-Complex – as chief of the Ordnance, Small Arms and Ammunition Section in charge of small arms, ammunition and the companies that make them, such as Remington and Buckeye itself (gun barrels) – in the middle of World War 1 – earning him the disenchanting title, known within some circles, as “A Merchant of Death”. Percy Rockefeller and Samuel Pryor’s Remington Arms was supplying everybody – all sides – with automatic pistols, machine guns and rifles. To a capitalist multi-national corporation this of course makes great sense; to a monopolist it makes even more sense. But to a nation at war, it is treason because ‘our’ guns are killing our men and probably prolonging what was already an overly long tribulation – making a spiteful mockery of the concept known as “Patriotism”. Moreover, the taxpayers – responding to very persuasive propaganda with patriotic fervor – were paying for production, so the term “Merchant of Death” that came out of Senator Nye’s 1934 hearings that attacked Remington and specific British companies for war profiteering and worse – is probably an accurate appellation.  The taxpayer pays for production; the arms manufacturers don’t share the profits with the taxpayer. Instead they get fat with both money and arrogance. It almost reads like a law of nature as if revealed to Rockefeller at about the same time he learned how to refine crude oil and eliminate all competition while he was doing it. He then set the pace for everybody else, which included Samuel Bush who became CEO of one of his companies within the railway (steel) and arms industries.

Samuel Bush seems to have passed on to his son, Prescott Bush, the secrets of learning to arm both sides of a conflict; how to set the conflict in motion and then reap profits by selling weapons to both sides during the course of the conflict – but he wasn’t alone in the acquisition of this ‘wisdom’ – there was Rockefeller, Pryor, Dillon, Lovett, Bernard Baruch. Baruch was the head of the War Industries Board – a man many refer to as an “Industrial Dictator” and some think he may have profited in excess of the extraordinary sum of $200,000,000 from World War 1 as did Rockefeller largely through banking – no doubt courtesy of the Federal Reserve System that as of two years earlier Rockefeller now co-owned with a handful of other cartel members!!!  It is interesting to note that Winston Churchill referred to Baruch as his “favorite American” even as the big munitions makers were sending agents around the world to sell their wares to both sides of a conflict. Perhaps he meant that the incredibly cagey Baruch – who knew how to operate from behind the ‘legitimate façade’ of the U.S. Government to sanction the dark aims of the ‘Death Merchants’ – had never steered him wrong, no matter what calamitous twist history threw at the citizens of the earth: whether it be crashed stock markets or world wars. Baruch knew how to navigate the rich through to more wealth than what they had before the crash or before the war. So, Samuel Bush, entrusted with small arms and ammunition, was keeping big company as he helped set prices and determine what military goods should be produced by private industry and which companies received the contracts. This was pure monopolistic profiteering through the unilateral autonomy of the War Industries Board and the cunning of Bernard Baruch. Through the use of propaganda this Establishment learned that it was possible to get the taxpayer to pay your production costs for the war. The urgency surrounding war – no matter how fabricated – and the emotional hysteria and fear engulfing it, made it the favorite profiteering method for Big Money. Regrettably most of the records and communications that concerned Samuel Bush’s section of the War Industries Board were ‘intentionally’ burned, preventing us from knowing the truth about this “Merchant of Death Class” that has played so foundational a role in American history, commerce and culture.  The fact that “Merchant of Death” and “Nazi” are practically synonyms is stating the obvious.  But it helps to be reminded. Let’s call it a common preoccupation. For some, Remington was to World War 1 what Haliburton was to the Iraq War.

But from his father’s participation in Bernard Baruch’s “War Industries Board”, Prescott Bush had managed to gain entrance into the Eastern Establishment controlled by the Harrimans, Rockefellers, Lovetts, Du Ponts, etc. and was soon partnering with George Herbert Walker, E. Roland Harriman and W. Averell Harriman himself – the railway giant with a flair for international power politics that helped make the rich a whole lot richer and a whole lot more powerful in both America and Britain. Together, Harriman and Bush, with help from Walker, Robert A. Lovett, Samuel F. Pryor (and Samuel F. Pryor Jr., also campaign official for Wendel Wilkie’s 1940 presidential bid against Franklin D. Roosevelt that was financed by Nazi money  through William Rhodes Davis), Rockefeller, Max, Paul and Felix Warburg, Clarence Dillon, Allen and John Foster Dulles, John McCloy, Walter Teagle, Sosthenes Behn, William Farish and so on and so forth, helped invest in the development of Nazi Germany from the ruins of the Treaty of Versailles (1919). With their investment bank in New York they literally protected, laundered and partnered in the wealth of Hitler’s biggest and almost-earliest supporter (Emil Kirdorf was first): Fritz Thyssen of “Vereinigte Stahlwerke”, who with Friedrich Flick (and others) raised Hitler and his National Socialists out of poverty and disrespect into visible, social respectability and credibility underscoring a huge lesson: the financial powers behind a struggling political candidate may carry more weight than the candidates themselves. The unobstructed relationship between Big Money and a political candidate can be both profoundly corrupt and catastrophically destructive.

Harriman/Walker/Bush also helped develop various industries in Germany and Poland that benefited both American multi-national corporations and Nazi industry simultaneously through men like Fritz Thyssen, Friedrich Flick, Baron Kurt von Schroeder, Johann Groeninger (a shareholder of Bush-run United Banking Corporation), Albert Voegler and eventually others like Krupp, von Schnitzler, etc. Most prominent in this respect is probably their connections to United Steel Works, I.G. Farben and hence Standard Oil in New Jersey, and a new German Steel Trust that did its banking through Dillon Read of New York. They also had Silesian-American Corporation, Consolodated Silesian Steel Corp and Upper Silesian Coal in Poland (co-owned with Flick) that supplied steel, among, other things to Hitler’s war machine. They also controlled the Hamburg-Amerika Line that eventually merged with North German Lloyd Co (Hapag-Lloyd, 4 Nov/1933) once the Nazis were in power. They had powerful ties to High Street in London and hence the Bank of England that also had Hitler’s banker, Hjalmar Schacht, in its clutches through the very influential, dictatorial and avid, Hitler-supporting “Monty” Norman who headed up the Bank of England – itself closely associated with the very powerful private banking house in the USA known as Brown Brothers Harriman (formed by merger in 1931 – in the middle of the 1929-31 stock market crash and run by Prescott Bush and Thatcher Brown) through its link to Brown, Shipley in London of which Norman was a partner. Prescott Bush dealt with the “Hitler” project while Thatcher Brown dealt with England. This Brown Brothers Harriman merger in 1931, along with the Harriman-Bush holding company named Harriman 15 Corporation that controlled the flow of commerce between Germany and the USA, may also have been the turning point for Hitler. That was the year Fritz Thyssen finally joined the Nazi party. In the midst of the crashed economic condition in America, Germany and England, Anglo-American wealth finalized the intention of getting Hitler into power in Germany with an eye to a war that would greatly surpass WW I in profits. The war industry from a financial perspective was mushrooming in all categories: from aviation to rocket-science to the physics of the atomic nucleus. A normal citizen must keep reminding themselves that what to us signals mass-death and destruction of environment + property, to military industrialists and bankers represents stratospheric profits. They dismiss the loss of life as part of their ‘Machiavellian-Existentialist-Entitlement Package’. They also dismiss the fact that a police state automatically dismantles unions as well as civil liberties replacing these things with slave labor and/or low wages whenever possible. The urgency of war pitted against an imminent threat is always the justification. Once Hitler had succeeded in becoming dictator, Thyssen and Flick started to make huge sums of money and an equally huge amount of that money overflowed through a Thyssen bank account set up in Holland (Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart) – across the Atlantic into the Harriman/Walker/Bush United Banking Corporation where Prescott Bush handled the day-to-day operations of the “Hitler Project”, while E. Roland Harriman owned most of its shares and was one of its directors.

The Hamburg-Amerika Line was even instrumental in distributing propaganda against the German government when it attempted to disband Hitler’s 300,000-400,000 strong private army. Eventually this darkly opportunistic decision lead to a monumental war industry that was able to procure unspeakable profits out of unspeakable destruction – despite government intervention via The Trading With the Enemy Act that bore down on Hamburg-Amerika, Union Banking Corporation, Holland America Trading Corporation, Seamless Steel Equipment Corp, Silesian-American Corp, Standard Oil, etc. Whatever this wealthy Anglo-American elite thought they were doing it is difficult for most of us to see any ‘sanity’ in its vision. Decades later – following 9/11 – the same Anglo-American alliance by continuity of both bloodline and philosophy, fronted by yet another Bush – this time the Commander-in-Chief himself – referred to Muslims as the “Axis of Evil”, but yet did not seem to believe for one millisecond that the same title could be applied to their own ideological thrust going back to World War 1 and on into the even more destructive World War 2. But they didn’t see the destruction and loss of freedoms as we the people do – especially those who live precariously day to day. What they saw was immense profit. The bigger the war and the more destruction that ensued – the more money they made. I don’t know how much money Prescott Bush made with Harriman et al, but it was substantial enough to pass on to his son, George H. W. Bush. And this money as it turns out came from unspeakable activities in the war in Europe, from the Soviet Union to Ukraine; from Poland to France; from the English Channel to Auschwitz. Incredibly, one of the key men who helped build the Auschwitz enterprise that started as a slave labor camp that in turn supplied labor to “Consolidated-Silesian Steel” and “Upper Silesian Coal and Steel” was William Stamps Farish II, Chairman, President and CEO of Standard Oil through a powerful, international cartel-link to I.G. Farben and the man who took the fall for Rockefeller when the government clamped down on Americans profiteering with the Nazi order. Farish had lied to the U.S. Navy about his activities, but was in fact supplying the German air force and submarines with gasoline and tetra-ethyl (for airplane fuel) – a strictly patented product that gave the Nazis a very obvious advantage. Farish died in disgrace, 29 Nov/ 1942, but 38 years later, in 1980, William Farish III (American Ambassador to UK 2001-2004) took over the job of managing George H. W. Bush’s personal financing just as Bush became Vice President under Ronald Reagan. Farish, Rockefeller, Prescott Bush, Averell Harriman, Allen and John Foster Dulles, etc. – all were involved in Auschwitz when it was being built as a forced-labor camp from joint Nazi/American industry to manufacture synthetic rubber, steel, chemicals and so forth. It might be seen as a sort of enduring gesture of omerta that Bush would reward Farish III after Farish II had been forsaken by Rockefeller. Bush also hired William Farish IV as a personal aide when he was in the White House. The US Government could come down on Farish with Senator Harry Truman’s zealous committee in 1942, but not Standard Oil; not Rockefeller, not I.G. Farben American; not ITT, not Ford and G.M. and Harriman 15 Company and Chase Bank and DuPont. To bring down the big fish would bring American morale and cohesion to its knees and after Pearl Harbor the country was geared for war. With help from the Dulles Brothers and John McCloy, they figured out how to keep the profits coming in. Farish had pleaded guilty before Truman’s committee. He was fined, but not imprisoned. Some think his 29 Nov death in 1942 may have remained an untold story and was part and parcel of how the war went forward. To be consistent, Truman should have gone after Rockefeller, Harriman, John Foster Dulles, George Herbert Walker, Du Pont, Ford and Prescott Bush, etc. But this didn’t happen. The corporate imperative of war trumped every other consideration. Once these industrial giants whether in America, Britain, Russia, Germany, Japan, China, Canada, Italy, etc, had committed to massive production – there was no turning back. With Patriotism as its mask, greed fed the beast and then cut it loose to rampage on foreign soil for profit.

Once this technique of profit extraction has been grasped – no matter how hard it is to accept, then one understands why it is factually covered up and why covert techniques become so important in banking, law, politics, shipping and of course the propaganda itself. This is why John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles and John McCloy of Sullivan & Cromwell legal firm were such important players in the financing of Nazi Germany. They were masters at hiding the truth: the real intentions and objectives behind the propaganda. And this mastery has contributed to the current post-truth crisis we face now. The professional practice of concealing the truth by law firms, governments and multi-national corporations has gone on unbroken for a couple of hundred years. 2016 just seems to have been a year where it has broken the surface in a very messy manner. Some sort of threshold has been reached. The pressure of excess covert activity has broken the veneer of credibility that we once accepted – mostly falsely – as the unavoidable ‘business of national security’. In 2016, millions at once seemed to see clearly, that without some bottom-line layer of truth, some reasonable proportion of truthful exchange, democracy cannot function. Lying appeared undemocratic and truthful exchange appeared to be the only viable currency for democracy to operate.

Considering the importance of the environment in a democracy, the denial, or the proliferation of lies regarding the environment, can be construed as extremely undemocratic, implying that laws designed to protect the democratic foundation of the environment must be strengthened all around the world. Instead of strengthening this multi-stranded democratic currency on 8 Nov/2016 we got the quagmire of Donald Trump where truth and lies have no distinction. When wealth inequality in a money-dominated system, has reached an extreme point, it has the capacity to totally separate the engine form the rest of the train. While a narcissistic party rages in the cabin – the rest of the train – the whole nation – slowly comes to a stop and will have to find a new engine – or democracy will cease to be.

But democracy was exactly what the Nazis did not want back in the 20th Century! It seems the current American government, as of February 2017, isn’t all that keen on democracy either! To get rid of it and what they called ‘the communist threat’, the Nazis made it clear to all industrialists whose funds and industries they sought in support of their bid for a massive military build-up, that they required absolute power without being hampered in any way by the democratic constitution imposed by the Weimar Government. The symbol of that Weimar Democracy was the Reichstag Parliament Building, that 7 days following a secret, but decisive fundraiser with prominent industrialists in Hermann Goering’s residence in Berlin, was catastrophically burned by an act of arson, blamed by the Nazis on a deranged communist – setting in motion the very seizure of absolute power mentioned by Hitler in a 90 minute speech 7 days earlier (20 Feb, 1933) to the industrialists, who then handed over a load of money to help the National Socialists with the election process.


                                       CONFLICT CONTROL

While US corporations – like Union Banking Corp which was the New York office for Thyssen-Flick’s “German Steel Trust” – guided by Harriman, Walker, Prescott Bush, Allen and John Foster Dulles, Farish and Teagle of Standard Oil, etc, were helping Germany rebuild, in what has been coined the “Hitler Project” (New York office at 39 Broadway), Averell Harriman was also busy in Moscow helping the Soviet Union, under Stalin – the next most ruthless dictator of the era (until Chairman Mao in China) – to convert to a Super-power. This meant even more weapons added to the global picture; more oil production and consumption, mining for the steel industry, tank construction, consumption of rubber, etc. And all of this investment and industry was built upon non-democratic political forces – including ruthless labor camps – that ultimately destroyed the middle class and essentially enslaved the working class and then resulted in the catastrophic loss of millions of human lives. And nobody, not Einstein, not Bertrand Russell; no group or organization, no Church, no Pope, no government, no nation, no Federation – nobody could put the brakes on such a systematic display of human psychosis. Had everybody succumbed to the same psychosis? And if so, why? In the name of emotion. In the name of public opinion. In the name of belief. In the name of sacrosanct, fear-fuelled PATRIOTISM – nation by nation – we all went valiantly, while quivering in our boots, into a wasteland so violent the devil himself had to run and hide under a rock. This is post-truth folly at its highest and it has become a legacy that Obama did not create and that Trump did not create – but rather it is a legacy they inherited. Neither can be called “the” Post-truth President, but like Bush and Clinton all the way back to Woodrow Wilson – they are a state-sanctioned lineage of ‘post-truth presidents’, where truth becomes the first casualty of the aims and desires of Big Business – itself driven, perhaps, by a singular, simple, powerful taproot – that can be caught in a simple motto: Profit is Rational. Worse than the ‘rationality of profit’, is to have no money at all. When mired in the humiliation of having no money, it becomes amply understandable why it is more difficult for a rich man to give up his riches than it is to turn to the guest seated next to you and ask: “Excuse me, but do you mind if we begin talking about the elephant-in-this-room? Unfortunately he has just stepped on my foot!”

If we would talk about the Elephant-in-the-Room – early enough – he wouldn’t grow so big. Hitler knew how to talk fast enough and with the requisite urgency; but also with the requisite secrecy to outpace everybody. BUT HE ALSO MADE STRATEGIC USE OF A PRIVATE ARMY PAID FOR BY THE HARRIMAN/THYSSEN PARTNERSHIP. Violent intimidation and shock can go far to slow down a democratically-motivated ‘enemy’. Harriman/Walker/Bush/Rockefeller as well as Warburg /Farish/Ford/Behn, all understood the importance of this massive private army and made sure it was well maintained. Meanwhile Hitler had worked a lot of his combative talk out in Mein Kampf from 1923 to 1925. To extract money from the industrialists he combined Darwinism with a very rabid anti-Communism combined with what became overt anti-Semitism as he promoted White Supremacy as a critical component in his ideological drive. ‘To be the fittest in the survival game: if one wished to successfully resist the communists, only the Nazi Party had the National Will to build a military force strong enough to overcome the growing threat. But time was of the essence.’ In the end, the number one rallying cry for the Nazis was to generate the greatest possible military machine ever seen – a principle echoed by the American neo-Conservatives between 1992 and 1997 – quite as if this Right-Wing urge by Anglo-Aryan-American males, for world domination through unspeakable weapons of mass destruction, was cyclic in nature. One of the more important cycles runs in 60 year increments. If it’s any consolation, the same 60 years can apply to creative episodes as well as destructive episodes.  Clearly this implies a potential battle between the two forces in cycles of 60 years.

In a post-truth crisis, even the truth itself – when taken out of context – can become the most dangerous of lies. People end up believing and even accepting things that they themselves, when left to their own devices, fundamentally do not agree with and would never implement. They accept it in large part due to the power of the promoter’s presentation.

Back in 1933, the industrialists grasped the principle of War-for-Profit and instantly realized that Hitler was their man. With sanction from Monty Norman-handled Hjalmar Schacht – the host of the secret 20 Feb/1933 meeting – the industrialists were on board and even felt that Germany once again had a future. One week later, the Reichstag burned in dramatic fashion as if the Phoenix itself had willed it and Hitler was a mere heartbeat away from achieving his wish: Absolute Power and the complete dismantling of democratic procedure among civilized human beings. It does not seem coincidental that the mandate of the neo-Cons – in our time – appeared in a manner that paralleled the rise of the Nazis. Without the burning of the Reichstag Parliament Building the Nazis lacked an expeditious and timely rallying cry. Without the trauma of 9/11 and somebody already tarnished in the public memory to blame for the horror, the neo-Con agenda was also not going to advance in a timely manner. Jeb Bush was an active member of that agenda. To expedite it, it made sense if his brother were in the White House surrounded by neo-Cons able to get around democratic procedure.


The cover-up of the details of America’s elaborate involvement in the vast military build-up of Nazi Germany, blocking protest in the US; preventing legitimate interests in Germany from re-acquiring German steel works, cable lines and so forth; re-routing post-Versailles debt money so it could be used by a Hitler decree strictly for the meteoric build up of the Wehrmacht within Germany instead of flowing back to American investors (and others) to whom it was owed; blocking the democratic bid to disband Hitler’s enormous private army – all this was covered up. One important exception was John L. Spivak’s  “Wall Street’s Fascist Conspiracy” written up in the New Masses periodical (Jan 29 and Feb 5, 1934). Spivak describes how the influential Warburgs (Paul M. Warburg had helped create and personally named the Federal Reserve Act) had complete control over the Jewish community in America by controlling the American Jewish Committee that opposed the anti-Nazi boycott and was able to silence all, much-needed Jewish protest against what was happening in Germany! The Warburgs were major participants in the Establishment itself – part owners of the Federal Reserve ‘cartel’, chemicals, railways, etc. They stood to make a huge profit provided the war went forward. But had they helped stop Hitler when there was still time – by encouraging and supporting a major outcry – millions of fellow Jews might have survived over in Germany, Poland, former Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Hungary and so forth – instead of perishing in agony, humiliation, fear and incomprehensible shame. But no, the Machiavellian reinvestment in downtrodden Germany that started in the 1920’s; the build-up of its Wehrmacht, and pitting it against England and the newly built-up Soviet Union, constituted a sweeping and irresistible profiteering venture whereby a carefully positioned elite stood to make vast fortunes and then were further positioned to control the equally profitable reconstruction after 6 years of catastrophic and unprecedented destruction – under the guidance of John McCloy (CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank, Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, World Bank, IMF, etc) as U.S. High Commissioner to war-devastated Germany and no surprise, Averell Harriman who administered Marshall Plan aid. Also not surprising, McCloy guided Germany into NATO and thus legitimized the reconstruction of its military a mere ten years after 1945. McCloy’s powers in Germany, when combined with Harriman, were almost dictatorial allowing him to infamously overturn the Nuremberg verdict against the equally infamous Krupp family – industrialists famous for the manufacturing of steel, artillery, ammunition, battleships, U-boats, tanks and other armaments – who had been present at Schacht’s secret fundraiser for Hitler one week before the burning of the Reichstag. In overturning the verdict against Krupp, McCloy was overturning a verdict against the largest Merchant of Death in German history, a family that spanned 400 years in the Essen industrial area, having been the arms manufacturer for the Kingdom of Prussia and the German Empire! It also produced the steel to build America’s railways. In 1999 it merged with Thyssen to form ThyssenKrupp AG. Despite a progressive attitude toward workers’ rights, with Hitler in power Krupp agreed to the use of forced labor to advance the power of the Third Reich. Auschwitz began as a forced labor camp, as stated earlier.

These are some of the odds that “truth” faces in its interminable, terrestrial peregrination where it too experiences its own profound struggle for survival. The beautiful lamb of truth is so easily caught in the barbed wire of covert machinations. Spivak was able to attack the Warburgs for silencing American Jewry but did not attack Harriman who was a beloved hero of the Soviet Union while he simultaneously helped the rise of the most fanatical ant-Communist to date: Adolph Hitler. The New Masses was a pro-communist periodical, blinded by a fervor of its own. But we have been indoctrinated since school to pick a side. Only cowards won’t pick a side. However, being born on the other side of the proverbial tracks from we the mass of side-pickers, Harriman was uniquely positioned to break all rules! Instead of picking a side, he could play the sides against one another! He rode down the middle of the tracks in a ‘gilded rail carriage’ filled with cigar smoke that elevated him beyond all good and all evil. By playing both sides simultaneously against each other, accompanied by the highest war-time death toll in history, Harriman earned a genuine post-truth title – the ‘Academy Award’ of Clandestine America: “One of the Six Wise Men” [of the Establishment]. Prescott Bush was his operational partner at home (New York) in conjunction with George Herbert Walker. Prescott married a daughter of George Herbert Walker and from that marriage came George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st president of the United States. Once one appreciates the magnitude of the German reconstruction process – post 1945 – guided by the tight partnership between Harriman and McCloy, it comes as no surprise that McCloy himself was also on the list of the “Six Wise Men”. One wonders how closely related a ‘wise man’ is in this instance to a ‘wise guy’ – when applied to the underworld of organized crime bosses. In any case, however ‘wise’ they were, Prescott Bush was the man who performed a huge percentage of the daily operations that supported those titles. And one of the most important of these operations has been referred to as the “Hitler Project“, run predominantly by the hard-working Prescott Bush, father of America’s 41st President.

If you find yourself asking just what it is in a man that moves him to help facilitate so much mass-death – beyond the rationality of profit, or maybe the infinite temptation of power – or maybe the subterfuge called “the balance of power” – you would not be alone in your question. Moreover your question might be one of the ‘unanswerables’. The reservoir of unanswerables also flows like ground water into a post-truth environment. Like all groundwater everywhere, it is worthy of protection because it knows how to change. From it truth springs anew. And maybe it is this ‘unanswerable’ domain from which art, religion, humanism, creativity, morality all spring from: things we can’t explain and that all too often we learn from the least among us, not from the ‘wise’ or the ‘perfect’, or the ‘great’, or the ‘righteous’ or the ‘strong’.

                 Post-Drought California – Feb, 2017


                  The rain returned and it all became green again!


“There is no historic parallel that can be drawn, nothing compares with the accomplishments of the Bush family. No dictator or tyrant can equal the suffering and destruction they have wrought on humanity, as they are not mere tyrants themselves, but the makers and breakers of tyrants, the organizers and profiteers of war and death. They are not alone and solely responsible for creating the present day military industrial complex, however since 1915 the Bush family has been directly involved in World War One and Two, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, numerous CIA secret wars, the Gulf War, and now a “Never Ending War”. The past four generations of this one family have had a hand in promoting and profiting from most of the major wars that America has waged since the beginning of the industrialized age”.

                                                              Schuyler Ebbets


‘Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than                 appeals to emotion and personal belief.’

                             (8 Nov, 2016, Oxford Dictionary)


By 1939, Stalin seemed to trust the Non-Aggression Pact with Germany, signed 23 Aug, 1939. One wonders why he would unless advised by Harriman, America’s Ambassador. It is said that he had a nervous breakdown when Hitler violated the pact in June, 1941 and Harriman had to be present in Russia to guide things through. The loss of life in The Great Patriotic War is beyond comprehension. But Averell Harriman will always be beyond my comprehension as well. I cannot grasp the zeal as he financed and developed both sides simultaneously. World War 1 demonstrated the destructive force of modern weapons. World War 2 promised to be far worse. Did the Theatrics of Warfare – bombs, machine guns, chemical weapons, prisons, concentration camps, reckless shootings at point blank range – did these displays of human brutality satisfy, or fail to satisfy, a bottomless need for adventure – something to overcome the boredom of excess privilege? He could have used his countless millions and his vast influence to support and cultivate human understanding of the power and benefits of dynamic peace. That’s a challenge if ever there was one. We all get so caught up in the dramatic details, the explosions and the body-counts, that we forget that Harriman was positioned from the early 20’s to help block the rise of Nazism. Therefore, drenched in the details of a 6-year catastrophe – we cannot understand that rather than encourage peace this “Establishment Wise Man” had in fact been a prime mover and architect, of what history will always know as, World War 2. The global trauma of this war has leeched into the soil of our contemporary Post-truth Era and it is generating everything from decadence to deception, to the greatest plain of uncertainty ever known by man.

                    Let’s Make Some Money, Pal!

Averell Harriman with Joseph Stalin

Averell Harriman with Joseph Stalin







                  Harriman and Stalin

And why did Harriman become one of the “Six Wise Men” of the Eastern Establishment, along with John McCloy, Robert A. Lovett (creator of the CIA)? Because he played his role so well? Because he managed everybody’s fear so well while his hand was picking their pockets? Because he wore expensive suits, expensive shoes and hung out with rich people? Because he knew how to negotiate with Dictators? Because he understood the bottom line: superior military + cheap labor?  Was it because he had grasped the essence of the perfect marriage between Hegel and Machiavelli? Know what outcome you want, then play Hegel’s thesis against its antithesis and presto – you will see that the end did justify the means!

We think of John McCloy not just as a CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank, or as a Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, but as helping ex-Nazis get lighter sentences at Nuremberg and helping some of them after that get jobs in America so these men could continue on the ‘good fight’ unmolested by a democratic backlash in Germany: a primal scream for justice! We also recall that he was the spokesperson for the Warren Commission that helped smooth over inconsistencies that threatened the official story that a ‘deranged gunman”, acting alone, had killed President Kennedy from the 6th floor of a building on the motorcade route in Dallas, Texas back in 1963. Despite diverse evidence that opposes this simplistic narrative, McCloy and others of his ilk have managed to cover up a more complex and plausible account of the Kennedy murder to this day. To this day! It has become a convention like Santa Claus or the Immaculate Conception. Is there any wonder that we suddenly find ourselves meandering in a Post-truth Wasteland without a compass? We think of McCloy and Harriman as architects of the Cold War and the establishment of American supremacy – especially after the atomic bomb displayed its authoritarian and god-like Christian might over in Japan. But we don’t think of Harriman and Bush and McCloy and Rockefeller and the Dulles Brothers as architects of the world’s most destructive war to date. And why do we not think so? Because most of us don’t like war and so we can’t imagine that there are people who do. And I don’t mean that Harriman or Bush, or McCloy like fighting in wars themselves; I mean they relish the fruits of others fighting in wars. Most of us have been taught from a young age that killing is a crime. In the Bible killing is prohibited by one of Ten Commandments. It makes sense. We don’t want a stranger to break into our house and kill one of our family members. We don’t want a foreign power to break into our country and kill our citizens. By simple logic, then, why would a foreign power want us to break into their sovereign territory and kill their people? At the same time since so much of war and the strategies that bring it about are covert, we can never learn the truth from the history books. And this lack of truth – about both World Wars – has contributed to the leadership vacuum we face right now as we enter what Ralph Keyes named in 2004 “The Post-truth Era”: or have we entered what should be called “A Global Cold Truth War”?

Extreme wealth always prefers to deal with dictators like Josef Stalin or Adolph Hitler. With dictators there are no labor costs! Financial exchanges are more straight forward; the road to profit is more stream-lined. They prefer to get rid of people like Fidel Castro, Mohammad Mosaddegh, Salvador Allende: people who want to nationalize valuable shared resources. They want the resources, the money, the authority, the police, the military concentrated in as few hands as possible. That way there is more available for themselves. Temptation of biblical proportions!

So, these were some of the undemocratic forces and personalities that Prescott Bush was working very closely with all the way to 1972. And as it turned out, he was also instrumental in mentoring Richard Nixon from about 1947 (same time the CIA was formed under the direction of Robert Lovett’s commission) all the way to the White House (1969-1974) until he was forced to resign 2 years after Prescott Bush’s death almost 4 months after the Watergate crisis began. When Nixon resisted co-operating with a congressional investigation into his role in the Watergate mess – the cover-ups and denials and refusal to respond – led to a constitutional crisis for the United States. It is an interesting temporal coincidence that Prescott Bush’s death should coincide so tightly with a constitutional crisis for the nation as a whole. But he was a key member of the highly organized merchant of death class, dedicated to serving the profiteering practices and piracy of a wealthy elite. He worked the death trade in secret – depleting the lives of millions while hollowing out a post-truth void that could not possibly avoid a constitutional crisis. Nixon had a lot more to conceal than the mere, famed break-in itself. E. Howard Hunt had been caught and was in jail. Hunt was threatening to blow the cover on a lot more than just the Watergate break-in. Nixon knew this meant the “Bay of Pigs fiasco”, by which he himself, E. Howard Hunt and others meant the ‘Kennedy assassination’, about which Nixon (and George H. W. Bush) knew more than anybody knew they knew. And so 1972-74, when Nixon resigned and was quickly pardoned by President Gerald Ford – the director of the Warren Commission that concocted the “deranged, lone gunman” theory about Kennedy’s death – was more than just a constitutional crisis: it was a truth crisis. And since the truth is what we are, this generated an internal deviation within the American nation. America had been lied to about serious matters and was still being lied to. The lies were part and parcel of the constitutional crisis and when millions of youth feel lied to en masse they experience an unstable frustration that requires an outlet.

I’ll just mention briefly here that the birth of the word “post-truth” in print was prompted by three events in the mind of its creator – one of them being Watergate itself. One can easily sense why. Despite some valiant efforts, the public did not really get anything out of the Watergate lesson, because the whole thing remained expertly covered up. No progress was made on who or what was really behind the Bay of Pigs disaster. We gained no deeper insight into the CIA, nor its director, Allen Dulles who had helped cloak American profiteering in Nazi Germany. We did not learn how to reduce dangerous drugs in poverty-stricken environments – so rampant since 1965. It is an extraordinary feat – this American ability to hide profound criminal behavior capable of so much historic psychological, social and perhaps spiritual destruction of its own citizens and citizens abroad. And we came away without so much as an amendment to the Warren Commission’s trite explanation for Kennedy’s horrific ‘public sacrifice’.  In a gesture of articulate disgust the creator of the word “post-truth” was reacting to this astonishing capacity for covering up deception, greed, injustice, piracy, plunder and murder. But he blamed the average citizen for sitting still and allowing the stealthy bull to slam around in the china shop at will – albeit under cover of darkness.


                                 George H. W. Bush

Right at about Prescott Bush’s death, his son, George H. W. Bush, started to become more active through the White House. He was so involved in ‘clandestine America’ and its objectives that I personally regard him as the single most ‘untold story’ in American history. He was fully aware that Watergate was but the tip of a very large iceberg that involved some of his own actions and offered unwavering support to Nixon who he had partnered with in the clandestine operation to get rid of Fidel Castro and restore the dictatorship of General Batista that would have pleased goliaths ranging from Sam Giancana to Chase Manhattan Bank of which John McCloy had been CEO. As a leader in the world of covert affairs, Bush was undoubtedly as aware of the Kennedy tragedy as he was aware of the attempted coup against Castro. It was his fate – not necessarily by absolute free choice – to be informed about underworld affairs whether they be those of the organized crime families of America or the organized families that prefer to attend Ivy League schools, build weapons of mass destruction while condemning others for doing the same, and who have a real fondness for living in the White House – even if the whole place were to be painted black.

Perhaps George H. W. Bush is just the ‘most censored story’ in American history unless David Rockefeller or Averell Harriman or George Herbert Walker were even more censored. Had the family not been so keen to name him after his maternal grandfather – a sign of considerable respect – he could have been called simply George Covert Bush. The first part of George H. W. Bush’s name comes from his grandfather, George Herbert Walker – chief partner to Averell Harriman and George’s father, Prescott Bush. It is very clear that these 3 powerful Americans shaped George H. W. Bush’s ingrained militancy and feelings of American Supremacy on planet earth, as well as his proclivity and talent for multi-layered secrecy – a talent that did not seem to get passed on to his son, President George W. Bush in the same supply. I always got the feeling that George W. Bush never really grasped why he was being told to lie to the American people whose destiny was clearly not being treated with the same urgent importance as their own. Like the multi-nationals they helped create, they were taught to use nations, not belong to one. Both George Herbert Walker and Averell Harriman were – like Allen and John Foster Dulles – masters of secrecy. A great deal of this secrecy undoubtedly rubbed off on the very loyal and quite competent and hard-working Prescott Bush. With George H. W. Bush the mastery of secrecy was still a growing science, but for George W. Bush it had been locked, perhaps, by the end of the Cold War and young George could sense the illegitimacy of his mission – being forced upon him by his father, Dick Cheney, the neo-Cons, High Street, Israel and Saudi Arabia.


But the difference between Bush and the men just described is that George H. W. Bush was inside the White House one way or the other for a total of 20 years! For the White House to remain ‘white’ and righteous in the eyes of the world and America, most of George H. W. Bush’s life had to be censored. And so America was being censored from itself. Self-knowledge seemed confoundingly stuck and despite the status-craze spawned by the 1980’s, could not be found even in the name of the car you were driving no matter what country it heralded from. With George H. W. Bush in the White House, it was like having a national brain lesion. It becomes impossible for the rest of the body to communicate with whole sections of the brain: the command central of the integrated, living personality. A lesion is no joke. Dysfunction sets in all too quickly. If America wanted to learn something about itself, it had to go to the movies – a romanticization of the truth that was still better than no truth at all. I learned the most from a handful of American movies made between 1969 and 1973 because they tried to tell the truth so we could feel what the Oval Office was doing its best to suppress – and what our own families were trying to suppress! Except for Godfather I, which acted as an epic metaphor for all of American life – not just underworld, organized, crime families – I am referring to a spate of much more modest film-making that set the stage for anti-war emotion to erupt between 1986 and 1989. An example of this gritty modesty is caught by Roger Ebert in a review for “Downhill Racer”, a film that has stuck in my mind to this day – because of a rugged honesty about real life competitive sports:

“Some of the best moments in “Downhill Racer” are moments during which nothing special seems to be happening. They’re moments devoted to capturing the angle of a glance, the curve of a smile, an embarrassed silence. Together they form a portrait of a man that is so complete, and so tragic, that “Downhill Racer” becomes the best movie ever made about sports — without really being about sports at all”.

                                Roger Ebert, Dec, 1969

For 20 years this most untold or most censored story in American history – was right there coming and going and even living inside the White House under our noses and most of us ended up benumbed by a man who just wasn’t what he appeared to be and yet we had no clue what that was – that was hiding behind the appearances! And this 20 year period began a mere 6 years after Nixon’s forced resignation. Bush was Vice-President for 8, President for 4 and his son was President for 8 – immediately following Bill Clinton. The authoritarian militancy of that period felt something like a hybrid-contemporary Bush-Coup. Anybody who speaks of a ‘dynasty’ or an Establishment, or a protracted, soft-core coup d’état is forgiven. This group undoubtedly treats the family dog with more care than the runt called “democracy” – the great trash receptacle for Elitist Disdain. The miracle of the 21st Century is that the word Democracy is still in the dictionary at all; that it can co-exist with the sprawling behemoth called “post-truth”. Though the Right-wing Backlash of 201-17 is doing its best, as we speak, to get rid of the whole thing if it can: the ‘trash’ and its ‘receptacle’! All I can say to that – knowing my own personality – is that without democracy and its principles, I would have perished years ago. I also need the EPA to hang on and get even stronger, not weaker. I need the “whole” food industry to get stronger and I need much stronger rules for reducing hydrocarbons that are getting into my lungs. This rapacious attack by the Right-Wingers on Democracy and its building blocks is disturbing in the extreme.

Little wonder that psychologists have come up with a term called “cognitive dissonance”. It seems to me that the whole country was experiencing something like “collective cognitive dissonance” throughout the 20 years just mentioned – as if whatever George H. W. Bush was saying to us, the truth was always something else. His contribution to the current power and leadership vacuum that Trump has roared in to fill up – with help from his backers and a band of disinhibited Nazis – cannot be measured. It is so detailed I can scarcely begin to discuss it here. In fact it is so detailed it scarcely seems credible to the normal citizen of North American society – the Christian Right included – for whom the US Government is supposed to be their ‘protector’ and the guardian of universal liberty and human rights and even “righteousness” itself. Perhaps, then, Bush’s is the ‘most untellable story’ in American history because so many details executed in the name of profit, power and control are so sordid and so beyond the laws that all the rest of us are constrained to live by – not because we are sheep or ‘sheeple’ – but because those laws make daily and dynamic sense and when they are working, life is worthwhile: a natural reflection of what Nature has endowed us with from the beginning. But with the current leadership vacuum, heading into this post-truth battlefield, a crisis has exploded into our lives that styles itself as rabidly “anti-Nature”, not merely “anti-Democratic”. We have been depleted too much by this gulf, or moat, that has opened around an en-castled elite and everybody else. To avoid total collapse and a police-driven society, a transformation must set in. Instead we now face Donald Trump who has surrounded himself with espoused ‘Nazis’ and seems to be fast building a counter-establishment constructed of a neo-billionaire class unless the whole thing is a ruse: a chaotic substitute for something else that the American Joker has in mind for we the people.

An ‘untellable’ story is one way that Mr. Bush was able to keep a formidable agenda shared by a formidable group, largely concealed from the public eye for so many years – during which the US military just got bigger and bigger, slicker and slicker and for many, sexier and sexier by paying others – often young and hypnotized by carefully prepared propaganda – to murder and massacre fellow human beings, usually across the ocean somewhere where they were considered to be substantively inferior to Anglo-American Caucasian Judeo-Christian- Rightists. Not everybody has fallen in behind this banner – but a surprising percentage of the North American population bought the whole script, bewildering countless millions of Muslims all around the world.

When it was necessary to protect the CIA and safeguard its mission right after the Watergate fiasco ( as already suggested, itself the mere tip of an iceberg that raised hydra-headed suspicions linking Nixon and maybe Bush himself, along with E. Howard Hunt and others to both the Bay of Pigs and the Kennedy assassination), there really was only one man who could step into the breach as acting director of the CIA and that was George H. W. Bush – the most clandestine, but plugged-in member of the militant Eastern Establishment now heavily connected to Texas. It should be added that the Bush-supervised Bay of Pigs fiasco almost resulted in an exchange of nuclear missiles 1½ years later, between Soviet missiles installed in Cuba, and those installed on the continental USA. Because of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion for which President Kennedy was squarely blamed by the CIA (Allen Dulles) and by the assassination team (Sturgis, Hunt, Rodriguez, Carriles, Bosch, Barker, et al) and its planners and supervisors (Nixon, George H. W Bush, Prescott Bush, Lovett, various Mafia bosses and multiple corporations that lost their profit base in Cuba after Castro overthrew Batista) Castro had asked Nikita Khrushchev for assistance. An agreement was reached to defuse the situation that involved a reduction of American missiles in Turkey and the promise that the USA would never attack Cuba again; and so the Soviets removed the nuclear missiles from Cuba and Castro lived on to a ripe old age – having been spared the fate endured by Che Guevara (assassinated in 1967 with the help of one member of the Bay of Pigs team noted above), the key figure in helping Castro overthrow Batista and American colonialism in Cuba as well as help defend Cuba during the Bay of Pigs invasion.

I think it’s safe to conclude that the failed attempt to overthrow Castro’s government in what was called Operation 40 – that we just call “Bay of Pigs”, after the failed invasion itself – was a very significant contributor to the desire by many, many individuals to see Kennedy definitively removed from office. Because of a very widespread affection for Kennedy shared among the rest of us at a moment in world history that felt like a “hopeful opening” and comprehensive optimism, the violent murder of Kennedy, followed in so bizarre a manner by the gangster-like hit on Lee Harvey Oswald – in broad daylight for everybody to see on television – had the effect of a coup d’état, shutting down the optimism and introducing an element of fear that the government quickly channeled into the suppression of African Americans and then into the Vietnam War – a war that followed hard on Ngo Dinh Diem’s overthrow and assassination – just before Kennedy himself was killed and a war that also allowed African Americans unlimited opportunity to leave the bigotry and restrictions of their home towns for the more ‘honorable’ chance to crawl through the sweltering heat of south-east Asia to murder and massacre, only then to place one’s own foot on carefully concealed land-mines or just find oneself dazed and doped up, while reeling into a masterful ambush by human beings no more deserving of death by war than you yourself, no matter how bad the police were getting back in Montgomery or Watts, or Mississippi. When I visited Manhattan in the summer of 1970, I had never heard of the term PTSD. I don’t even know if it was part of the urban lingo yet. But by the time I had walked just from Port Authority to Central Park, I had been introduced to a collective state far, far beyond mere cognitive disorder. It was a post-traumatic-post-morality-volcano of rage against the authorities who had duped them in Montgomery, beaten them in Watts and then coerced them during military training. Hundreds upon hundreds of Vets with nowhere to go and unable to escape the mental holocaust we call PTSD today. If any of these men had managed to hear Martin Luther King’s famous 4 April, 1967 anti-war speech in Riverside Church – stuck now, in the noise and stench of midtown Manhattan in August, 1970, they must have wanted to spit fire to vent the rage that was burning them up on the inside. And they would have thought. “King was right! Man, was he right!”

The covert co-existence between this globally-active death machine sponsored by the United States, and Kennedy’s expansive and enticing use of reason, by which he engaged the public, aggravated a growing collective cognitive dissonance that also disconnected emotional instinct from our flow of conscious perceptions. The government was throwing off the mental balance of the youth of North America and many a parent did not seem to recognize the cause, wedded as they were to the authoritarian propaganda presented by the various administrations – post-Kennedy (Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush). What was particularly tough for the youth was encountering Vietnam Vets returning from south-east Asian nightmares altered both physically and mentally by their experiences – both black and white. Many of these Vets ended up in the streets of New York – drug addicted and permanently altered. This was the bottom line of the Vietnam War. The Patriotism and the anti-Communist rants were all too frequently not convincing. There was a hollow ring to all of it – starting in the White House. The result was quite profound and a quite painful discontent that erupted in outraged hate and violent protest. Many parts of America were paralyzed by hate that seemed to reach a climax in 1970.

Harriman, not surprisingly, was strongly behind both the Diem overthrow and the Vietnam War in general, strongly suggesting that he likely weighed in on the Kennedy assassination as well, believing that Kennedy was not capable of ‘getting with the program’: a program where war and US-backed regime change constituted the prime modus operandi of “American Interests”, which referred not to the Nation, but to select multi-national corporations. And so the war escalated from there and did not stop until after the Nixon resignation. Consequently, after 1963, the growing post-truth environment was also an environment of fear and eventually heavy protest against the sordid hell of Vietnam – that seemed to be as much about securing drug territory (e.g. the Golden Triangle) as profiteering from the prolonged fight between North and South that Kissinger eventually spread into Cambodia where more millions were to die. There was no idealism in any of it – just the Ideology of War-Profiteering at the expense of the local population and thousands of American youth – black and white – who fell victim to the draft if they weren’t already victims of what looked to be an intractable prison of social injustice back on American soil. At this time George H. W. Bush was learning first-hand about the limitations of the UN; about the ins and outs of the lucrative South-east Asian drug trade that the CIA wanted to control and the nature of the Asian market in general – such as the humongous and mushrooming population of China – that they wanted to tap as cheaply as possible for American Corporations to make the same products, but with much cheaper labor than that found back in America.

The sheer number of entities and individuals that had no interest whatsoever in forgiving Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs and multiple other actions he was taking – against organized crime; against oil billionaires; against the Military-Industrial- Complex and against the Federal Reserve System itself – it wasn’t a question of “if”, it was a question only of when, where and how and this ‘when, where and how’ was far beyond the know-how, the motivation, the organizational skills and the marksmanship of one, lone, “deranged” gunman. The operation required relatively well co-ordinated and fairly intensive teamwork or it may have resulted in injury, not death. They also wanted to use a shock & awe format to really traumatize the public, transferring projected fear not only onto the hapless, supposedly “deranged” Lee Harvey Oswald, but also onto the communists who had helped Castro defend Cuba from American organized crime and corporate predation and to whom their ‘patsy’ had ‘ostensibly’ been connected. The propaganda or ‘myths’ being used to demonize Oswald are being perpetuated right up to the present, completely evaporating – in the imagination of the public – the true scope, detail and clandestine professionalism of the operation that was not only bold, but also strategically and psychologically astute, as if they had already acquired both training and experience long before 1963. Oswald, in this scenario, was nothing but a patsy or ‘CIA construct’ and George H. W. Bush was not only working with the CIA in 1963 but he was also in Dallas on that fateful day. This greatly exacerbates his 1976 lie when being vetted for the position of DCI in Washington, D.C. where he denied any previous involvement with the CIA. But Gerald Ford, director of the Warren Commission itself, needed Bush to guard and alter the CIA before it came under the gun by the 1976 [Frank] Church Committee after Watergate. This does not merely warp our view of American history, it alters it in a fundamental way, dragging truth in chains, kicking and screaming, right past 2016 and into 2017 adding to the peculiar quality of the leadership vacuum and the uncertainty at the gate to a very gnarly Post-truth Era shrouded by a confusing fog of myths roiling with lies.

To accept the DCI appointment under Ford, Bush had to pledge that he would never seek the office of Vice President nor President of the United States. Within 4 years of his appointment as DCI he was in the White House as Vice President under Ronald Reagan! And four years later he was President until Bill Clinton came in, Jan 1993, a year after the ‘Wolfowitz Doctrine’ (Defense Planning Guidance) was penned followed 5 years later by the Project for a New American Century – the now famous neo-Conservative think tank that laid out just how America would take advantage of its post-Cold War dominance by essentially replacing the UN, enforcing ‘democracies’ around the world, precipitating regime changes and increasing an already massive American Military to engage in non-stop warfare. It also recognized – now infamously – that this level of global domination was likely to be an extremely slow process:

“Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”

                                                                              PNAC, 1997

I will return to this point ahead, as I am not certain that the Pearl Harbor story is the right parallel in this instance, but was used to convey a point without invoking in print darker implications. The neo-Conservative mentality did not seem like the type to just sit around passively waiting for a convenient, but appropriately murderous, attack on the soil of continental America. In the real world – especially with US surveillance systems – you could wait forever. One way or the other, they and their allies would have to take charge in either instigating the event or setting it up themselves. The key to the catastrophic and catalyzing event, however, is that America, Land of the Free – and its Commander-in-Chief – had to look like innocent victims at the hands of Extreme Evil. The myth had to be convincing enough to vanquish the truth in perpetuity. A lie might eventually die of old age; but you cannot kill a good myth.


It is certainly relevant to note the parallel between Hitler’s speech to the industrialists (like Voegler and Krupp) 20 Feb, 1933, announcing the prime mandate of National Socialism, the only party, according to Hitler, able to build up a military capable of repulsing all Communist influence and the prime mandate of PNAC – also to expand America’s military to such an extent that it, by itself, can bring about regime change at will, replace the UN, create and win wars at will and finally dominate a new world order. A mere 4 years after PNAC’s publication, 9/11 rocked the human race on 11 Sept/2001 at a scale that made the Reichstag Fire of 1933 seem like a community fireworks display. As far as I know, nobody died in the Reichstag Fire. But people did die 7 Dec, 1941, perhaps 2,400 casualties as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor. At that point America entered the war deeply affected by the day “that will live in infamy”. And people did die as a result of 9/11! In fact the toll was higher than that of Pearl Harbor. Common to Nazi war mongers, the US government in 1941, the US government in 1991 and 2001-03: it is always difficult to get the public and the Congress to agree to go to war. Usually something – some catalyzing event – is required to get the people to agree to so much loss of life and abysmal suffering that war entails. The most arbitrary and artificial moment in the history of war-mongering, just mentioned, was probably post-1997 with the publication of PNAC’s mandate. They had no justification for war on anybody except to take advantage of the lack of enemies and their own victorious emergence from the Cold War. So there was a war-vacuum! We had an exceptional opportunity not to go to war! Instead we had the opportunity to exchange death profits for something else – like affordable housing programs; green energy advances; cleaning up the ocean; getting off nuclear power before we ruin our groundwater and oceans, reducing greenhouse gases, getting control of good quality, universal health care. Instead we watched another war be launched that sent the national debt beyond the stratosphere. And the war was totally unnecessary except for a handful of corporations and those unable to modify an addiction to the Heroin of Weaponry; the rush of mass death and conquest. This situation has added an enormous component to the quality of the post-truth leadership vacuum we now face. We have no war emergencies. We have a greenhouse gas emergency instead, which is a shared, international challenge. We have extreme pollution problems in Asia that we are aiding and abetting. We have a fake terrorist problem that is rooted within our own government structure that has, in turn, produced a national truth crisis and in effect a constitutional crisis within the current government that lies chronically to the American public and to the world. The public is now collectively weary of fake wars – stemming from fake terrorism – wars that had for decades been foisted on them through the din of obtuse ‘talking-points’ and the arrows of embarrassing lies – promoted by the Secretary of Defense, the Commander-in-Chief, the Secretary of State, the head of the CIA and the Vice President as well: in other words, the top positions in the country. This is deeper than a constitutional crisis; it is possibly the most profound American identity crisis since its inception in 1776. In 1776 America had a genuine enemy: England and its Despotic Bank that even held the monarchy hostage to its demands. Right now, no matter how much America seeks to deny it, its’ only real enemy is itself.


In the interest of patterns of time we can note that the word “post-truth”, as far as we know, popped out of the imagination of a Serbian-American screen writer, named Steve Tesich in 1992 in an article for “The Nation” called “A Government of Lies”, in which he expressed painful displeasure with American citizens who failed to respond to the “shameful truth” of Watergate, Iran Contra and Gulf War 1.  Born in 1943 in the midst of war-torn Serbia – his father having disappeared – Steve’s instincts about these episodes in American democracy certainly matter to me. His perspective struck me as meaningful – growing up in a bombed-out village, a wasteland of hopelessness within which images of iconic America acted as beacons of hope to his young imagination. Tesich was born a dreamer with a deep faith in and understanding of his fellow human beings. During the war ordeal, Tesich used his imagination to lift people’s spirits. America was a symbol of that uplift! As it turned out his father had made his way to America, and when Steve was 14 he sent for the whole family to come to Chicago. Steve won the Academy Award for “Breaking Away” in 1979, a passionate movie directed by Peter Yates about overcoming: that magical marriage between idiosyncratic fantasy and pure grit. And that is what his own life story was about: overcoming. But as a child caught in a bomb-flattened badland, he could not have known the truth about the inception and development of the war that could easily have buried himself, his mother and all family members under a pile of rubble – not even of statistical value to the Merchants of Death back in America. So the perspective of Steve Tesich matters and it doesn’t surprise me that it is from his imagination that the Oxford Dictionary “Word of the Year for 2016” – “Post-truth” – was hatched.


The power of the underground ‘River Styx’ through which Bush’s destiny flowed – that included a famous secret society at Yale University – was clearly undaunted by any ‘promises’ at any level of government or legal body – regardless of how excessive the “conflict of interest” had become. But George H. W. Bush lied about his connection to the CIA so most people have no idea that he was working in or with the CIA probably from 1947. This connected him to the Bay of Pigs, to the Kennedy assassination, to Watergate, to Iran-Contra and of course both Gulf Wars. I repeat: George H. W. Bush had probably been associated with the CIA since its inception in 1947. As President, or even Vice President, this gave him a unique order of power from 1981 to 1993. But his ties to Clinton for Iran-Contra – especially through Mena, Arkansas – and his proximity to his son from 2001 to 2008 indicate that his influence has never lapsed until 2016, when his son Jeb (a PNAC member) and then Hillary Clinton were both knocked out of the race for the White House, adding to the unique quality of the leadership vacuum of 2016. George H. W. Bush’s son, George W. Bush was in the White house for 8 years. In that time we saw 9/11, The Patriot Act, Iraq War 2 and a collapsed economy. We also saw a horrendous accumulation of debt that can damage the lives of millions, hurt the chances of the middle class making a comeback, while keeping an elite one per cent always on top. These were not small years in American history. But in those years the word “post-truth” started to gain traction in the human dictionary of linguistic expression, understanding and interpretation. While some lies started to fall away, others were being manufactured, earning George W. Bush the title of a “Post-truth Presidency” in a “Post-truth Era”. With George W. Bush we found ourselves up against the rumble of what has been called “The Big Lie” which in turn spawns an equally big “Elephant-in-the-Room” that of course nobody wants to talk about. Instead all and sundry chatter and argue incessantly – but around it – hoping it doesn’t accidentally tread on their toes.

                               The Saudi Paradox

We will never know the whole truth about George H. W. Bush, the president who officially announced – or perhaps ‘re-announced’ would be more accurate – the inauguration of a New World Order in 1989. It wasn’t whacky conspiracy theorists who announced it. George H. W. Bush announced it! And part of it entailed containing, pushing back, controlling and even attacking Islam – even as he knew how to make deals with the Saudis. And yet Islam is not only the state religion of Saudi Arabia, but the law in Saudi Arabia requires that all its citizens must be Muslims. If you are feeling some discomfort right now, having butted up against the discontinuity between law and religion, you are not alone. What actually holds them together? Is it an Authoritarianism that is beyond good and evil because it owns oil wells – the same oil wells that are filling our atmosphere with hydrocarbons? This only appears odd on the surface. The truth is that when the CIA constructs patsies or scapegoats it needs to create them in a controlled environment so that nothing damning leaks out. The best way to control anti-Islamic sentiment is in an Authoritarian Islamic State where no dissent is allowed. The anti-Islamic ‘fire’ then is a controlled burn, where the Authoritarian State forbids any questions and all liberalism. The CIA can then – by itself – control both the ‘myth’ and all collateral damage it might cause – as it spreads its volatile, “anti-Islamic poison” around the globe with strategic measure.

It is interesting to see how many of the alleged 9/11 ‘hijackers’ were Saudis and that the only family given royal treatment on the day of the attacks was the bin Laden family from Saudi Arabia. After the attacks were carried out the family was escorted to Dulles International Airport and allowed to fly out of the country in comfort and safety. Nobody else was allowed to fly anywhere. This preferential treatment with the same country in effect being blamed for the catastrophe, is again typical of coup d’état behavior. The Bush Administration seemed to be clearly in charge of the operation and the sequence of events that lead up to the extremely wealthy bin Ladens exiting America safely and perhaps satisfied that all had gone according to plan. Jihadist terrorists – so-called – from within Saudi Arabia could scarcely dent the power, image and majesty of Saudi wealth and the Saudi regime. It is also worth noting that the security company managing Dulles International Airport also managed the World Trade Center and Los Alamos National Laboratory where secret, elaborate and sensitive military testing takes place. All this imparts the feeling of a highly centralized, professional, yet complex operation that may have involved the bin Laden family and the Bush family. If the CIA can work with the Saudis to fabricate Saudi patsies, then it could also work with the bin Laden family to fabricate a bin Laden patsy – by careful negotiation and agreement so as not to damage the family as a whole. But remember we are dealing with wealth so vast it is almost impossible to damage it unless it finds a way to damage itself. The strong alliance between the Bush Dynasty with the bin Laden family and the Saudi Royal Family may go far to explain why 9/11 went as smoothly and professionally as it did and has been covered up so successfully to this day by a ‘myth’ that has been easy for them to negotiate among themselves.

Moreover, America and countries like France, Britain, Australia and Canada even, have been supplying Saudi Arabia with weapons and military equipment for years (Britain has been supplying the Saudis for a century). The Guardian pointed out that these contracts have been some of the most lucrative ever signed.

“For decades the UK has provided arms capable of being used for external aggression and internal repression to one of the cruelest and most anti-democratic regimes in the world”.

                                                        David Wearing – The Guardian

And we now know that weapons are at the heart of all centralized movements as we saw with Hitler’s appeal to the industrialists in Germany in 1933 – while promising them the biggest military build-up to that point in time. And this was being addressed to many individuals, but notably Krupp itself – Germany’s largest arms manufacturer for at least 3 centuries.

And just as we’ve supplied the Saudis, we’ve done the same with Israel while betraying the Palestinian People, quite as if Power Politics is writing the whole story: Money/Oil/Weapons and undoubtedly drugs as well (heroin, cocaine, etc.). Note that Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims entering the USA by Executive Order in his first week as President excluded Saudi Arabia. It also excludes Egypt and Turkey. When asked for criteria to explain the ban – the White House said simply the “mandate is to keep America safe.” This is the same mandate George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush declared to justify attacking Iraq in 1991 and 2003. Iraq is on the 2017 list with Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. But from 1975 to the present no Americans have died at the hands of any terrorist from any of the 7 countries being banned. As for Saudi Arabia and other countries it is a completely different story – many hundreds have died by the hands of Saudi ‘terrorists’. Some call this a mystery. But what it suggests is that the CIA and Saudi leaders are working closely together to create and control ‘terror’ and ‘terrorism” as strategic tools or tactics to advance a highly centralized agenda of conquest and geo-political control. They are fabricating it together as a tool to justify war against other nations. It almost back-fired over the 2003 Iraq War 2, but they brazenly disregarded the organizations who visited Iraq and who found no Weapons of Mass Destruction and no Al Qaeda terrorist cells! To add to the discomfort, if we jump back to Germany again, as soon as Hitler positioned himself in power he started his attack on Communists which quickly lead to the establishment of the first concentration camps (e.g. Dachau), camps that eventually became the end of the line for millions of Jews. So it is nerve-wracking to watch any administration arbitrarily fabricating a scapegoat that deflects public awareness away from that Administration’s own dark agenda. It promises death, labor camps, refugee camps, prison, or concentration camps and warfare, and in the case of the present, leads to completely unnecessary collateral outbreaks of Islamophobia in parts of the world – like Southern Ontario, Canada – where peaceful co-existence is the norm, not the exception (e.g. the Iqra Khalid story, a Liberal MP for Mississauga-Erin Mills who is now receiving extra police protection after receiving death threats for having called on the government to officially condemn Islamophobia). In the light of this widespread turmoil, sparked by American Islamophobic Propaganda, PNAC’s desire to expand an already huge military is a giveaway. They want military or dictatorial control over huge sectors of the world’s population, which technically means war, after war, after war! The Saudis, Britain, Canada, Australia, etc, have been part of this process for a long time. With Israel on board, anti-Semitism has been politically replaced by anti-Islamism in order to serve the political ends of a relatively constant ruling elite.

Without this Muslim ‘enemy’ – the image of which George H. W. Bush helped to carefully craft – year after year – what I observed living in the New York City area up to 1992, was that people were really surprisingly uninterested in this “great idea” of a New World Order that seemed to have been spawned in the Ivy League circuit of American society with a special emphasis on Yale with an underground tradition, from about 1830, that disproportionately influenced the power structure and power strategies of America’s wealthy class. Most of my friend’s found Bush’s presentation to be cold, artificial and soulless. It had an empty, elitist aura because it had no support from the people of America. The concept of a New World Order that Bush brought forward was not merely a deception. Once again he seemed to be playing us. He seemed to be pre-empting rumor so it is he and his group who can control the image of the “Great Idea”. But when you manage to dig below the surface you discover that the goal is flatly ‘monarchical’ in the spirit of the “order” established by Hitler starting in 1933. I don’t really know what to call the philosophy of this secret, underground stream that has spawned this “Great Idea” – and that passes through Yale and its very secretive, if famous Skull & Bones Society – but when you analyze its fruits, its actions and policies it is possible to come up with a sort of ballpark beast: “Machiavellian-Hegelian-bootstrap-Existentialism”. But it does seem to be no coincidence that Harriman, Prescott Bush, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Robert Lovett, Percy Rockefeller (director of Brown Bros Harriman, Standard Oil, Remington Arms), H. Neil Mallon (Dresser Industries with Prescott Bush), George Herbert Walker, John Kerry, and hundreds more were involved in this secret Ivy League society in Connecticut.

Curiously its symbol is practically the same as the flags flown by pirate ships, the symbolism and origin of which may go back to the Knights Templar who were overthrown by the Catholics under Philip le Bel (Capetian Dynasty, or House of France) starting in 1307 – an inquisition that I suppose officially announced the end of the Gothic Age that had seen the construction of the bewilderingly beautiful Gothic Cathedrals thought to be the work of the Templars – also known as Europe’s first central bankers. Philip also expelled the Jews from France. Being in debt to both Templars and Jews he regarded both as ‘states within a state’. The organized, state-of-the-art militancy and will of the Templars is both legendary and controversial. Many aspects of the Order were kept absolutely secret on pain of death. Their philosophy and religious views diverged in a categorical manner from Catholicism in ways that exceed the scope of this writing but inevitably have added a significant dimension to our current post-truth leadership vacuum. For example it has been a mystery to many why the Templars ritually spat on the crucifix as if denying its significance. It is my view that they did not accept the story of the crucifixion as told in the New Testament. Their view of the crucifixion comes from a more ancient tradition known to the ancient Egyptians, giving them a different perspective on the truth of the term “crucifixion” and its universal, non-political association with the “resurrection” – highlighted in the Apocryphal and Gnostic Gospels. Specific Jews (possibly “Benjamites”) and Templars appear to have combined knowledge, history and finances in the organization of the means that followed from the crusades, by which Gothic Art, Design and Craftsmanship was made possible. The Templars, incidentally, like the Egyptians also recognized the cosmic significance of the cycle of 60 years. In Egypt this same period was related to the Sed Festival of Regeneration that in turn pertains to a cycle of the Phoenix. As it turns out, the Phoenix plays a central role in Parzival, the famous Gothic narrative written by Wolfram von Eschenbach during the exact period that Chartres Cathedral was being rebuilt following the fire of 1194, as if it were a historic reply to Catholicism.

Getting rid of both Jews and Templars in France was a dirty business. What was destroyed was a link to the ancient world – particularly Ancient Egypt where holism had thrived for centuries in a very sophisticated manner prompting researchers to speak of a sacred science within which ‘truth’ was deeply rooted – from architecture to ‘hieroglyphic symbolique’, all the way to spiritual metamorphosis possibly only equaled by the most advanced Tibetans. This link to the past through the Holy Land where the Templars had recovered secrets of the temple tradition in its deepest expression – was largely lost – and we were thrown back to superstition, authoritarianism and the shift from spiritual science to material science that has restricted and frustrated our fullest capacity as a race to appreciate the “Law of our Existence”.

After so heinous and treacherous an inquisition, the Templars had to go underground and their knowledge went with them. It seems they also took their love of war with them as well. But war on its own may get you an oil well or two. It might get you a stealth bomber. But it does not guarantee you a building such as Chartres Cathedral. It won’t teach you how to build Karnak. When the Templars were thrown out of France something was permanently lost from Western Civilization that has not been recovered. As far as I can see, from Skull and Bones we have learned about killing, about wealth inequality, about disregard for the environment, about insatiable, elitist greed. But this same, strange group has not imparted to the nation the secrets of redemption. The individual – if he can survive the precariousness of his life path – has been left to find out what redemption is for himself. Without truth as one’s sword, redemption will always stay hidden. I conclude at this point that I don’t know if there is or ever was a connection between the Templars and Skull and Bones. Both kept secrets, but whether or not they kept the same secrets, or interpreted those secrets the same way – I don’t know.


In any case, by now – as we shift into the macabre nightmare of the present tense –  we all know what the higher ups are passionate about: power, piracy, privileged information, formidable or superior military strength (and technology), transcendental hypocrisy, control and of course the apotheosis of all those elements – war itself. They also like money, especially money controlled by a Central Bank that they have a hand in influencing. And as for religion – I don’t think I can even guess. Religion seems to be in disarray. Religion seems to be in the same state as the food industry. There is Whole, Organic food and then there is everything else. And this split between organic and non-organic in both aspects of ‘food’ – physical and spiritual – is contributing another major dimension to both the truth, or post-truth, crisis and the leadership vacuum.

The ‘elite’, so-called, appear to use Christianity the way they used Patriot Missiles against Saddam Hussein and the people of Iraq. Whatever god they worship, seems to be a god of war, an ideological weapon convinced of its own, eternal and awe-inspiring superiority. And if this god is guiding them toward a New World Order, war will be its motto and war will be its means and war will be its unifying principle. And for this reason everybody must contribute as much money as possible and as much blood as possible to build a superior military machine to safeguard such an order. If they don’t they will be branded unpatriotic and perhaps even treasonous. It isn’t so much a god that is being worshipped – though humans can make ‘god’ into anything they want – but when you recall the way they sold us the 1st Gulf War in 1991 and the way they aired the killing in the media, the real religion on display within this group should be called an “Idolatry of Weapons” and the glorification of killing. From start to finish Gulf War 1 struck me as the slickest PR Stunt, the smoothest advertisement for mass murder in the history of man and that is exactly what they wanted to accomplish.  Once again we are yanked back to Samuel Bush, Bernard Baruch, Robert S. Lovett and the conscious purpose behind the most lucrative of all industries: war designed and fuelled by its “Merchants of Death” in the name of god, of Patriotic Love, of sacrifice, of immaculate heroism. Christ died for us; we must die for country. Of course there is an irony here. If you look at the New Testament, Christ ended up dying for the truth; as a testament to the truth. When asked about the claim that he is a King which would entitle him to rule, this most central of all Christian characters responds:

“To this end was I born, and for this cause I have come into the world, to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice”.

Not surprising and in keeping with all great writing, Pontius Pilate makes a memorable response, like a “brain-stopper” in a great stage play:

“What is truth?”

As I understand this moment, in the often metaphorical New Testament, Christ is drawing for Pilate, an ancient identity between the authentic accomplishment called “King“, and the reality we name “truth“. This identity between King and truth can be said to be at the very heart of the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts, thought to predate Dynastic Egypt itself. This identity was considered to be the apotheosis of a theocracy that has become thoroughly degraded with time, just like the “temple” itself. From Pilate’s point of view a tragedy is about to devolve out of conflict. The conflict is the same as now. It is a battle for truth and it is a battle for power. It is also a battle for legitimacy and authority and the right to rule. All of this depends upon what “truth” is and Christ in the New Testament makes it clear that he hides the light under a bushel and uses parables for all but his 12 disciples. This makes Pilate’s question both enduring and relevant. To answer the question in the spirit of that time, is to embark upon a separate story that involves a spiritual science and practice once carefully guarded in places like Tibet and Ancient Egypt. But, the central concern, whether Tibetan, Egyptian, Hebrew, Cistercian, Hindu, Muslim is still the same: “truth”.

And yet, the propaganda and talking points used by the Bush Administration – behind the Banner of Christianity – for both Iraq Wars, turned out to be false. The public knew the excuses were false ones, and yet on the basis of falsity, the United States invaded Iraq anyway. So much for the quintessential value of Christianity.

And here is another interesting point to ponder. In the history of the West there is only one character written about more than Adolph Hitler and no, it is not yet Donald Trump and it is not John Lennon. That personage is Jesus Christ. To add to the depth of the current post-truth-leadership-vacuum we appear to be facing now, many historians note that there really is insufficient historical evidence that a real man named Jesus Christ actually lived and taught and performed miracles in the Holy Land circa 0 to 33 A.D. This may point to one of the most categorical rifts or differences between the Templars and the Catholics. The Catholics enforce Christ’s historicity; the Templars acted on his universality and cyclic renewal. The Catholics promoted a historical crucifixion carried out by Jews over a battle for truth. The Templars believed in a personal, inner, universal spiritual initiation that led to an individual resurrection and likely rejected the notion of Jews as traitors of the truth and hence of Christ-the-King. The clash between the Catholic ‘truth’ and the Templar ‘truth’ was profound indeed. To eliminate the Templars, the Catholics were not beyond lying and slandering. Their accusations were unjust and worse: they did damage to the spiritual capacities of the individual – essentially excising and outlawing religious freedom to be replaced by something akin to what exists in Saudi Arabia today. It is not a freedom or right; it is an indoctrination by something – an authority outside oneself – that similar to Protestantism – one is told that one is not in fact even worthy of. Enslavement of the human spirit by an outside Authoritarian power is as bad as physical enslavement and prison. If all this sounds confusing, it’s because it is confusing. And the complexity of the confusion is making a profound contribution to this current “post-truth crisis”. If we want to reach a common ground, a universal substratum that we all share there are some things – beliefs included – that we will have to let go of. If we refuse this universal step then we will be tempted to believe in falsities and we will be tempted to promote falsities in order to justify our own exclusive agenda. It takes extra energy to hold up a living structure. It takes extra energy to hold up consciousness. It also takes extra energy to hold up truth. Truth must be maintained. It won’t abide laziness.

And yet this mythic being – this sacrificial ‘Sole Begotten Son of God’ died for the truth and is written about more frequently even than his polar opposite: Adolph Hitler. What irony that we are calling men like Donald Trump, George W. Bush, and others, “Post-truth Presidents” while these same Presidents push – with their team mates a so-called Christian Right Agenda as if this central character who may not have existed at all – had somehow licensed them to lie, steal, murder at will under the fabricated guise of self-defense, protecting the homeland or just “Making America safe from all our enemies”.

The subject of Jesus Christ is, in my view deserving of much more thorough and subtle treatment than this. But what I have just stated above adds significantly to the current truth crisis. I have strong views about what Christ means by “truth” in the New Testament, but this only makes sense in a time and context when the temple, spiritual aspiration, monasteries, spirit-form, purification procedures, religious training such as we still see among Tibetans today are active, thriving, respected and real.

By contrast, we are living in a paroxysm of externalization and projection onto all our gadgets and things – the projectiles of speech included. Everything is measured by material standards, including the value of your own spiritual truth. That is all that needs to be said for this article. ‘God’ has become idolatrous outside – in weapons, in skyscrapers, in the size of your yacht, and the information or emotions you send and receive with your phone. The mystery of Christ and his spiritual transformation has been trumped by Pontius Pilate’s admittedly brain-stopping question: “What is truth?” What is great about the time that we are passing through – no matter how much tribulation it may entail – is that without leadership, more and more people will have to learn to answer Pilate’s question with their own god-given faculties of perception, feeling, emotion, thought, intuition and conscious immediacy. But through this process one may well get a renewed taste of what it really is to be human. Many of us may be forced to shed our ‘borrowed robes’. Each of us is a system jammed with pluses and minuses. And each of us is going to have to learn how to assume responsibility for those pluses and minuses without always blaming the ‘other’ guy for the messes we find ourselves in.

The disconnect between President George H. W. Bush’s New World Order and the American public has contributed both misunderstanding and division in the Post-truth World we find ourselves currently quarreling in, quite as if we were engaged in a Civil Truth War that is about to break out into a World Truth War. Simply put: more and more people born into this world are not Christian and many who are in the throes of a shared cognitive dissonance that requires profound resolution. And as it has been for thousands of years most people do not want war as the unifying principle of any nation or any World Order. Most people innately prefer peaceful coexistence and do not need an Ideological Right-wing Christian Backlash to tell them that they must engage in war if they want to live, or be free, or be granted rights or perhaps wish to uphold and fulfill the original constitution still written in stone for all to read in the Jefferson Memorial in Washington. In democracy, the rights, well-being and even happiness of the individual matter! Since we are all individuals, this makes logical sense. Just because it is a challenge to achieve happiness for everybody, does not mean it isn’t right. Truthful exchange seems to be the best currency with which to undertake the challenge, otherwise one group quickly begins to mistrust another group. In my life I have been more amazed by what can be achieved by truthful exchange than what is achieved by lies or fallacious myths that can paralyze natural social imperatives.

But, as long as objective truth has been scattered to the four winds by post-truth tactics, the people all around the world will have difficulty finding a course that keeps democracy alive. Democracy requires order and clarity to work, while Dictatorships feed off chaos, confusion and misinformation so they can justify imposing Marshall Law on the people while quickly stripping them of a spectrum of civil liberties. George H. W. Bush should write a book that gets ‘declassified’ down the road – after his death – a tell-all that helps mankind understand the details of its history from 1900 to 2016. He won’t do it, but if he did it might help humanity set its compass right as we spin our way into outrageous post-truth waters, cowering under the might of unconscionable weapons controlled by unconscionable authoritarian strategists. To stay silent at this point – or leave it to his sons – is to betray and undermine the human race. If he can’t write it down then he should put himself in front of a camera and get talking. He must help to clarify the collective mind.  There are parts of our history that only he knows and only he can clarify.

                                 Truth Movement

Without the truth – e.g. objective fact – nobody can function, not even a Dictatorship. A Dictatorship can lie all it wants with its propaganda and disinformation, but it still must know the truth for itself even if that truth is hidden in code under a separate category of ‘preferred and classified truths’. But it is a challenge – even for a dictatorship – to keep track of a growing web of lies, inevitably requiring Authoritarian Force to back up and enforce the lies. Too many lies will require too much force. Eventually the web of lies becomes unsustainable. Any member of the society right now – from the street corner all the way up to the National Security Advisor in the White House can claim to love the truth, require the truth and claim to be speaking the truth. But that does not mean – in a post-truth environment – that any of those individuals are in fact declaring the truth. Truth is much more than just a claim. It is much more profound than claims and slogans and promises and emotional declarations, no matter how many times they are repeated. Truth, like all living creatures must have an environment safe enough for it to grow, if not prosper. Truth is a way of life, a way of being.


“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

A prime example of this principle:

                             “the mandate is to keep America safe.”

This is not a free mandate in reaction to a genuine external threat. It is an enforced mandate designed to control the populace. It is also bogus. The Trump government doesn’t even acknowledge environmental dangers, climate change, air quality, water dangers, the nonstop assault by chemicals on nearly all environments – inside and outside – that everybody must negotiate day in and day out. It doesn’t acknowledge the danger that would accompany the retraction of ObamaCare, that millions would face – immediately. Instead it would simply transfer money saved directly over to a tax break for the extremely wealthy. It is attempting control tactics based on fear that it will promote come hell or high water. Its’ first tactical move is an attempt to demonize Muslims. This demonization is also bogus. It is a lie. It is a strategy in a deadly power war that seeks the widest possible sphere of domination. But without an enemy to target it would have to turn its attention to environmental care, education, poverty, climate change, adequate housing, wealth sharing, cultivation of the arts, protection of endangered flora and fauna, peaceful space travel, science – the future of an earth shared by an enormous range of diverse creatures. It would have to turn its attention to the re-education of American.

The truth that is at stake at this point in human history entails the whole planet Earth and how we want to live on it as a multi-racial group; what liberties and rights we wish to maintain; what standards of health we want for people, for animals, for plants and for the Earth as a whole, living sphere. No part of this paragraph is mere idealism alone. It can be as real and may have to become as real as a world plagued by war, chemical assault, hydrocarbon inundation, urban congestion, the danger of nuclear reactors, nuclear waste and nuclear weapons, the tyranny of propaganda, etc.

But what is the price tag for this? Truth is rooted into the living processes of the earth. Cognition and all its domain – which includes cognitive discernment – is part of the process: not a detached and fruitless sideshow. The more we lie, the more we damage the roots of the process itself and the more we think we can rely on artifice + force to bail us out of the damage. If we harm the conversation with Nature, the lies will begin to create a wasteland in which is woven a prison of their own making. A wasteland of the mind will create a wasteland outside the mind. Lies are self-incarcerating even as they attempt to lay the blame on other factors – especially truth – or what have been called derisively in the United States: “Truthers”. It has come full circle. Anyone who seeks objective facts is labeled with caustic derision: a “Truther”, which has an open-ended interpretation. Especially since 11 September, 2001, the line in the sand – and the dropped gauntlet – has divided mankind. “Truther” has really come to mean ‘a treasonous, slandering, antisocial, sociopath who should be put away for good’. It also means “an enemy of our agenda”. In this context ‘truth’ must struggle to grow. It must struggle to instruct. It must struggle to see beyond the forms, the appearances, the things that trap and bind like spider webs that eventually become impossible to extricate oneself from. Lies that convince are the stickiest webs of all.

In the meantime – in part by virtue of the Internet – more and more members of the public have been influenced by a sort of underground truth movement that has been creeping between the legs of even the biggest ‘elephant-in-the-room’ of all time: 9/11 – no matter how much the ‘Establishment’ and many millions of others have sought to discredit the movement and prevent the elephant from growing too big. It grows by feeding on the displaced truth that has been dumped into a post-truth environment. As more and more people accept the lies and ‘fallacious myths’ presented to them, more and more truth gets discarded, only to end up in the trunk of the elephant who – like many animals – just keeps eating. From my observations here in Southern California, some of the growth could be said to be unconscious. In the language of an emerging science of consciousness, this could be called “pre-conscious-quantum-information-processing”, which is going on at the nanometric scale about 1/100th the wavelengths of the visible light spectrum. This point requires special emphasis because we are mostly unaware of how much influence contents stored in the unconscious are having on the conscious attitude and our emotions that shape opinion and beliefs – that include attitudes like racism, sexism, xenophobic irrationality and so forth. In my view the growth of this historic “9/11-Elephant-in-the-Room” – perturbing all aspects of American life from family to government – has been one key reason why the public avoided the ‘political water’ being offered by Jeb Bush in 2016 – for all to drink in a post-truth desert – thirsty for truth. If ever the Bush family wanted to prove their love of America their big chance was with Jeb in the spring of 2016 – when the word “post-truth” was rising like a dark shadow out of collective and very troubled post-truth waters.

But people were much more comfortable with the honest, independent path being blazed by Bernie Sanders. Unfortunately, the press was too timid to give him adequate exposure and Americans have been so indoctrinated into an either/or philosophy that they simply don’t regard an independent ticket – or 3rd position – as valid. But it would have been a more productive history lesson if we’d seen a showdown between Sanders and Trump, with Sanders talking issues rather than just spitting “talking points”. It wasn’t just Jeb Bush’s lack of pizzazz that he himself owned up to early on; and it wasn’t just his brother’s deception about Iraq War 2 and very likely that shady 2000 vote that appeared to be stolen from Al Gore in Jeb’s state of Florida – where he served as Governor – that kept people from accepting his offering. It was the shadow cast by 9/11 across the length and breadth of American democracy that haunted his bid to win the Republican Nomination. Not only did he have to withdraw from the race, but the nomination went to Trump who lied more often throughout his campaign than ever before in history. It was completely disorienting and almost incomprehensible. Jeb Bush seemed positively sane by comparison. But Trump was playing the post-truth populace with the new media. All Jeb’s cards had already been played for him by his brother and father and their team, long before 2016. Never underestimate the ability for the unconscious mind to store memory. The memory informs the instincts. For Trump it wasn’t about either objective truth, or even the appearance of civility, empathy, integrity, unity, American leadership. It was about whatever he could do to arouse and shape emotion – especially fear-based emotion. He targeted a group that he thought would buy into his display of bigotry and propaganda and macabre lies – providing a constant outlet for hate to flow out into mainstream America. He managed to capture 27% of eligible voters. Hilary Clinton beat him in the national popular vote which Trump contested – accusing Clinton of voter fraud. But nobody has found any evidence of voter fraud yet. Noteworthy in all of this was to see George H. W. Bush come out for Clinton instead of Trump – a rare moment of defection within the modern Republican Party. But Bush had partnered with the Clintons even before Iran-Contra! For many years now, they have belonged to a common cause – a rather small, but extremely powerful ruling elite that in turn is part of an international group.

Progressively after 11 September, 2001, it became clear that 9/11 had generated more trauma, more silent outrage than even the assassination of President Kennedy. Lots of people resist being labeled “traumatized”. For one thing it can be a humiliating experience just on its own. As many know, victims of rape, often remain silent just from the shame they feel. It then becomes quite private as you try to nurse the trauma – whether consciously or unconsciously. So I do not mean to be careless or invasive here. I fully acknowledge just how touchy this subject is. Images of New Yorkers running for their lives, covered with dust and scarcely able to breathe, never leaves your system. But to be the one covered with toxic dust – inside and out – that is incomprehensible trauma. Several times a day – through damaged lungs – that person is going to be asking: “Did we get it right? Do we truly know who brought those buildings down so successfully? Do we know how they did it? The towers were specifically designed to take direct hits by one or more large aircraft. Why did they collapse so uniformly? They were too well built to have collapsed at all. The Empire State Building didn’t collapse when hit by a big plane – a B-25 Bomber – decades ago! Other buildings have burned at much higher temperatures – fully engulfed in flames – and they did not collapse. It takes extreme temperatures to melt any of the steel used in the World Trade Center – all three buildings (WTC 1 WTC 2 and WTC 7)! And what about the 47-story 3rd building: WTC7? It never got hit by a plane at all. Its’ office fires were far, far too weak to melt anything but a bit of plastic. Why did it also come down with very well-honed symmetry, some 8 hours after the Twin Towers?

I value my lungs so much – given all the trouble they have caused me from my earliest childhood recollections – that I identify without limit with all those questions that must be repeating themselves in the stunned heads of all those people – over and over and over! Are we sure all this was caused by a conspiracy of suicidal Muslims? Or are we just swallowing a propaganda pill (aka, a Big Lie) because the doctor has ordered us to do so; to calm us down and let the government seek its very ‘competent’ reprisal, which includes taking control of the oil of specific Muslim nations? But, if our government is so competent for reprisal, why was it not able to protect the nation from the ‘hijackers’ in the first place?  There were multiple opportunities to avert the planes from their apparent courses and each and every opportunity was either aborted or countermanded. We are not talking about negligence, or incompetence here. The United States is blessed with the highest capacity in the world to detect and respond to an emergency of this kind. We are not talking about incompetence, we are talking about strategic compliance.

There was a time when I did not want to discuss 9/11 with anyone. It made me stupidly uncomfortable. But it wasn’t the 19 faceless Muslims that were making me uncomfortable – men who like Lee Harvey Oswald were no longer in a position to speak for themselves. Recall that in Saudi Arabia your religion is decided for you. This most basic of rights is decided for you. So if anybody knew anything about the hijackers or “patsies”, depending on which narrative you are considering – nobody would speak out. Why not? Fear. Indoctrination. Repression. But this was not what was bothering me. It was the insensitive, artificial, condescending and strangely puerile manner by which the White House and Pentagon treated the public when managing the investigation – an investigation that was delayed by some 411 days – as to what happened on that historic day. 411 days! Such lack of interest in the crime of the era leaves one speechless unless one understands why there was a lack of interest. Then, as if to hoist a red flag atop the White House for any American not paying attention, Bush appoints Henry Kissinger to head the investigation. I wasn’t the only one who nearly choked to death with incredulity. Talk about a vicious slap in the face of any even moderate humanist unable to forget those pathological bombing raids over Cambodia – especially in 1973. One of the most violent and arrogant Secretaries of State in American history to head up an investigation of this importance to the human race! So, Kissinger had to be replaced, causing a further delay. Everybody knew Kissinger was responsible for the destruction of Cambodia back in the 70’s – where his psychotic bombing set the decimated stage for the ruthless Khmer Rouge to seize control and eventually murder hundreds of thousands of civilians – amounting to one of the worst acts of genocide known to man. Everybody knew he had arranged the overthrow and murder of Chilean President, Salvador Allende, for the Rockefeller family in the same year, also, coincidentally on 11 September. Allende was replaced by the dictator, Augusto Pinochet.

But I expected this sort of ‘club loyalty’ to emerge from so preposterous a delay of so serious a crime. What really got under my, obviously, thin skin was the shallow, faltering, shady, naïve, superficial and incomplete manner by which NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) managed its technical investigation into the cause of the collapse. It described conditions up to the collapse, but failed to adequately and scientifically explain the unique rate and uniformity of collapse that everybody in the world could see. I felt ashamed of such cowering lack of leadership. But yet – even in 2002 – I could not quite take the next step and let myself believe that we were looking at a total cover-up of an event the government itself was intimately involved in. It just seemed to my inexperienced mind to be inconceivable.

None of the presenters or mediators ever appeared to stop and connect with the emotions of the public – whether the White House, NIST, FEMA, Homeland Security, CIA, NSA, the FBI, the mayor of New York or the Secretary of Defense, the President, his Press Secretary or his Vice President. All of them seemed like actors – even the Mayor of New York – but actors disconnected from the subtext behind the lines they had to read. All they ever did was barrage us, as if scolding us with aggressive, querulous – propaganda. I always felt that I was being played or just being had. Something was not right and I could not explain such condescension away. From both a human and political point of view George W. Bush’s arrogant – yet immature – condescension seemed entirely inappropriate to the magnitude of the situation and the narrative the government itself was offering to explain it. On the one hand they were calling for war as a response to the day’s events. But on the other hand they seemed far too casual as if responding to nothing more than a 4th of July fireworks accident that burned the arms and neck of a local reveler. It seemed utterly devoid of leadership and a spirit of being with Americans in a shared tragedy. Instead he appeared to be threatening Americans – as well as other countries – almost continuously with angled statements (“talking points”?) designed to shame those who questioned blind patriotism on the fast track to war:

“Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make: either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

“You’re either with us or you’re with the enemy. That’s, that’s clear. I will continue to make that clear.”                                                                                                                                    (GW Bush, 20 Sept, 2001).

Many of us didn’t need these talking-points. We needed detailed, professional, precise explanations. Most of us wanted to know how the planes and office fires could bring the whole building down so fast and so uniformly. The angled, propaganda-styled talking-points appeared to be only evasive distractions designed to promote war; not get to the bottom of a crime that required much more attention and care. They also seemed to know too quickly who did it, uncomfortably reminiscent of the Nazis who knew with too much certainty who burned the Reichstag Parliament Building 27 Feb, 1933, just moments after it was illuminating the sky. They (Hermann Goering) were also too eager to arrest other Communists as if the list had already been prepared in advance.

The arrogance and condescension – and yet defensiveness of George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and the authoritarian condescension of Dick Cheney raised my hackles permanently. It sounded already – from the gitgo – as if they were attempting the early execution of their New World Order as outlined in PNAC in 1997. It is as if, already knowing the ‘catalyzing event’ was coming and when, now they had begun the authoritarian process of capitalizing on it. Some of the condescending defensiveness was just a mask for their monumental impatience. They couldn’t wait to get the American populace under their control and then it was the show they’d all been waiting for since 1991 – First stop: Afghanistan and then Iraq! This puerile authoritarianism continued to the end of George W. Bush’s Presidency following the mess in Iraq and the collapse of the economy there and here and his clumsy efforts to both justify and cover up the truth:

“Either you’re with us – either you love freedom – and with nations which embrace freedom, or you’re with the enemy – there’s no in between …”                                                                                   George W. Bush

“As the President has said, this is a fight to save the civilized world.This is a struggle against evil, against an enemy that rejoices in the murder of innocent, unsuspecting human beings.”                                                                                                                                      Dick Cheney

All these declarations sounded concocted, theatrical, overblown, fake and grandiose. For all these reasons, many of us felt as if they were constantly talking down to us – intentionally – as part of the strategy – and without any remorse. To this day they have never let down their guard. They have talked down to us as if we were a species beneath that of canines.

Remember these are men working closely with the mighty Oil Kings of Saudi Arabia. “Freedom” is not the first word you think of when you think of Saudi Arabia. When you think about Prescott Bush and Averell Harriman helping Fritz Thyssen build up the Nazis in Germany, “freedom” isn’t the first word one associates with their effort. When you imagine Harriman supplying oil or mining skills or military components to Josef Stalin, freedom wouldn’t be the first word you’d think of to describe his purpose, nor Stalin’s Soviet Union. George W. Bush’s use of the word freedom was much too pushed and far too coercive to be credible. Their agenda cannot afford our freedom. It couldn’t afford it back then when Prescott Bush’s Silesian Steel Corp was exploiting slave labor from Auschwitz! And it can’t afford it now. He was compensating for and pushing against his own unjust cause and the public could feel it. “Methinks the lad doth protest too much!” The only thing he had on his side – was the confusing memory of 9/11 – a memory so horrific people needed to believe it had to be caused by demonic Arabs we had never met in the flesh. It was much easier to project our emotions onto 19 dead Arabs who we could not understand than to struggle to decipher the conflicting and disquieting signals we were receiving from the White House regardless of how much we knew or did not know about the history of the Merchants of Death in the United States. Admittedly, most of us knew next to nothing unless we were paying attention to truthful, courageous people during the Vietnam protest movement: from Martin Luther King to Jane Fonda. But King ended up assassinated by 1968 and Fonda was condemned by too many “patriots’ and so controversy diluted the integrity of her message. But to this day, both of them ring clearly in my head. Both of them helped enormously in bearing the burden of truth – where most of the time you feel like a beast of burden – sentenced to wander alone across scrublands forever. It isn’t true, but it can feel that way. Truth can be a lonely vigil.

9/11 consumed the mind so completely that we overlooked the fact that the Bush family was not just working with the Saudis but also the very old wealth associated with High Street banks in London that had been helping the Saudis from before World War 1. The feeling is that they all want to be Emperors. Just being a transient Monarch or a billionaire is not enough. But to be Emperors in a world as diverse as ours, everybody else must become a slave. Hitler had a similar vision that he withheld from Stalin when they formed their secret 23 Aug, 1939 Non-Aggression Pact. He wanted an empire run by slaves for the superior race to live in complete freedom – and what, surrounded by stolen art as far as the eye can see? The evil that Cheney is referring to is Islam. And Saudi Arabia is entirely Muslim. Since he cannot mean the Oil Kings themselves, they must be agreeing to implement a common propaganda strategy that tarnishes Muslims since in a joint Machiavellian spirit, ‘the end justifies the means’. For them, carefully controlled terrorism is a means to a great end. Are the Kings themselves not Muslim? Or are they drawing a distinction between Jihadist Extremists who they are accusing of opposing lovers of freedom everywhere? But the whole world knows that in principle the Saudi Kings are not lovers of freedom: luxury maybe, but not freedom. The Saudi Regime is not a lover of freedom. Ask a Saudi woman how much freedom she has and how it makes her feel. Ask a dissident why he ended up in a Saudi prison.

Was Constantine not really Christian? Is Cheney himself not really Christian? Is he agnostic? Is he an atheist? Or is religion completely irrelevant to his orientation? More to the point, perhaps: what does he think when he hauls a 30 inch fish out of cold waters below ice-capped mountains in Wyoming with a fishing rod? Does he notice the sun reflecting on its scales? Does he watch it flip and struggle and search for oxygen? Does he even see the fish as a living thing or solely as an edible thing? Does he laugh when asked: does the fish think, feel, struggle?

“As the President has said, this is a fight to save the civilized world. This is a struggle against evil, against an enemy that rejoices in the murder of innocent, unsuspecting human beings.”                                                                                                                                        Dick Cheney

But we now know there was no danger, no enemy great enough to threaten the civilized world! America has by far the most formidable military in the world. It emerged from the Cold War victorious – at least outwardly. Surely it knows how to defend itself!  Iraq posed no threat to the civilized world and certainly not to America. The only threat being posed was by America itself and its tight partnership with Saudi Arabia, Britain, Canada, France, Australia, etc. And America could not wait to attack and invade Iraq! These Americans call themselves Christians, Liberators, Champions of Freedom and Democracy and the Civilized World. What then is Christianity that it should so easily morph into a weapon of mass destruction that in an instant kills hundreds of innocent people in a second of time? What is Christianity that it repeats this action day in and day out for a full month – leaving beneath the dust, the smoke and rubble tens of thousands of tangled, lifeless bodies – not even sucking for air like our imaginary fish – too dead to move – and once innocent, non-combative, trying to live, to survive, to feed their children, or parents, or grandparents. Are we to imagine that this non-negotiated unilateral behavior was not only not Christian but really the behavior of bullies who call themselves Christians, who rush into other people’s neighborhoods, without fair warning and start beating people to death? And their pretext? “You attacked us first!”, even though it was proven that Iraq did no such thing; harbored no terrorists and knew nothing about the planning for 9/11.

These talking points are designed to force you to take one side only. At the same time they are carefully designed to hide the truth. You are given no choice. The enemy is set and cannot be debated. They have been successfully demonized and if you don’t agree to send your kids into harm’s way ‘for America’s freedom’, then you are for the enemy and you are against freedom and you are unpatriotic and you are a traitor of the civilized world.  Considering that the terrorists supposedly died in the crashed planes – a part of their suicide mission – it is unclear to me when they could have rejoiced in the deaths of innocent and unsuspecting human beings. The slick exaggerations of Dick Cheney had disturbed me since 1990 when I was living in New York. And these sorts of statements alienated me to the point where I started to involuntarily reject the ‘authorized narrative’ – ten years later – that the Muslims + crashed planes + office fires had brought down the WTC triad of buildings. But I also could not instantly accept government involvement in the deaths of so many people – no matter what my instinctual guidance system felt about Cheney or George W. or George H. W. Bush, or Donald Rumsfeld. I began to feel a split within myself and it took far too long for me to address this internal schism where Big Lie and Truth fought for control of my disturbed system. And I mean it when I say that I do not think for one second that I alone am a victim of this split. I do not for one moment believe that “Truthers” alone are victims of this split. Because of the sheer magnitude of the unconscious dimension of cognitive processing, I believe everybody in America has been affected by this split and the split – like a lesion in brain matter – needs to be healed. It needs to be healed because it impairs function.

I remembered the lies surrounding the first Iraq War and I felt like they were playing me and everybody else, again, in a dictatorial manner – taking advantage of the fact that 9/11 had traumatized me and I wanted a genuine explanation for it. And I wasn’t getting any explanation except the kind of thing you say to a 6-year old child, as if some PR expert or some psychologist within the CIA had instructed them how to treat the public in order to keep them concentrated on a response. Nothing like an atrocity to get the public behind you.  Fabricated atrocities had already been used for the 1st Gulf War to get the public behind “Desert Storm”. And we went for it! Even when a part of the brain, or some pure quadrant of the heart, doubted the story about Iraqi soldiers tossing babies out of incubators onto hospital floors in Kuwait – another part of the heart or brain – bought the story and believed the government’s demonization of Saddam Hussein and Iraqi people to be true – otherwise ‘why would the United States administration and its military intelligence lie about such a thing’? ‘Governments don’t lie do they?’  They do lie. But what kind of a country do we have where lies separate the will of the leaders from the will of the people?

It is worthwhile right here to remind ourselves that Woodrow Wilson lied boldface to the American public during his re-election process in 1916 – exactly 100 years before Trump’s election – that he would not take America into World War 1 using slogans like: “He kept us out of war” and “America First”. It was a promise. But he broke the promise in short order and before anybody could blink, conscription was in place and Americans were off to fight Germans who they didn’t want to fight and the War Industries Board helped make Bernard Baruch, Rockefeller, Dillon, Lovett, Samuel Bush, Pryor and others unconscionably rich.

The situation America finds itself in right now – in part screaming out of Trump – stems from the fact that the government has lied excessively for too many years. The chronic, excess growth in tactical lying has by a sort of inversion principle, gradually gutted the country of all leadership. We might have had a shot with Bernie Sanders had he not been compelled to make a deal with the DNC, but neither the Democrats nor the Republicans were going to allow Sanders much tether anyway. Nevertheless, even as a transition, Sanders would have been a healthier option than what is in control right now. This is a toxic throwback to an Era and situation that has passed. The human race has moved on whether it wants to or not and cannot go back. And yet Trump and his team seem right on the verge of yanking us into a coup d’état. And if they don’t, then they may well be setting up a situation where a coup becomes a real temptation.

People have been learning that we cannot dismiss the force of trauma and the symptoms it can generate in individuals – but also in the collective spirit of a people who go to work together every day and feel that their government not only did nothing to alleviate the trauma, but if anything, found several ways and means to exacerbate it. To compound the depth of the problem, more and more people were beginning to doubt many aspects of the ‘official narrative’ that recklessly offered an explanation for the events of that unprecedented day in American history. An ever-larger number of people began to doubt the story about 20 Arabs (Muslims) conspiring to expedite so daunting a task – and I mean daunting – dropping those towers down into their own footprint with perfect, undeviating symmetry!! Only the top experts in the world could perform such a feat – and only with the most advanced explosives technology of the day. Those of us who continue to believe that those towers could collapse at the speed of gravity with unobstructed symmetry have absolutely no feel for building construction and have not investigated the subject for so much as a second of time to still believe that sagging beams of a few floors could drop down and cause all the remaining floors to collapse like pancakes – without offering Newtonian resistance. It isn’t the nature of the beast to behave in that fashion and NIST – consisting of a team of rather brilliant scientists, mathematicians, etc. failed to address the actual technical collapse phase itself. They stopped short for reasons that are becoming increasingly obvious to many. Office fires and sagging or collapsing beams in no way, shape or form account for catastrophic, total collapse of the whole building AT THE FREE FALL RATE OF GRAVITY – ALL THE WAY TO THE GROUND. The only way in our world, that a building of that height could disintegrate and collapse with perfect symmetry on all four sides – all the way down – in view of the way it was attached to its inner core beams – was if the falling material met ZERO resistance from any material beneath it.

A much more sophisticated technique was required to destroy the phenomenally durable steel sub-structure fast enough for all lower floors to cease to offer any resistance. In other words the material below had to be gotten out of the way or already be falling itself before making contact with any material crashing down from above.

So, soon engineers, architects, ex-military, controlled demolition experts, material logistics experts, physicists and psychologists were all weighing in on the objective facts, logistics and evidence of the complex events that occurred in traumatic fashion on 11 September, 2001.  From the point of view of a very tiny elite – international in scope – perhaps the exploitation of 9/11 could be seen as the “Ground Zero of a New World Order”, wherein the Phoenix of Freedom, for all to see, burned itself to ash, only to rise again with America, the bastion of that freedom, stronger and greater than ever before. How gloriously romantic! However, many would say the narrative did not go in that direction and the New World Order is turning out to be quite different in content and complexion than originally intended. Now the whole planet is in a fight for a ‘truth’ that was burned to ash on the same day. Millions have felt the need to get out and protest – from the 15 million that convened in 600 locations around the world to protest Iraq War 2 – to the current protests determined to prevail against Mr. Trump. But the lies that covered up the truth about 9/11 have crippled us, confused us and blinded us to what was really happening with the power structure and leadership’ in America and all around the world. Don’t underestimate the tactical role of confusion when one group seeks to control and impose its will on another group. By brainwashing us into believing that the upper stories could cause all the lower stories to just disintegrate into dust without evidence of messy, a-symmetric resistance, a bizarre disjunction took place between eyes and instincts; trust and feelings. But as soon as people, experienced in the specialized field of controlled demolition, started to air their perspectives, the disjunction started to close up and the mind could begin the process of starting to think clearly again – opening up the vista of a whole new narrative. The first item that became painfully obvious was the sheer amount of planning and preparation that was required if the buildings were to collapse at all – let alone collapse in a symmetrical and tidy way capable of a reasonable cleanup time.


When Americans finally grasped that Iraq had no Weapons of Mass Destruction in 2003 and harbored no Al Qaeda terrorist cells – as relentlessly claimed by the George W. Bush Administration in order to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq in March, 2003 – they allowed more and more of the underground truth to seep into their cognitive functions – even if only unconsciously. As people began to hear about PNAC and some of its specific objectives – one of them referred to as a “New Pearl Harbor” – the cognitive process grew sharper and the subject of 9/11 became more uncomfortable on a much deeper level. Not only did nearly 3,000 people die unjustly, but the Muslims got blamed for it by the United States Government. From the New Pearl Harbor parallel, clearly the ‘Muslim terrorists willing to die for Allah’ had replaced the Japanese kamikazes. Most of us were so caught up in how barbaric these Jihadists were that we could not see how intensely we were insulting and desecrating somebody else’s God (Allah) in part because it was simply cognitively different from ours – starting with mere spelling. We forget that such phobia is an illness in us that blocks us from seeing ‘them’ for what they truly are.

But, it should take very little investigation to ascertain with nearly 100% certainty that the Muslim ‘hijackers’ depicted by the government had no capacity whatsoever to carry out the perfect, symmetrical, freefall collapse of the Twin Towers and the precision bombing of the west side of the Pentagon that specific well-known media quickly established was not caused by a large passenger jet. In any case, whereas Pearl Harbor was seen as a nice coincidental convenience, a serendipitous act of passive-aggression on the part of the Roosevelt Administration, 9/11 by sharp contrast, must be seen as an act of carefully planned active aggression because unlike the kamikazes, the patsies 9/11 was blamed on were unable to carry out so sophisticated an operation to its successful conclusion. 9/11 was more like a combination of Pearl Harbor and the Nazi-planned and executed burning of the Reichstag Parliament building in 1933.

This action by the government – blaming Muslims in a blatantly and transparently absurd manner for so sophisticated an operation – has spilled over into the Trump Administration where the opposition to the Muslim community of our planet has become ugly, intensely embarrassing, ignorant and immoral – even if completely staged. One can argue that the whole thing is just an information game – a power game – to manipulate others. Can’t use anti-Semitism anymore, but can get fresh mileage out of anti-Muslimism even as a grossly excessive wealthy elite profiteers with Muslim Nations as partners. However, the fact that nearly 3,000 people died in so horrific a manner on that day – removes it from the realm of a game. I think the perpetrators themselves underestimated the force of the trauma that has gripped everybody – not unlike a black hole that can even swallow stars. I think they knew it had to be big – bigger than Pearl Harbor and bigger than the Reichstag Fire – but I think it ended up bigger than the sum of its parts. The mental illness that we see gripping the White House doesn’t stop there. 11 September, 2001 has made the nation ill until it stops the quarrel and turns its attention to the truth that hides like a massive elephant behind the transparent deceptions of the “Official Narrative”.

9/11 exaggerated the concept of a Muslim Terrorist so effectively that even now, 2016-17, Retired Lt General Michael Flynn has even intimated ‘genocide’ or ‘excising the cancer that is Islamism’ and that has infected 1.7 billion Muslims – the total population of Muslims in the world! Just as anti-Semitism once ran rampant in countries like Germany – especially under Hitler – now we see an attempt to promote anti-Islamism in the United States that sounds as blatant as what anti-Semitism was among Nazis. The official narrative explaining how 9/11 was carried out set the stage for this anti-Muslimism – no matter how hollow and contrived it might sound to some – and it is now an essential responsibility of Americans to set the record straight. Lies work short term, but long term they self-destruct. Right now Americans are of two minds. They still accept the ‘official narrative’ about 9/11 put out by the government – no matter how absurd so much of it in fact is. But they also are troubled enough by the government lies that were promoted to justify the invasion of Iraq – that they know they are obliged to seek a more scientific objectivity regarding the 9/11 events in New York City and in Washington at the Pentagon, since these are the events that have turned part of the collective mind against “Muslims”. What is historically egregious, however, is if the “Muslims” accused of the crimes of 9/11 were in fact nothing more than “patsies” in the same manner as Lee Harvey Oswald who was neither capable, nor properly positioned, to fire the shots that actually killed President Kennedy. He also was not deranged. In order to tie him to the crime, a fresh bullet was placed on the stretcher at Parkland Hospital by somebody – but the bullet was undamaged. Since it was supposed to have passed through both Kennedy’s and Governor Connolly’s bodies – which included bonethere was no way it could have been undamaged. The blatantly planted bullet alone points to a conspiracy – the very concept the Warren Commission was designed and bound to reject. Moreover Oswald was eliminated by a known underworld figure, CIA-asset, and Nixon associate, Jack Ruby, so he could not speak for himself and take on a lawyer to defend him. The public would have found him to be neither deranged, nor anti-Kennedy, nor guilty of murder.

If hundreds of professionals have come together to review 9/11 it is because they have read and reread the 9/11 Commission and seen it to have failed completely in explaining the true manner by which state-of-the-art skyscrapers dropped so perfectly to the ground at the speed of gravity itself without encountering any awkward, asymmetric resistance along the way and all this explained by office fires which occupied but a few floors only. Every scientist in full possession of his or her faculties knows instantly that sophisticated explosives – blowing out, or clearing out, material below – in a timely fashion – is the sole way the buildings could collapse so completely, so evenly, so homogeneously and with such flawless symmetry.  Moreover, these explosives had to be already known to be 100% reliable. This means they had to be exposed over a satisfactory period of time to the most rigorous standards of scientific testing. This was not the work of emotional, seedy amateurs with a fondness for drugs, alcohol and prostitutes, since there could be no room for error. Rather, such precision work required top military experts. So the testing had to occur in a very secure zone, heavily guarded and the contents of the tests had to be kept classified. Los Alamos comes to mind as a suitable place to carry out these tests. If the operation had been in London or Paris then I could imagine the Americans allowing MI-6 or MOSSAD or some other organization to prep the buildings. But because it was New York and the Pentagon, I can’t imagine the Americans wanting anybody other than their own people to prep so dangerous and potentially messy an operation. They wanted it to go according to a master plan. Only the very best would have been allowed access to the WTC buildings in advance to carefully prepare state-of-the-art explosives.

The perfect symmetry with which both Twin Towers came down – just by itself – began to haunt many a mind and when experts came forward from different parts of the world – convening in places as diverse as Toronto, Canada – then more and more people began to sense that extreme skill and extreme knowledge of material logistics, building construction, nano-technology, missile capabilities, drone technology and ultimately controlled demolition itself, was prerequisite to have carried out the job with military-grade precision. As more and more observant minds weighed into the heart of the catastrophe it became evident that expensive and precise tests had to be performed with great care – well in advance – with explosives, with aircraft impact, with missile-penetration of concrete as in the case of the Pentagon. A great deal of time was required to prep the buildings if they were to collapse with minimum damage to the surroundings. They needed guarded access to the buildings. Only the military could carry out so complicated an operation that required that NORAD completely stand down as the alleged high-jacked passenger jets headed for their targets. Nobody was being sloppy, negligent or derelict of duty. All jets designed to intercept hijacked planes in the vicinity were ordered to stand down. They were obeying orders. The White House ban on the word “conspiracy” that was to be used only in the disparaging context of “conspiracy nuts”, “treasonous conspiracy theorists”, etc., was a case of deflective overkill or “methinks the government doth protest too much”, because when you have an “official narrative” involving 20 Muslims you automatically have a “conspiracy theory”, especially since none of the so-called perpetrators were available for questioning – let alone a trial. I repeat, it is particularly galling for those who admire the process of justice that Lee Harvey Oswald never got the opportunity in the land of the free, the brave and the just – to defend his own public claim that he was “just a patsy”. At that point the public might have learned just what the CIA meant by a “patsy” – or what I prefer to call a “CIA-construct” to prevent the practice from laying flat in a mind over-whelmed by post truth falsities and government driven propaganda. The lies that stick to us in a post-truth wasteland also tend to cripple us. Like Nova Scotia black flies, they also deliver toxins capable of infection. Lies are toxic, infectious and crippling in what is already a challenging enough global environment to navigate with zeal and integrity.


Many pages are required to lay out the details of this formidable 9/11-operation. And I will say it again: formidable operation! Two plane crashes with accompanying office fires could not bring the towers down in the manner by which they collapsed. But to understand the true manner of the collapse requires an understanding of objective facts that we associate with laws of science. In some respects, just as we are seeing with Manmade Climate Change, a terrestrial event of historic proportions that Donald Trump denies and Oil CEOs “doubt” – a post-truth world is also a post-science world. In this world, truth finds itself to be less than a second-class citizen, but more to the point – has become a prisoner in its own universe – and even more to the point – a prisoner held in solitary confinement, trying with all its innate gifts not to go mad.

In any case a great deal of work on the details of 9/11 has been done. What is important is that the information – bearing a great deal of objective facts – from collapse speeds to the presence of molten-iron nano-spheres in the rubble that require very high temperatures to form – temperatures that cannot be even approached by office fires or even jet fuel explosions. In the entire history of high-rises in buildings not as strong as the WTC, not one fire ever caused its steel grid to collapse. Not one. And some of those fires were high-nigh spectacular. The WTC fires were not spectacular after the initial fireballs were expended. Nobody ever knew of any defects in the WTC construction. Therefore the fires the firemen themselves encountered are known to be incapable of melting any steel sufficiently to inaugurate any collapse scenario. Without extremely knowledgeably placed explosives – all throughout the buildings – the top stories alone might have crumpled – crumpled – but never dropped at free fall speed (scientifically measureable acceleration of gravity at a known height) down to the bottom. Any resistance would have produced immediate Newtonian counter-force and a loss of symmetry – stopping the ‘collapse’. Explosives were indispensable in removing the resistance from below so everything above could ‘fall’ at the rate of gravity down into the building’s own foot-print: the basic principle of the well-established science of controlled demolition. This was a very skilled, perfectly executed, extremely knowledgeable military operation. Without wishing to insult any other military organization around the world, the only military that I can imagine capable of such precision, would be the United States Military Industrial Complex, at that time under the control of the Bush group. We can all stand back and admire their technical expertise. What is in question, however, are two issues. 1. A large number of people died in the building collapses and jet collisions. 2. They blamed the entire event on 20 Muslims. And to this day we have been using Muslims, Muslimism and Islamism – or “anti-Islamism” – as an excuse to clamp down on civil liberties; and attack other nations; and spend more and more money on counter-terrorist activity, the military and clandestine operations within the National Security Agency and the CIA.


There are now more and more quite amazing people – both rich in conscience and fully qualified to discuss with scientific and professional objectivity the mechanics of the events of 9/11. What has perturbed me perhaps due to my particular up-bringing or education in Toronto and New York is the overall psychological, spiritual and behavioral effect on all of us – as a result of 9/11. I have been particularly disquieted by the amount of fear, social dissonance, mental dissociation, emotional and instinctual dissociation and repression, and so decided to examine these effects with a bit more precision. It is very gratifying to see that psychologists have also weighed in as a group and have fully recognized how 9/11 has deceived, confused, conflicted, divided and disturbed Americans at a deep level as a result of both the initial trauma of the catastrophe itself and the cold-blooded Machiavellian hubris of the cover-up that has actively continued to this day – in no small part perpetuated by the population as a whole. In my view too many people have bought into the “official narrative”. This means that they accept being lied to and accept living in a post-truth world. They accept the story about the 20 “evil Muslims” and they accept that the incredibly strong steel that supported the World Trade Center buildings collapsed due to office fires. However, the fact that these people are so willing to forfeit friendships and to brand you as “crazy” when you suggest a more plausible explanation that accommodates the larger picture of reality suggests that their defensiveness is attempting to quash their own instincts. They sense much is wrong and nothing is sitting right within the individual and among each other. And they are correct. The lies that shroud 11 September, 2001 have contributed the most to the current “post-truth-leadership-vacuum”. We have been brought to a threshold of instability – a vacuum that must be refilled and transformed. Clarifying the truth about 9/11 would help us to understand how we arrived at this point where the line between truth and falsity has become far, far too blurry. Emotionally and conceptually truth has gotten away from us and lies have enclosed us in a room of quarrels.

                      THE ELEPHANT-IN-THE-ROOM

At this point a few concepts need to be emphasized and contemplated. One is the principle known as “the elephant-in-the-room”. The elephant-in-the-room – in this context – is a shared projection that is created by a post-truth predicament when a large truth has been blocked by large lies and has become so uncomfortable that even though it is known and present in the room – nobody wants to talk about it for fear of being ostracized.

                           COGNITIVE DISSONANCE

Another is a term known perhaps since 1957 to psychologists called cognitive dissonance. I would like to add to this category the following: “collective post-traumatic-cognitive dissonance”, which I believe has a significant unconscious component to it that ‘plays’ into the emotional and even superstitious aspect of “post-truth” behavior. I would also like to suggest a more extreme version that could be called “Dissociative Cognitive Dissonance”. In this instance the dissonance has become advanced to a dissociated condition. What is worrisome about a dissociative or dissociated condition is that the proverbial “left hand might not know what the right hand is doing.” In this instance one believes the demonization of another religious or ethnic group without adequate reflection – fuelled by one’s own unmediated fear base. What is particularly worrisome about Dissociative Cognitive Dissonance is that an individual can lose touch with what is in one’s own heart or simply not know what is in one’s heart. This could lead to loss of empathy and sense of self, allowing oneself to be co-opted into immoral State control. It also allows a person to believe in what is in their mind which can have nothing to do with the objective reality. In the case of 9/11 the office fires or plane crashes have nothing to do with the actual, objective cause that brought about the collapse of the buildings. The objective cause could only have been explosives knowledgeably placed for a controlled demolition. Yet the majority of people believe in the visual link between crashed planes and weak fires – and the catastrophic total destruction of the whole building – even though in the 9/11 Commission, NIST admits it has omitted an actual explanation for total collapse, but did retract the initial, rather embarrassing “pancake theory” as being structurally impossible.

A big elephant-in-the-room that people stumble around but won’t deal with and cognitive dissonance combined deplete the vitality and natural life of one’s instincts – in no small part due to frustration. In the case of a Big Lie we feel cognitively impaired because the visual cause fails to explain the traumatic effect. Scientists and detectives deal with such circumstances all the time. NIST dealt with the problem by not dealing with it: i.e. it did not discuss the collapse itself once it retracted the scientifically implausible pancake theory. When traumatized, spontaneity can be hampered and with it – health. There may be people who claim to feel much better not knowing the truth and certainly not knowing the truth about 9/11. But to my mind, truth at that scale is too large to be dismissed. It has damaged the relations between the world’s fastest growing religion (Islam) and the world’s largest religion (Christianity). 9/11 has fostered a profound criminal layer in our society and by deflecting its cause onto Muslims, in effect, it acts as an inexhaustible justification for unjust, unprompted wars and blind persecution.

Personally, I hate being lied to, not just because it sets me at such an awkward disadvantage with the liar, but because it hampers and undermines my own natural pursuit of justice in daily life. A lie this big indicates to me that the populace at large is willing to lend itself to immoral, criminal activity and feel in a post-truth atmosphere that its actions are not just defensible, but are in fact justified. But such self-deception is far too dangerous to be tolerated.

                                        BIG LIE

Another term to be discussed is the term “Big Lie” which I first encountered in the writing of Adolph Hitler in his discussion of propaganda. The Big Lie plays right into the card-dealing of post-truth poker being played with everything from power-brokering to the Earth’s ecology, to the roulette of persecution that results directly in man’s inhumanity to man that could have been avoided by taking preventive measures in advance.  In the science of propaganda a Big Lie is so much bolder than a small lie that it is much more likely to be believed because we ourselves know we wouldn’t do anything like that. So we believe what is easiest in accordance with our own biases. Big Liars consider little liars to be crippled by moral scruples.

                          CONTROLLED CONFLICT

And another term can be called the principle of “Controlled-Conflict” derived from the ‘thesis/antithesis/synthesis’ philosophy of Hegel – one of the German Idealists – and found to be useful when employed by monopolists who have control over the bulk of wealth and power available to society. By supplying resources, funding, weapons and goods to both sides of a conflict they can create incidents that set the conflict in motion while they profiteer handsomely from both sides simultaneously.  Samuel Bush learned this trick through the manufacture and sale of small arms. He passed on his know-how to his charismatic son, Prescott Bush who in turn passed on an even more developed know-how to his somewhat awkward, boy-next-door, the Clandestine Establishment Master himself, George H. W. Bush. By supplying both sides one also bolsters their differences. Once they are fully charged one can create an incident that sets a full conflict in motion in accordance with a desired outcome. In this way war can be seen as a carefully calculated business by which the few profit remorselessly from the deaths of the many.

                                       Cognitive Dissonance

This term is based upon the conviction that the mind prefers consistency. Some people say that individuals seek consistency among their cognitions. When they cite examples of these cognitions they suggest beliefs and opinions. These latter two states overlap with the definition of post-truth:

‘Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.’                                                                                                                                                             8 Nov, 2016, Oxford Dictionary)

I would prefer to get precise here for a host of reasons. So let’s note that the Oxford Dictionary’s 8 Nov/2016 definition of “post-truth” consists of 4 main states or ‘idea-states’:

objective facts.” 2. Public opinion. 3. Emotion. 4. Personal belief.

The qualifier in the post-truth definition is “objective fact”. This cannot be stressed enough since it is also the key to what is missing in a “post-truth” world or what in 2004 Ralph Keyes named a Post-truth Era. That was the same year that Eric Alterman referred to a Post-truth Presidency, also in a book that emphasized the way George W. Bush mislead the public about 9/11 (When Presidents Lie: A History of Official Deception and Its Consequences). It was also the year that Joseph C. Wilson published “The Politics of Truth: Inside the Lies that led to War and Betrayed My Wife’s CIA Identity: A Diplomat’s Memoir”. In this book Wilson gave an account of how Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Scooter Libby destroyed his wife’s career because Wilson had written an op-ed for the New York Times discrediting the Bush Administration’s dishonest justification for invading Iraq in March 2003. Wilson and his wife were set up in a clever manner to be discredited so that in turn Wilson’s verdict about Iraq not having and not pursuing nuclear weapons, would be discredited, even though the International Atomic Energy Commission was in agreement with Wilson’s findings. Wilson’s strict objectivity and democratic fair-play did not go unpunished, but Scooter Libby didn’t go unpunished either. Dick Cheney’s former Chief of Staff, Libby, was eventually convicted on 4 of 5 counts involving perjury, obstruction and false statements. He was not charged with leaking the CIA identity of Wilson’s wife to the press, but was charged with refusing to co-operate with the investigation into that case, implying he was likely involved with the plot. George W. Bush eventually commuted Libby’s prison sentence but not the rest + a fine. That the Wilson’s lives were damaged by Cheney, Libby and Karl Rove certainly matters, but what is particularly important is the historical observation that when fair-minded people like Wilson actually make an effort to obtain objective facts by travelling and investigating and then reporting those objective facts – they are punished by the inner circle in power who then go ahead with their agenda anyway. In the case of Cheney there was even denial that Wilson’s report had been received and read.

So, there were people who opposed the Bush Administration’s propaganda against Saddam Hussein because it was false. They oppose unjust warfare innately – by some in-born moral heritage or logic. Clearly, 9/11 was insufficient to convert these people from fair-minded, just people to becoming anti-Islamic Zenophobes. They were too experienced, too responsible to betray universal democratic principles. It wasn’t Muslims who betrayed Wilson and his wife “Valerie Plame”. It was their own government. Wilson and Plame eventually tried to sue Cheney, Rove and Libby as well as the leaker himself – Richard Armitage, Deputy Secretary of State – but the bid failed. They even tried to get President Obama to pick up the sword, but he sided a priori with the former Administration. But I repeat: Wilson can be applauded for his democratic clarity which instilled in him an international sense of justice that he believed he must help maintain with respect to Iraq. He lost the battle but not the presence of the principle within himself. And who knows: perhaps his actions and balanced heart will prove to be more prophetic long term than the actions of Scooter Libby or Dick Cheney. I can’t predict.

But an even greater point plays out through this scenario. We the public are left fractured by the event. It is too hard to get all the facts straight. So cognitively our view of Washington in this post-9/11 sequence is in a state of constant dissonance – which wears down  the mind and weakens the will. Moreover, despite Wilson’s truthful effort, the US forces invaded Iraq anyway. Innocent people in unnecessarily large numbers died anyway. Cognitive dissonance worked as a psychological, behavioral and neuro-scientific weapon. The Bush Administration kept firing out repetitive, professionally-graded talking-points declaring facts that legitimate evidence proved to be objectively false. Given the results of their actions, the government of the United States at that time, was guilty of a massive crime. By getting away with the crime in plain sight, they added a profoundly frustrating emotional component to the cognitive dissonance caused by the discord between talking-point and objective reality, not to mention the whole idea of government-as-authority. When all this is then mixed in with the post-traumatic cognitive dissonance of 9/11 – then the nation as a whole is under the spell of a collective disorder that does not reside solely in the troubled mind of President Donald Trump.

In the world of medicine, when confronted by a wound, an illness or disease, for thousands of years the tradition has been the same – to seek a cure – to make the wound whole again. If the wound has gotten dirty or exposed to bacteria, it has to be cleaned up and disinfected.


Meanwhile,  the adjective “post-truth” itself appears to have been used for the first time in 1992, as mentioned earlier, in an article called “A Government of Lies”, by Steve Tesich – a Serbian-American who also won the Academy Award for a wonderful screenplay called Breaking Away in 1979. It seems that Tesich was reacting to the way all Americans responded to Watergate, the Iran Contra Scandal and Gulf War 1, demonstrating that:

“we, as a free people, have freely decided that we want to live in some post-truth world.”



“We are rapidly becoming prototypes of a people that totalitarian monsters could only drool about in their dreams. All the dictators up to now have had to work hard at suppressing the truth. We, by our actions are saying that this is no longer necessary, that we have acquired a spiritual mechanism that can denude truth of any significance”.                      Steve Tesich, 1992


This emotional and trenchant writing was in response to the lies that swirled around Watergate, the Iran-Contra Scandal and the first Gulf War of 1991 – in other words about 2 decades worth of lies (1972-1992), yet 9 years prior to 911! And coincidentally, 1992 was the year the “Wolfowitz Doctrine” appeared, officially known as the Defense Planning Guidance (for 1994-99). Not surprisingly, this precursor to PNAC was co-authored by none other than Scooter Libby! This is how Paul Wolfowitz responded to 9/11:

“9/11 really was a wake up call and that if we take proper advantage of this opportunity to prevent the future terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction that it will have been an extremely valuable wake up call … if we say our only problem was to respond to 9/11, and we wait until somebody hits us with nuclear weapons before we take that kind of threat seriously, we will have made a very big mistake.”

                                              23 Feb, 2002, San Francisco Chronicle

This is more propaganda. He is using 9/11 like a salesman selling weed-killer. The Bush Administration was trying to make everybody believe that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and nuclear capability. The International Atomic Energy Commission and Wilson as mentioned above proved this false. So what weapons of mass destruction is Wolfowitz talking about!? This is fear-mongering – the sort of terrorizing-thought we associate with Israel so that they do not have to treat the Palestinians with any sort of fair-play, let alone universal respect. What weapons of mass destruction were used on the WTC? And I repeat: Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction. He had no nukes. Iran has no nukes. It is Israel that has nukes. Wolfowitz is using propaganda to deflect public opinion away from actual reality. It is America who has weapons of mass destruction and a massive stockpile of Nuclear Weapons! It is America that has led the world in nuclear stockpiles. America! Not Iran, not Iraq, not Afghanistan! It is England and France and China and Israel and India and Russia and now Pakistan. Not Iraq! Not Syria! Not Sudan! Not Iran!

And when I apply any criticism at this level – say to Israel out of affection and concern for Palestinians – I will be treated as being an anti-Semite and it won’t matter if I insist that I am not an anti-Semite. The excessive distortion of objective reality – exhibited by so many – including Wolfowitz – has contributed ineluctably to the current post-truth leadership crisis.  I am totally distrustful of the way Wolfowitz used 9/11. I do not believe that 9/11 just happened to play into the wishes of PNAC written 4 years before 9/11. I believe it was carefully planned. Because that is the way these men are: they are planners. Something so huge in scope, involving so many people, so many players – from security people to explosives experts, to insurance companies, to NORAD itself – could not just be left to chance.

Clearly Tesich is very upset that ‘we, a free people’ allowed these lies to stay in place – from Watergate to the 1st Gulf War. His memory of being born and raised in a bombed-out Serbian village with images of far-away America buoying up his spirits – has clearly experienced a modification. The 1991 Iraq War was simply too slick for comfort and the lies engineered to sell it were even more uncomfortable. We seemed, by our actions to accept these lies without adequate protest and as a free people with a constitution capable of judicial inquiry we failed to reach a consensus about the truth being hidden by the lies. In the case of Watergate, Richard Nixon was able to resign in Aug, 1974 to escape impeachment – only to be pardoned by Gerald Ford a month later. Is this abdication of responsibility on our part, a lack of constitutional fortitude? Or is Tesich right that it is a spiritual mechanism by which we just sent truth off on some interminable peregrination through some post-truth world, denuded of all significance? To shut off the spirit is to shut off the deepest means we have with which to renew ourselves. Or are we just terrified to challenge the authorities that we have rather lazily and arbitrarily placed above our own authority?  Or does truth suddenly have more significance than ever before, but like winter grass, just needs the spring rains to come for it to surface green and glowing again? Or, is the responsibility of power in a contemporary democracy an over-whelming challenge that 99.9% of us are unequal to? To bridge the gulf that separates the 99.9% from the .1%, are we to believe that lies just an inevitable part of the ‘bridge’s’ construction? Are we supposed to learn to live with them? Not if they destroy the basis of truth in the bargain. Because then the bridge will collapse.

Meanwhile, I don’t think it can be repeated enough times, that maybe 15 million people in 600 cities around the world – 3 million in Rome alone – protested Gulf War 2, as if protesting Bush’s New World Order itself – whatever fabulous thing he wanted us to believe it was – on 15 February, 2003, 7 years after Tesich’s somewhat premature death in 1996 at age 53 and 11 years after he invented the compound word “post-truth”. I think Tesich would have been moved by the protestors and probably would have joined them. But 15 million people all outside with chants and placards did not make an impression on the ‘Bush Team’. 15 million people meant absolutely nothing to Rumsfeld, to Wolfowitz, to Cheney, to Libby! And they didn’t mean enough to the governments of the world either, even after it had been scrupulously proven that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction and harbored no Al-Qaeda terrorists and had nothing to do with 9/11. To my mind, even by 2003 just about 1½ years after 9/11, at least 15 million people were unconvinced about 9/11. They were responding directly to Bush and Blair and did not trust the propaganda. They did not trust the President and they did not trust the Prime Minister. They did not trust the way Bush performed the script – like disembodied line readings.

Therefore I am not so sure that ‘we, as a free people’ ‘acquired a spiritual mechanism’ that stripped truth of its significance. It is more likely that we have not yet grasped the power of the totalitarian force so anxious to assert its will around the world and in America itself. But back in February, 2003 millions did not trust that totalitarian force. Now, in 2017, an even greater number of people do not trust that totalitarian force, but the leadership vacuum permitted Donald Trump to grab the White House anyway! It is a dangerous reminder of how anxious and determined the so-called White Judeo-Christian Right is to introduce and practice Fascist Tactics of control.

At this point the definition of “post-truth” and “cognitive dissonance” become important. People who want to shape public opinion find it easier to do so if they eliminate or ignore objective fact. And people prefer to ignore objective fact and different sides of an issue for the sake of emotional stimulation, escapism, belief and opinion. They want cognitive consistency, not inconsistency, complexity, conflict or dissonance. The dissonance or conflict causes stress which undoubtedly then aggravates emotions and likely causes other disorders, like anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, depression. These latter symptoms will be particularly true in the case of post-traumatic circumstances or events. A people who tend to really trust their government the way the Germans once trusted their government have a very difficult time accepting that the government would lie to them and cover up the truth of an historical event with a network of lies. Their frame of reference is clearly through themselves and what they have learned, because governments have lied for many a century. Cognitive dissonance has much to do with why people wish to dismiss the lies and give the government the benefit of the doubt. They cannot live with the mental stress derived from the cognitive conflict. They don’t like cognitive ambivalence and they don’t like emotional ambivalence. They also don’t like to be disapproved of by authorities going back to one’s own parents and even hierarchical-structured peers. Make them angry and disapproving – and they promptly withdraw their love or acceptance as a retaliatory measure. A young, growing creature does not want that loss of love. It is as important as food. Patriotism, lest we forget is a form of love. This exact same principle applies to 9/11. And it is best to bear in mind that there is an unconscious component in our memory and cognitive states. This unconscious dimension affects what we call hunches, gut instincts, feelings or even psychic premonitions. The fear of losing love, approval, consistency goes far to compel us to conform and please the authorities. Moreover, the greater the fear – the more we need to conform.


So, all of us have seen towering infernos on TV or in movies and so on. We know that at no time did any of those burning buildings actually collapse – no matter how big the infernos were. We have also all seen footage of controlled demolition where buildings fall in a very specific, very familiar manner. As we watched the Twin Towers we could see – and later heard from the firemen who reached the upper floors – that the fires were low heat and no longer threatening. The firemen knew they could get them out and then evacuate everybody. Instead people reported earth-shaking explosions and finally the South Tower collapsed even though it wasn’t burning nearly as long as the North Tower. As the towers collapsed and when we finally learned about WTC7 and saw it collapse – at least subconsciously we ‘knew’ that it looked like our experiences of controlled demolition.

And so cognitively we are split. The narrative we are being told by officials that we want to trust does not accord with our experience – both consciously and unconsciously. We experience cognitive dissonance as individuals and as a group. We experience the elephant-in-the-room as a group. But we are also emotionally traumatized and the government – though far too condescendingly – was a bit too quick to start the narrative that there were hijackers. So we are split again because many of us at least heard about the Empire State Building being hit by a B-25 bomber 28 July, 1945 in deep fog. It crashed into the 78, 79 and 80th floors on the north side. 14 people died, but it did not compromise the structural integrity of the building and much of the building was open for business by the 30th of July. This accident prompted the designers of the World Trade Center to be sure it could withstand the impact of 707 jets, though engineers believe it was actually designed to survive the impact of more than one jet simultaneously. The standards actually exceeded required specifications. Further, then, at least subconsciously, many of us felt that the jet planes were entirely insufficient to cause total structural failure of the whole building. If we accepted the official story even when we could see how weak the fires were and how starved they were of oxygen, it was because we were traumatized, profoundly vulnerable emotionally and anxious for cognitive consistency. We were so upset about the loss of life and so dramatically able to identify with those trapped above the damaged floors that we did not want to violate their fates any worse by thinking dark thoughts. Instead we just froze by direct identification: that could be me way up there; or my wife, or husband or daughter or friend. The Bush Administration did nothing to reassure us that it was with us. Instead it used fear and patronizing intimidation to make it clear that we had to pick the right side in the war on terror – immediately. George W. Bush seemed too strained, too artificial, too pushed and too defensive. He seemed petty, narcissistic and petulant. He showed no appropriate leadership that matched the weight of a national catastrophe – a shared trauma that needed healing. Any genuine need for healing only seemed to be in the way of their impatient and all-important agenda. But the country was not really in danger! That is why a False Flag Operation is a crime, not just a Big Lie. It disrupts daily life in a serious manner. All this was a giveaway that Bush was acting a role and that we were not getting the true story: the real script. Many of us felt barraged by a propaganda program, but seemed not to realize with sufficient clarity that this was the case – mostly through lack of experience.


“9/11 really was a wake up call and that if we take proper advantage of this opportunity to prevent the future terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction, that it will have been an extremely valuable wake up call … if we say our only problem was to respond to 9/11, and we wait until somebody hits us with nuclear weapons before we take that kind of threat seriously, we will have made a very big mistake.”

Paul Wolfowitz, 23 Feb, 2002, San Francisco Chronicle


All I can extract from this is unilateral, pre-emptive propaganda and deceptive innuendo. Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld and Cheney and possibly George H. W. Bush and their allies want to go into Iraq, Syria, Iran and more. 9/11 was their Bugle Blast to the nation! Let’s get started. First tyrant to go: Hussein. And right away Wolfowitz links nuclear weapons to Hussein even after Wilson and the IAEC had proven that he had no nuclear capability whatsoever. It was a lie that has reverberated right into the silent, dead core of this current leadership vacuum that now confronts us. Incredibly – they got their war by using propaganda. And they ended up putting us in colossal debt. And this same Wolfowitz ended up head of the World Bank for two years until he was forced to resign just before the economic collapse that pulverized the American middle class.

American society needs mechanisms in place – in the name of civilization – that block the Right-Wing Extremists who can hardly control an ever-present desire to fire their weapons so they can seize the possessions of others. Whatever this mechanism is to be, it cannot let itself become so far removed from the intelligence-gathering core that it is blind and impotent. George H. W. Bush hid that core too expertly after 1976 – as a result of the disastrous relationship between the Right-Wing Cold War Hawks and the more socially-concerned Kennedy Administration that after the Cuban Missile Crisis became understandably more interested in the exploration of dynamic peace than the pursuit of war and covert regime changes. However we all saw what happened when he dared to oppose the wishes of the hard-core establishment that had been operating from before World War 1.

Because we were traumatized, feeling as vulnerable as children, identifying with the victims of 9/11 – horrified by their plight – we were almost desperate for ‘authorities’ to explain the situation. What ‘authorities’? Are we referring to those people whose philosophy and wheels are both greased by the hydrocarbon industry and emboldened by their own hypocritical and presumptuous arsenal of Weapons of Mass Destruction? What we wanted, post-9/11 was a simple answer that would satisfy the need for cognitive consistency. We did not want it to remain uncertain. We did not want to hear about a vast, cloudy web of complexity and considerations. People like Wolfowitz knew how to keep it simple and consistent. The same pre-emptive and deflective “talking-points”: terrorists with their weapons of mass destruction! Unfortunately this consistent talking-point was also a lie and has made an enormous contribution to the current leadership vacuum and post-truth wasteland that we now find ourselves surrounded by as we progress into 2017.

But it is we who have the weapons of mass destruction that has cost generations of Americans trillions upon trillions of dollars. We’re the ones who have the weapons of mass destruction. We’re the ones who have gotten addicted to them. We’re the ones who surreptitiously allow these WOMD’s to inflate us and convince us that we are superior to all other nations. Americans assume it. It isn’t just a belief. It is an assumption. And that is why there is no mechanism in place to block events like the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq with a mind to pursue control of a lucrative drug trade, oil and geo-political positioning.

Meanwhile the ability to get justice after 9/11 was taken away from us because all the ‘hijackers’ were dead except the near mythical Osama bin Laden – ‘the most evil and most wanted man in the world’ – impossible to find in the barren mountains of Afghanistan. At the same time we were told – also as if we were children – that we were not to use the term conspiracy, that it was not a conspiracy. This of course was not just a simple “talking-point”, it was a wrench in the mind. It made no sense and so aggravated cognitive dissonance while acting like a red flag at the same time. I never got the feeling that George W. Bush ever grasped the suppression tactic that required that the word conspiracy be excised from the public mind. He knew it was wrong, absurd even. But such total suppression of an idea or possibility is a psychological tactic that has a long history. The idea is to shut down the well-springs of the imagination so that people stop using the word and instead concentrate not on the dead and tragic 19 hijackers but only on the singular, evil, Mastermind – Osama bin Laden – whose family was treated like royalty on the day of the event itself. More cognitive dissonance! The government wanted us to concentrate on Osama bin Laden – an image they could control. They wanted us to stop pursuing any notions of conspiracy where one fact would start connecting to other facts until some of the pathways arrived at the door of the Pentagon or NORAD or Larry Silverstein, or Marvin Bush and his security company, or Dick Cheney with his flair for strategy, construction, the military, propaganda and an overriding lust for power. Instead we were to fixate on Osama bin Laden while the USA engaged in what became 14 years of ‘progress’ in Afghanistan. The public in the end was never actually allowed to witness the supposed ‘execution’ of Osama in Laden, which not only came across as anti-climactic, but struck many people as a complete sham. This added even more to the cognitive dissonance that at the same time was inducing catastrophic collapse in the realm of leadership. Without leadership, the ship of state cannot set sail. After 9/11, America has more than just a leadership crisis. It now faces an ontological crisis and the individual does not have a leader to hide behind. There is no way for the individual to escape the crisis. Everybody has to go through it.

Meanwhile, to add a temporal dimension to our cognitive dissonance, other people knew vaguely about a CIA document going back to the Eisenhower Administration. The proposed false flag operation, known as “Operation Northwoods” that made its way into the Kennedy Administration at least as far as 1962, pertained to a tactic that would justify invading Cuba and overthrowing Castro. This entailed the CIA committing acts of terrorism against American civilians. Operation Northwoods was rejected by the Kennedy Administration. James Bamford described Operation Northwoods as a:

“secret and bloody war of terrorism against their own country in order to trick the American public into supporting an ill-conceived war they intended to launch against Cuba.”

James Bamford: Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency

One description of one false flag operation involved a drone and one writer who has little patience for 9/11 conspiracy theories describes it in this manner:

An aircraft at Eglin AFB would be painted and numbered as an exact duplicate for a civil registered aircraft belonging to a CIA proprietary organization in the Miami area. At a designated time the duplicate would be substituted for the actual civil aircraft and would be loaded with selected passengers, all boarded under carefully prepared aliases. The actual registered aircraft would be converted to a drone.

From the rendezvous point [with the drone] the passenger-carrying aircraft     will descend to minimum altitude and go directly into an auxiliary field at Eglin AFB where arrangements will have been made to evacuate the passengers and return the aircraft to its original status. The drone aircraft will meanwhile continue to fly the filed flight plan. When over Cuba the drone will be … transmitting…a “MAY DAY” message stating he is under attack by Cuban MIG aircraft. The transmission will be interrupted by destruction of the aircraft which will be triggered by radio signal.


The military responds by invading Cuba and probably assassinating Castro. The idea was to restore General Batista – a dictator – to power, so that several large American multinational corporations could enjoy the status and privileges they were afforded under the Batista regime: this included organized crime which ran a very lucrative casino, drug and prostitution business – at the expense of the Cuban people who lived in abysmal squalor – alongside the corporations ranging from ITT to Coca Cola to Chase Manhattan Bank and everything else you can think of: Ford, Colgate, Texaco, Remington, Standard Oil, Goodyear, Proctor and Gamble, Borden, Sears, U.S. Rubber. It wasn’t the same number of corporations who profited from, supplied and built up Hitler but it was a lot anyway. And incidentally, three corporate bosses, as far as I know – Henry Ford of Ford Motors, James D. Mooney of General Motors and Thomas Watson of IBM were awarded the Grand Cross of the German Eagle – the highest honor bestowed on anyone by the Nazis. I can understand those who wish to bestow such an honor. What I cannot understand is how any American could have accepted the honor. But I can hear the voices out there: “Hey Precariot! If you can’t grasp it you’re a bigger loser than we thought! Morality-ridden fool who missed all the fun!” I’m sure that if the US had succeeded with the Bay of Pigs, Batista would have created something alike to a Grand Cross to award comparable men of Duty and Loyalty – and still, of course, at the expense of the people of Cuba. But Batista was not fated to return to Cuba as a dictator.


The ‘drone’ mission was not executed – instead we got the Bay of Pigs which failed and Fidel Castro was able to hang on in part because Khrushchev came to his aid which precipitated the Cuban Missile Crisis forcing the United States to leave Cuba alone. Fidel Castro has just died (25 Nov, 2016) and so even Cuba is part and parcel of this nearly incomparable Post-Truth Leadership Vacuum that is now confronting America and maybe the world.

My point here is that when we were all watching the destruction of 3 buildings at the WTC and saw the strange aftermath of the damage at the Pentagon – that CNN told us almost immediately did not seem to be caused by a large jet crash because it wasn’t the right kind of debris – our minds – both consciously and subconsciously were experiencing complex, trauma-conditioned cognitive dissonance that we yearned to make consistent. Most of us therefore allowed patriotic feelings of deep loyalty and empathy with the victims to listen to the authorities as they dished out inconsistent, irrational talking points, lies and propaganda that we believed anyway – especially since most of us were entirely unaware of any Islamic Ideology and any Jihadist Extremists in our own lives. This dimension of the Middle East was new for almost all of us in North America and the so-called attacks seemed to come out of nowhere. I was in Egypt 2 years before 1991 and 12 years before 2001 and I never experienced anything like what the Bush family was claiming. Absolutely nothing like it.  I also knew Palestinians in New York who were nothing like what many Jews were claiming them to be. I was therefore highly suspicious of the way the Bush group was pushing this “Axis of Evil” idea involving specific Muslim factions. It did not sound accurate or trustworthy. But I also could not bring myself to accept that the Bush group itself had staged 9/11 as a False Flag Operation. This idea was introduced to me by one of my favorite friends in 2007 and I could not fathom it. I argued rather lamely – mostly through fear – that it would be too easy to trace. Somebody would leak it out and we would find out. But my friend had sown a nettling seed – a hook that got caught inside my system and has never let go. In many ways he was a ‘nuts-and-bolts’ kind of person and would notice things like ‘free-fall’ speed, symmetrical explosions, a lack of normal large jet debris at a crash site. I am a more emotional type and tend to guard the security of my emotions before venturing into uncharted waters.



            The Technique of the Big Lie


When my friend first introduced me to the idea of a Bush-controlled False Flag Operation in 2007, I had forgotten the concept of the Big Lie, or perhaps did not want to admit it to myself. The thought that the annoying Bush family was audacious enough to carry out a false flag operation of this kind spelled for me the end: something worse than the Nazi order in Germany. The cognitive dissonance that mere mention of the idea sparked in me alone was mind-warping. I had to deny it or suffer an instant attack of unprecedented anxiety. It was totally invasive and the implications disrupted every facet of my psychological make-up and life. But the tradition of the Big Lie was already hoary with age and I knew it. So how long could I suppress it in this instance? Whatever the truth was I was embarrassed either way. I was embarrassed to admit to the possibility that 9/11 was a False Flag Operation and I was embarrassed to deny the possibility. The tension this caused had to be resolved – if such a thing was possible.

Firstly, let’s look at the notion of the “Big Lie” carefully by glancing at a section of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Curiously, this book came out in 1925. It was abolished in 1945. Its’ copyright ran out with the Bavarian Government in 2016 and for the first time it was allowed to be published again in Germany – more a symbolic gesture than anything else, because one could always find a copy of the book somewhere. However, as patterns go, it is an interesting coincidence. The same year Oxford goes for “post-truth” as its word of the year – Mein Kampf is allowed to be published again in Germany. Moreover, I am personally unaware of any time in the USA – except maybe 1933-34 – when so much Nazi and White Supremacist energy has surfaced with such chronic zeal. This energy is attracted to Trump like iron filings to an electro-magnet. Back in 1933 an apparent coup was in the works to overthrow FDR. Many of the plotters were members of the Council on Foreign Relations (formed 1921). The plutocrats in the USA were in reaction to FDR’s determination to conduct a massive redistribution of wealth in America – from hugely rich to the poor! From the point of view of Wall Street, from which Prescott Bush was running the “Hitler Project” and many corporations were helping the Nazi War Machine prepare to take on the world, FDR needed to be stopped. A coup seemed to be the best option – secretly organized by the Morgan and Du Pont empires through the Du Pont-created “American Liberty League” that was supported by Andrew Mellon Associates, Pew, Rockefeller Associates, E.F. Hutton Associates, U.S. Steel, GM, Chase, Standard Oil, Goodyear. Money was funneled into the “League” via the Prescott Bush-run Union Banking Corp. and Prescott Bush-run Brown Brothers Harriman. By this point GM’s Adam-Opal Co. was producing Nazi tanks, trucks and bomber engines. Chevrolet’s William S. Knudsen came back from Germany declaring that Hitler’s new order was “the miracle of the twentieth century”. All these plutocratic monopolists were blinded by the temporary hysteria of greed. The only reason the plot fell apart was because the General they had chosen to execute the two-part plan, shrewdly outed them before the McCormack-Dickstein Committee. None of the powerful plotters were brought to justice and instead managed to discredit General Butler for spreading rumor and hearsay. Even when he took to national radio to denounce the true nature of the very real plot – he had little success. He was not properly vindicated until John Spivak uncovered the McCormack-Dickstein Committee’s secret report about the affair in 1967, revealing that Butler had spoken the truth before the Committee. In 1933-34 American plutocrats had a model to study: Hitler, Mussolini. They had a model to “accuse”: Soviet Russia and Stalin. Right now, as we speak, we have Saudi Arabia, Putin’s Russia, and the Bush America. The American public has been disconnected from the political process by wealth-inequality and must make up for this extreme limitation through information and awareness – no matter how painful – and no matter how extensive the post-truth wasteland becomes.


It has been acknowledged that the most lucid part of Hitler’s overblown work, Mein Kampf, is the section dedicated to propaganda. His attitude toward the people – presumably the masses – is reflected in his techniques of propaganda. What he stresses is that propaganda must recognize “the importance of physical terror.” It must be an all or nothing process that is both radical and violent in order to produce fanatics who support the cause: “always and ever”. The propaganda is designed to appeal to emotion, not reason. It must use repetition because the masses will only remember what is repeated over and over and furthermore what gets repeated must be the simplest of ideas. This idea is almost identical to what post-truth tacticians call “talking-points”, as used for example in selling an unpopular idea or in carefully controlled political debates – where you repeat talking points without responding to the rebuttal. In any case, as far as Hitler was concerned, political leaders need to understand the “technique of the Big Lie.”


“All this was inspired by the principle – which is quite true within itself – that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large scale    falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which   prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying”.

(Mein Kampf: Vol 1 Ch X)


It is tempting to feel that this rather detailed analysis of the Big Lie by Hitler epitomizes our current post-truth-leadership-crisis. If we come to agree that a colossal lie (or network of lies) shrouds and obscures the truth about 9/11 then we must admit that no matter how many traces it has left behind, we certainly succumbed as a Nation to that ‘certain force of credibility’. And yes, it does seem that we were corrupted in the deeper strata of our emotional nature – robbing conscious perception, reason and reflection of their power and natural skepticism. As stated already, we were traumatized and the perpetrators planned it so that we would be traumatized. We were traumatized and emotionally horrified and that is how we swallowed the Big Lie. Moreover, even the most intelligent among us who doubt our own government could have carried out such a tactical action tend to underestimate the human capacity to swallow the Big Lie – because we ourselves wouldn’t do it – we wouldn’t lie so heinously – and this Hitler knew and in my view the planners and perpetrators of 9/11 also knew it. They know that the public is capable of small lies – as stated by both Hitler and Keyes – but would never even imagine executing 9/11 in order to manipulate and shape mass opinion.

“It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and   waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation”.

Mein Kampf

Even when facts start to generate doubt – they will stay with the lie – hold fast to it – because it is simpler for mind and emotion and one’s daily life. This simplicity is consistent with the need for “cognitive consistency”. But reality at many levels is complex, not simple. It is true that we all experience moments that appear to reduce complexity – transiently – to simplicity. And these moments become memorable because they are deep, or delightful or refreshing or revelatory. But they are these special things only because they have brought cognitive and circumstantial complexity together for an instant of simplicity and then it all diverges again and we are back to varying degrees of often burdensome and exhausting complexity. Simplicity is recurrent, not fixed, unless it is a tombstone. One can sense from this that part of the Big Lie appeals to fantasy. But it also exploits a naturally-occurring phenomenon for its own coercive purposes.

I think Hitler also fully understood that people need an authority figure outside them to reinforce the ‘superego’ inside them and homogenize the cognitive process. We find the same principle recapitulated in most of the big religions in the form of monotheism. Without monotheism it is difficult for religious authorities to ‘control’ the masses. And the individual prefers monotheism to help at the deepest level with the maintenance of cognitive consistency. If they cannot trust that outside authority they cannot function. So the outside authority must reflect the inner need which likely also reflects the biological miracle that we call homeostasis – itself critical to the health of a complex, living organism. Without this homeo-static consistency the resultant angst can become significant. The Big Lie must reassure people that the government will protect them while also taking care of the threat. The outside threat is reflected inside. The disdain and cynicism lurking behind this analysis can be found right now behind Trump, who scarcely even hides his malignant and even toxic disdain for almost 99% of the population. And this was the same disdain that the Bush family was scarcely concealing behind their rhetoric and shrouds of lies. And it was the same disdain the corporations exhibited towards the Cuban people under Batista and that Hitler exhibited towards literally millions of people crushed at home and abroad. The fault lies not in the natural truth of things, but in the willingness by some to distort and exploit that distorted truth for their own self-serving desire.

We the people are willing to tell small lies but would never think to generate a False Flag Operation that we blame on an imaginary enemy who we wish to conquer, invade, plunder, pillage, steal from, enslave. But if we go forward and accept the Big Lie despite the traces it has left behind that expose it or cause doubt – then we have allowed ourselves into a monumental trap that may be proportional to the size of the lie. What if 9/11 really was intended as the Ground Zero of a New World Order? For the neo-Cons, who prepared PNAC I think it was intended to be just that which means this White Anglo-American agenda has only just begun. If we are not prepared to criticize our government then we are not prepared to avoid the consequences of our complacency.

And let’s just note a statement regarding post-truth conditions by Ralph Keyes:


“In the post-truth era, borders blur between truth and lies, honesty and dishonesty, fiction and nonfiction. Deceiving others becomes a challenge, a game, and ultimately a habit. Research suggests that the average American tells lies on a daily basis”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     – Ralph Keyes


If this is true – and in my experience it certainly seems plausible – then we are ripe for being lied to by everybody and anybody.

Let me just say cursorily here that the key is the deeper emotional substratum – below the threshold of consciousness – before we can think too much. This is why trauma works. The greater the trauma the more readily a lie will sink into the deeper layers of the emotional well and stay there. That is the moment to engage the Big Lie. In the case of 9/11 – tell them it was Osama bin Laden – even though some report that bin Laden denied doing it. In their need for simplicity they will believe you. Tell them he is hiding in mythical mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan and is hard to find. He is almost an evil wizard; an evil genie. Tell them the planes were such direct hits – they caused fires that weakened the steel and they melted or sagged and – well don’t tell them more than that – because then you have just entered the realm of science. Science is a world of objective discipline where imagination and fact clasp hands. When you are living in a country that the Establishment has been dumbing down, the findings of science are treated as a hoax publicly, just because they are sophisticated, or subtle, or difficult to understand. Within the Military-Industrial-Complex the findings of science are treated as gospel. Everything depends on precision. So the way science is treated by the Moneyed-Establishment is strategically hypocritical. Instead, we the people take superstition and opinion for the truth because we are guided not by science, but by emotion and appetite. To understand how the WTC buildings could collapse the way they did, you have to be willing to abandon superstition and allow some credibility to scientific laws and evidence to enter your mind. You must bring neutrality to your emotions. You must place your faith in ‘authority’ in parenthesis.

“All this was inspired by the principle – which is quite true within itself – that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods”.                                                                                                                                                Mein Kampf

It should be added immediately that it is precisely the conscious and voluntary aspect of our nature that science engages and is attracted to and vice versa. Meanwhile, the emotional strata – when traumatized – more often than not, distracts reason from reaching understanding. The irrational quality in emotion is exactly what propaganda targets and manipulates. The objective mind must become the guardian of the emotional nature even as our emotions give meaning to cold facts and cool reasoning. The mind has to assist the emotions in accepting and respecting the scientific laws that have created us with such splendid consistency, plenty of variation and rich layers of meaning. Such resultant self-respect helps enormously to safeguard one’s indispensable innocence from being duped.

Admittedly Hitler is rather uncanny here. We all fell victim to the Big Lie of 9/11 en masse. The trauma grabbed our emotions before the conscious mind could mediate and intervene. Our emotions caused us to ignore our instincts and intensely engaged perceptions and to dismiss the anxiety that accompanied symptoms of cognitive dissonance. Instead we contracted an anti-Muslim attitude that acted like a lightning rod for belligerent government propaganda. Very shrewd indeed. The mind is normally managing complexity as it seeks cognitive consistency. It seeks resolution that simplicity represents. When we are emotionally traumatized the mind starts to reel and seeks simplicity even more. That is when a simple, constantly repeated Big Lie becomes important. It guides us and leads us along and becomes a fixture like a long term bearing followed by a ship at sea.

I think it is valuable to note yet again – partly in response to the depth of the circumstances from which Steve Tesich created the compound adjective “post-truth” – that despite 9/11 – the biggest trauma on American soil since the murder of President Kennedy – 15 million people protested Iraq War 2, in advance of the invasion, in 600 locations all around the world. This to me does not suggest a spiritual abdication. But the 15 million people were also no match for the American Military Industrial Complex capable of enacting a horrifying level of hubris. This tells you how they think. It tells you about their goals. And it tells you how they plan.

The circumstances that caused Tesich to create the adjective “post-truth” and to judge the masses in America harshly for allowing the government to lie with impunity, stemmed from Watergate that implied the Bay of Pigs and the Kennedy assassination; from Iran-Contra which amounted to a tsunami of crack-cocaine blitzing the streets of beloved cities like New York as a consequence of the partnership between the CIA and local mafias; and Gulf War 1, where one writer reminds us in no uncertain terms:

“… it is important to recall that the first Gulf War was sold to the public on a pack of lies that were just as egregious as those told by the second Bush Administration 12 years later.”                     (Joshua Holland, 2014)

I remember those lies like it was yesterday. They never leave you! They may go into remission – but by some law of the conservation of psychic energy, perhaps – they never go away. The accumulation of lies is the cancer that needs to be excised from America, not the Muslims as urged by Trump’s former National Security Advisor, Ret Lt Gen Michael Flynn, now resigned. But the biggest lies entered our systems in a state of trauma, so, unable to dislodge them effectively, it is all too easy for many Americans to be led into a ‘post-truth anti-Islamism’.

                              9/11 and the Big Lie

Why do people lie? The answer is complex. They lie to get their own way. They lie to retaliate when they don’t get their own way. They lie to create an image that impresses others. They lie to avoid having to change. They lie to avoid humility. They lie to obtain an advantage. They lie to set you at a disadvantage. They lie to take revenge – even when delusory. They lie to mask their own guilt. They lie to keep you from knowing their real thoughts and what they are really doing or going to do. They lie to harm you. They lie to disorient you. They lie to rattle you. Some lie thinking they are protecting you or keeping you from pain. They say they are lying for love. Others lie to frighten you. They lie to intimidate you. They lie to control you. They lie to disempower you. They lie to insult you. They lie to cut you adrift. They lie to avoid you. They lie to dismiss you. They lie to get you off their backs. They lie as a procrastination technique. They lie to deceive you. They lie to deceive themselves. They lie to avoid pain. They lie to sow the seeds of their own destruction. They lie to dare you to challenge them. They then answer the challenge with another lie or simply reassert the same lie as if you had not challenged them at all. Lying is a preliminary act of war. Because lying harms others – especially when accompanied by bigotry, hate, sexism and racism – it is impossible not to start worrying about an underlying pathology when somebody lies continuously, bearing in mind that there are many different ways that a person can lie. Is this pathology innate? Is it generated by the system which in our case is controlled by the unequal distribution of wealth? Or is it artifice? Is it a rather scornful method in a variety of political situations, to win a specific cross-section of votes – a cynical strategy? ‘I’m lying about that group of people in order to win the votes of that other group of people’. Moreover, it is one thing to lie to others, but it is an altogether different animal when it is you who is being lied to; when it is you who is being maligned or injured by a lie. Hitler was permitted to lie to anyone he wished. This gave him the advantage and nobody could know what he was thinking. But if somebody lied to him he may very well have had them shot. When somebody lies to Trump or lies about him, he is outraged. Is his outrage real; is it bluster; is it an act? Is he wily enough to be aware of his own hypocrisy? In a fog of lies it is very difficult to navigate a course. The ship of democracy can then easily get lost, making it vulnerable to piracy, plunder, tyranny, slavery, massacre.

When the border between truth and lies has blurred, cognitive dissonance sets in. If a lie is being promoted repetitively, for the sake of cognitive and emotional consistency, it is likely one will choose the lie. To choose the truth one might have to stand alone – as a “lone nut” – bearing the truth or the testament of the truth alone. But here’s an irony! Is that not the whole essence and up-shot of Christianity?

When you trace post-truth conditions back from Hitler to Christ – the two most talked about figures in Western History – you see, that whereas Hitler represented the Big Lie, Christ represented the truth. In his own words to Pontius Pilate during a thorny discussion concerning “Legitimacy” and “Kingship”-  prior to the New Testament’s version of the crucifixion  – Christ utters quite remarkable words in the face of extreme post-truth conditions that we saw earlier but are worth repeating:

“To this end was I born, and for this cause I have come into the world, to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice”.

Pontius Pilate’s response is timeless:

“What is truth”?

It is worth taking a deeper look at Hitler’s anatomy of a Big Lie especially since that is exactly what I think the “official narrative” regarding 9/11 actually is. It is the very essence of the Big Lie and other equally important concepts made famous by the Nazis.


“…  in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since … It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously”.          (Mein Kampf: Vol 1 Ch X)


To my mind we are at the most important part of this rather long article. I think it is extremely important to penetrate to the core of this principle – to fire the arrow of perception right through the body of the lie so that you don’t stumble on it and so it cannot trap you like a spider web catching a fly. The sticky part of the web is its emotional impact and attraction. Since, like the fly, we are innocent and haven’t constructed anything like a sticky web, we have trouble believing that anybody would lie about something as grave and epic as 9/11. Since we ourselves are innocent of Big Lies and innocent of crimes that require Big Lies to cover them up, we cannot imagine that our own government, our own leaders, our own people would lie about something as serious as 9/11. Why lie about 19 Muslims or Osama bin Laden? And if Osama bin Laden and the 19 sacrificial Muslims were not behind 9/11, then who was? The horror that one’s own government and its coalition partners in conjunction with financial and military entities that stand behind those governments, may have planned it and carried it out using the finest experts available, is just too much to bear. It is so unbearable that it threatens to destroy the composition of our psychological make-up. The very idea that a plutocracy would harm its own people in order to turn them against a fabricated enemy creates in us an abyss of disorder. And our systems by their very nature don’t just seek cognitive consistency, they seek cognitive order that is in harmony with social order. Animals also depend upon both consistency and order within which natural processes are contained and realized. Instead, we feel betrayed, disrespected, humiliated, morally and ontologically raped by Unilateralist, Machiavellian Despots.

Again and again we picture the people who suffered and died in the calamity and we feel horror – a horror that does not leave us. We cannot believe our government could do such a thing. But we also know it is no more logical to assume that such a crime is too horrible for “us Christians” to carry out, but not too horrible for a ‘bunch of psychopathic Arabs’ to carry out. And this logic certainly does not stand up in the face of Iraq Wars 1 and 2 where multiple atrocities we accused Saddam and his people of committing were not true and there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction and no Al Qaeda terrorist cells in Iraq and Iraq posed no real threat to the United States, despite the alleged intelligence of the CIA. After the two Iraq Wars the government has no credibility in our minds no matter how much we need it to be credible. And this has induced a long-term leadership and constitutional crisis within the United States. After 9/11 the only way to win over the American public is with honesty and heart-felt integrity not by spinning an ever vaster web of self-serving lies. Other nations and the general populace of the world, despite 9/11, knew that America had no right to attack Iraq. Not only have we the people been morally raped and practically become accomplices to a crime we did not commit – but now we feel embattled and guilty for doubting the official story and the lies designed to cover up the truth about 9/11. But other parts of the world caught on to the inconsistencies and impracticalities of the “Official Story” faster than most Americans. This double guilt compounds the cognitive dissonance – pushing the American zeitgeist toward a state of chaos. Everything depends on how that chaos is managed. Hysteria makes it worse. It makes better sense to look it truthfully in the face and transform it. But in my experience this process of transformation takes time. Any corners cut will simply delay a viable outcome.

At this point we experience a crisis so deep that if we go any further – which millions of patriotic Americans categorically choose not to do – they will have to experience, categorically, what their professed hero, Jesus Christ, was said to experience on the cross not long after his famous discussion with Pontius Pilate about truth.  Let’s call it an ontological crucifixion or spiritual crucifixion or if you are not feeling particularly Christian, call it an “existential crisis”. Part of the crisis involves restoring to the conversation the very reality that had been exiled from the post-truth environment: “objective facts”. Regarding 9/11, the individual will have to ask himself:

“Am I willing to listen to a room full of scientists who can explain to me the types of explosives required to bring down the WTC Towers at freefall speed with perfect symmetry? Or, am I going to bail out with my own xenophobic, bigoted, racist superstitions and say that only a bunch of demented Arabs could do such a thing because Americans are simply too righteous, too principled, too good, too healthy in mind and body to do such a thing to their own people”?


Some people – justifiably – ask if there has ever been a precedent to such a horrific event. Well, PNAC makes intentional reference to a “new Pearl Harbor”. But I don’t think this is a new Pearl Harbor because that would be too accidental. This group didn’t work to get where they are just to sit around like spiders waiting for a fly or two to accidentally crash into the web. They are much too impatient for such waiting. They despise such passivity. Instead they like to be in control. This event required real precision so that the outcome would go exactly as planned – and no other way. And time was of the essence. It was not a passive tactic: “Let the demonic kamikazes do the dirty work for us and we will use their evil belligerence as an excuse to drag America into a war it doesn’t want to go into”. I think that the precedent for this event of 11 Sept/2001 is the burning (arson) of the Reichstag Parliament Building in Berlin, Germany, 27 Feb, 1933, a mere 7 days after a decisive meeting between Hitler, his banker (Hjalmar Schacht), Hermann Goering and the mighty industrialists whose backing Hitler needed to carry out his decision to become Dictator of the Third Reich. Hitler had guaranteed the group of powerful industrialists that he and Goering had a plan in place that they would resort to if they couldn’t get the job done by normal means.

I recall when I first encountered the story of the Reichstag arson of 1933. I was still a high school student in multi-cultural Toronto and that year we were studying Hamlet by a perfect coincidence: a classic “post-truth” tale if ever there was one. I recall how easily I accepted William L. Shirer’s verdict in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: that it was beyond all reasonable doubt that the Nazis had themselves burned the Reichstag to blame it on communist terrorists and to justify adopting, first a decree – carefully worded: “For the Protection of the People and the State”, followed by the Enabling Act (23 Mar, 1933) that made Adolph Hitler a bona fide Dictator. The Decree immediately suspended the 7 sections of the constitution guaranteeing individual and civil liberties, nefariously described as a “defensive measure against Communist acts of violence endangering the state”. The result was a detailed set of restrictions on personal liberties, the right of freedom of expression of opinion, freedom of press, on the right of assembly and association; violations of postal, telegraphic, telephonic privacy; warrants for house searches; orders for confiscations and restrictions on property.

If these historical circumstances strike you as rearing their heads in our own time – you are likely correct. Communists (and Jews) have been replaced by Muslims. Trump wants bans in place and walls built – early signs of a police state. The suspension of civil liberties has already gotten a head start with the Patriot Act, set up by George W. Bush. Trump wants to advance it. Trump is loosening up any grip on the rich and on fossil fuel companies. He wants to expand the military – Hitler’s number one goal, as well as the number one goal of PNAC.

The burning of the Reichstag Parliament Building was a major preparation for the Enabling Act to come. The deception of the original name for the act should have given the whole game away – but when people are suffering, they will swallow a lot of deceptive medicine just from blind hope alone. I repeat, it was originally: “The Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich”, implying that the Fuhrer was about to be their ‘Savior’ and the Savior of Germany, lifting it out of an unjust and gloomy social and economic depression into the light and might of a glorious rebirth, all facilitated by the permanent axis of National Socialism. With a title like that who is going to suspect a duplicitous agenda within the stated banners of National Socialism? There were signs, but to read the signs you had to break with convention and the bad habits ingrained in the nation’s history – anti- Semitism being one of the most chronic. When you have to condemn a minority in order to rally a majority, a serious weakness has just wormed its way into the Apple of State. It is no longer an apple that is safe to eat. It is already too narrow, too exclusive. This is exactly what Trump, his chief ‘strategist’, Steve Bannon and men like Michael Flynn [and others] want to do with anti-Islamism. Without radical and rabid anti-Islamism their far-right intentions would get no social traction.

Despite some doubt and controversy still surrounding the burning of the Reichstag, the most thorough chronicler of the rise and collapse of the Third Reich, William L. Shirer, had this to say in his 1960 publication:


“The whole truth about the Reichstag fire will probably never be known. Nearly all those who knew it are now dead, most of them slain by Hitler in the months that followed. Even at Nuremberg the mystery could not be entirely unraveled, though there is enough evidence to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that it was the Nazis who planned the arson and carried it out for their own political ends”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       William L. Shirer


“The idea for the fire almost certainly originated with Goebbels and Goering.Hans Gisevius, an official in the Prussian Ministry of the Interior at the time, testified at Nuremberg that “it was Goebbels who first thought of setting the Reichstag on fire,” and Rudolf Diels, the Gestapo chief, added in an affidavit that “Goering knew exactly how the fire was to be started” and had ordered him “to prepare, prior to the fire, a list of people who were to be arrested immediately after it.” General Franz Halder, Chief of the German General Staff during the early part of World War II, recalled at Nuremberg how on one occasion Goering had boasted of his deed”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       William L. Shirer


The evidence continues, but even so a seed of doubt managed to sow itself into the folds of this menacing period of German history. That seed could be called ‘the fear of Communism’. In our time a comparable seed of doubt about 9/11 could be called ‘the fear of Islamism’. But in Germany this was a deflected fear that was projected away from its true source toward its fabricated source. The true source was the Nazi agenda within its own borders, aided and abetted by plutocrats from America and England. As for America, post 9/11, one might say in consonance with the former Third Reich: America has nothing to fear, at this moment, but America itself.

As stated by Shirer, the Chief of the German General Staff, General Franz Halder testified at the Nuremberg Trials that Hermann Goering had literally boasted of his deed:

“The only one who really knows about the Reichstag is I, because I set it on fire!” With that he slapped his thigh with the flat of his hand.                                                                                                                                         – Halder


This General Halder insisted he heard this with his own ears at a birthday party for Hitler in 1942. But yet, perhaps not unexpectedly, both in interrogations and at his Nuremberg trial, Goering denied to the last day that he had any part in setting fire to the Reichstag. I remember as a teenager thinking: “Of course he would not succumb to such a humiliating confession in the face of world history. He would only ever declare his involvement when bragging in front of his fellow Nazis. He wanted them to know that it was his idea or his deed, not anybody else’s and certainly not the unfortunate patsy who they pinned it on: the half-blind, “demented” Marinus Van der Lubbe. To relieve the world – mankind and future generations – by telling everybody the truth at his trial – would have been a gift to mankind: an act of near transpersonal generosity. But Goering’s loyalty was not to mankind. His loyalty was much narrower than that; much more categorically selfish – a selfishness that prevented him from even believing in mankind! The empire he sought with Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, Müller, Hess and the rest was not for mankind: it was a Club of Elitist Supremacists who sought power, glory, wealth, gold, palaces, slaves, natural resources and infinite food FOR THEMSELVES. Of course he would not bring relief to those of us who needed the truth so we could understand and start the long process of healing the trauma – of liberating ourselves from it.

As a teenager it was easier for me to grasp this than it is now! My life nearly came to its end in the middle of October in the 12th Grade. After one month in a local hospital my father arrived with a stack of carefully selected books and placed them on my bedside table. It was a good move. I stopped answering the phone and spent long hours reading late into the night – with frequent raids into his own library. My room, at the east end of Trinity College, overlooked “Philosopher’s Walk”, the Law Building, the Music Building, Varsity Arena and Stadium and the back of the Royal Ontario Museum. I read and read and read. I wanted to understand the heart of human darkness – the same remorseless darkness that had put me in the hospital for a month – a darkness that has remained a hermetically sealed bond between me and my attacker to this day – as vivid as if it had happened yesterday.

Toronto seemed to have become an asylum for ‘refugees’ that had escaped Europe by the skin of their teeth – each with their own story that nobody seemed willing to listen to, simply because there were too many stories. At times I was nearly overwhelmed by the sheer number of these stories. Trauma was everywhere. But I was ripe enough, laid low enough by my own close brush with Meister Tod, to allow the material to seep in. I was weak on economics. I knew nothing about banks. I didn’t know names like Harriman, Dulles, Bush, Baruch, Farrish, Monty Norman, McCloy, Schacht, von Schroeder, Krupp, Voegler, Warburg – but I had heard about Rockefeller and Nixon (like everybody else) and was to start hearing these other names soon enough, one by one, only to learn that it takes a crocodile stomach to digest names that are so much closer to home: they are less mythical when right next door. In any case that ‘moment’ – my own post-traumatic shakeup – was opportune for me to digest Shirer’s book. And it changed me. And the idea of a False Flag Operation to accelerate and expedite a group agenda was something I could understand in 1969-70. At that time the United States was bordering on being a police state itself, so it wasn’t even far-fetched. Youth in America were being ordered by a draft to go to Vietnam and commit mass murder with their fellow Americans. They had to obey orders to kill or they were sent to jail. Some of them ended up dead themselves – many in their early twenties. While I was not constrained by a draft, despite Trudeau’s strange deference to Nixon, I felt the plight of American youth was outrageously unfair. It reminded me way too much of what young German males faced by about 1933.  I recall thinking – after a lengthy trip to the United States in 1970: “Where power has grown too big, the greater the number of victims it will prey upon”. Canada only had 30,000,000 people north of the border. The United States had nearly 7 times that number, south of the border. Consequently it had far more people for power to prey upon and many of them – probably the bulk – were the least protected members of the social order. Martin Luther King was particularly important for conveying this message to the world.

Now, in 2017, I feel like I’m starting all over again from the beginning. It seems to have been sparked by the collective adoption of the compound adjective “post-truth” in 2016 and mentioned by Tesich in 1992 in an article he chose to call “A Government of Lies”. He was clearly in no mood to beat around the bush. The pieces of a powerful puzzle were quickly snapping together. Things are thematically linked, but it is hard to find the time to follow the loops that weave together the whole. When all you have are just bits and pieces, everything seems like an unsolvable puzzle and the mind dwells too much of the time in a state of cognitive disarray. In the case of 9/11 it is hard to overcome the disarray, in part because the ‘Ground Zero Crime Scene’ was closed off and then cleaned up before an investigation could be undertaken. 411 days elapsed before Kissinger was appointed. After he was rejected more time elapsed. But by then critical evidence had long been dragged away by ‘authorities’.

                     A Voice from the Edge – 1970

Then, in the midst of that unique period of mental and emotional struggle – back in 1970 – my father, who was both Director of the Department of Criminology and Chairman of the Department of Religion at U of T, decided to follow through on a suggestion by a colleague to invite Elie Wiesel to speak for the first time in Canada. My father was impressed by the fact that Mr. Wiesel had survived more than one concentration camp, when some of his family members did not survive – including his father. He got schooled in France and decided to come to the ‘land of the free’ to find out why Jews in America remained so silent during the horror of the Holocaust. He came as a living testament and wanted to end that silence – or perhaps transform it. And when walking on 7th Avenue in midtown Manhattan (1956?), he was hit by a speeding vehicle and knocked flying some preposterous distance through the air. By the time he had landed he had broken every bone in his body and was pronounced dead at the scene. But, a NYC taxi driver begged to differ and got him to a local hospital where he remained in a coma for 14 days. When he came out of the coma – he laughed and laughed and laughed – before spending the next year in a wheel chair. When my father told this story at the dining room table – a couple of weeks in advance of Mr. Wiesel’s visit – we discussed the laughter and the irony. He had survived Nazi tyranny and hate and vicious, demented cruelty, but was almost killed by America’s symbol of freedom: a vehicle driving on 7th Avenue. Moreover Adolph Hitler had a real affection for American vehicles, just to make the irony that much more absurd.

My father was not a big talker at the dining room table. He preferred to eat in silence. Moreover, there was usually a lot of tension between him and me. But he told this preparatory story with unusual power – having removed all the masks he tended to put on when not alone. He invited the whole family to come to Mr. Wiesel’s talk that would be based upon the tales of Rabbi Nachman (1772-1810) from Breslov, Ukraine. Like Kafka and many others, Wiesel maintained a profound love for Nachman who acted as a true guide for the soul. My father also mentioned Mr. Wiesel’s book “Night” (1960), giving us an idea of what a soul might have to endure in a lifetime – unexpectedly – when collective, human behavior has come full circle. I made a mental note that Shirer’s “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” was also published in 1960. As my father continued I could feel a fire starting to burn in my chest. I couldn’t wait for Mr. Wiesel’s talk. I couldn’t control the fire that was also mixed with the excitement of ‘learning’. But to this day I have also been nagged by a mystery. My father invited the whole family to hear Mr. Wiesel. But only I chose to go. And it was not a choice. It was a passion, an unequivocal inspiration; one of those dots in the vast field of time that you leap like a lion to participate in. With the inimitable posture of an animal you bring your soul from its dungeon until it is seated right next to the living ear and you give of yourself as you receive – even if in silence. Your ear will not fail you – even in deepest mystery or incomprehensible absurdity.

When I was in the hospital the previous year my father had visited once with my mother and my much younger twin brothers. It had been assumed that because of the friction between my father and myself, that there was no connection between us. But it turned out not to be true. As soon as I saw him enter the room I started to laugh. And I mean laugh. The encounter seemed like a variation of the French term, “de trop”, that I was to encounter in the novel by Jean Paul Sartre, called “The Nausea”. I laughed so hard that nerves got pinched in my broken ribs. So the colossal laughter turned into colossal pain that in turn transformed into colossal absurdity. This was October, 1969. Everything came up in me all at once. My parents were totally alarmed. A nurse was called and came running because it seemed I was going to explode with laughter and pain and absurdity. I was reading “Catcher in the Rye” and listening to James Brown so the whole ICU could hear “Cold Sweat” and “It’s a Man’s, Man’s World”. And I wanted to scream out everything – from the death of Martin Luther King to the criminal madness of Vietnam, to the unhealed wounds from World War 2, to the hypocrisy that seemed more rampant in North America than all other diseases put together. But the nurse ordered my family out – for fear that my spleen would rupture – and the last thing I did with my father was wave, try to say something and instead – laughed so hard the nurse had to grab my shoulders and settle me down.

The following summer I hitch-hiked the length and breadth of America: from Washington to Mexico and from California to New York City. In September, I sat my parents outside in the garden behind the Dean’s House and I tried to describe the hate that had gripped the campus of Berkeley. I described it as contracting the air between kids and cops to such a density that I felt if I had stuck a dagger in it, the air would have supported the dagger off the ground.  I also described this hate as being the total absence of heat. It seemed to literally drop the air temperature. I described it as a battle between freedom and authority. The authorities expected the kids to be patriotic and go to Vietnam and kill the Vietnamese. From the point of view of the kids, this was murder. I said to my father that I agreed with the kids. I mentioned that I was meeting soldiers, guys from the navy, marines who had returned from Vietnam. I said: “They were all mostly crazy. I mean, their minds had been damaged. All of them, one way or the other, believed the war was both wrong and a waste”. I told my parents that I talked to all walks of life and what really disturbed me was that just below the skin most people were in agreement – from Scout Masters, to teachers, to cops. They all agreed that the war and the killing and the bombing was all wrong. The tragedy was that they were divided by the government that was dishing out lies. Somebody else was dividing them! On their own they had no quarrel with each other. And they sure as hell had no quarrel with the North Vietnamese people! The government was enforcing this brutal divisiveness. This talk, altogether, formed a bond between me and my father even as he was in charge of discipline on the campus at U of T during the period of maximum dissent. He listened and absorbed and I didn’t realize that he had taken what I said to heart.

It turned out to be a small gathering in Trinity’s tiny Convocation Hall, in December, 1970, but I was the only teenager in the room and everybody except Mr. Wiesel himself was ‘Christian’ – which didn’t seem to bother him in the least. The event was unforgettable, but too long to embark on here. I will just mention two brief things. Elie Wiesel struck me as a man who had been so broken – in that paradoxical tradition of shamanism – that he had been swallowed by the void – the infinite – where everything is inverted. The void swallowed his life. Then he was spat back out – back into a body, awkwardly covered by an ill-fitting suit that he wore around the streets of New York.  When he spoke it was as if the void, the beginning, the ‘prima materia’ that tangibly penetrated Trinity College at that instant, was being disturbed for the first time. Through the rich overtones of his voice – reminiscent of a very fine cello – I sensed Wisdom as the whole – the beginning and the end; the Alpha and the Omega; the emergence and the return: the indispensable cycle by which we are illuminated. In the midst of this mystical space he left us with many thoughts, but one in particular really got me – even though I had heard it before. He said:


“When a teacher points his finger at the moon, the fool stares at the finger, but a wise man looks at the moon”.


Having just returned from protest-torn America, raging over the sordid folly of Vietnam, I had a renewed inkling what he meant. We incarcerate, torture, exploit, kill each other because we cannot see past the finger, the flag, the nose-shape, the skin-tone, the gender, the spoken tongue, the clothing, the bank account, the opinion, the body. We cannot see past the symbol, whether Swastika or Star of David or a hammer and a sickle or a skull and cross bones. We don’t seek the truth; we seek a myopic representation of the truth. We invest in the representation and abandon all curiosity about the reality that created it. We cannot see past our stomachs, our degrees, our outrage, our things, our isms, ad infinitum, our mysterious frustration.  In the name of gold, of oil, of a house, of a company, or an army, or a group, this ism, that ism, we aim our weapons and start firing across a chasm of our own making. We let the finger do the talking and soon forget what we were talking about. We make mountains out of mole hills so we can hide the power of common sense in the shadow of a false drama.

Wiesel made a permanent impression on me. I heard true speech as if for the first time and through the tone of his voice sensed that all of us had emerged from exactly the same source in the midst of the same cries, whispers, tears and peals of laughter. He left me with a residue of hope, not because the dehumanizing forces of the world will ever go away, but because the mysterious power of spiritual renewal will never go away. Wiesel was a living testament who visited and touched us in Trinity College’s very modest “Convocation Hall”, December, 1970. I owe him a debt of gratitude.


I didn’t really have any problem – once I had heard real life accounts from people who had barely survived the concentration camps – believing that the Nazis would burn the symbolically important Reichstag Parliament building to ignite a collective, patriotic outrage that the Propaganda division of the Nazi Party could then marshal against ‘communist-terrorists’, while also accepting the need to make Hitler dictator. The alternative was to wade through the quagmire of the democratic process that wasn’t about to just throw its arms around Nazi policies about race, about violence, about imperialism, about human rights, about freedom, the state and individuality. So, burning the building was also a way to artificially accelerate the Nazi-will-to-power. Yet, this wasn’t what bothered me because for some reason I already grasped this age-old lust for power. From childhood I was observing its pushy machinations pretty much everywhere. What bothered me was a question: what gave the leaders, the industrialists and the foreign investors so much confidence – or was it hubris – that together they believed they could get away with such an artificial acceleration? Instead of the great cycle of the Phoenix taking its own natural course, it was as if this audacious group had decided to intervene and assume artificial control over the Phoenix Principle. To induce change in the direction you want, burn the multi-colored Phoenix to ash and then direct the will of the people from out of the trauma of the ash in an act of resurrection that the Party designs – namely an overwhelming Wehrmacht – aimed at making the nation great again, never again to sink back into such sordid depths of failure and disgrace. To do this, the Enabling Act was indispensable. Germany needed to become a Police State that would also faithfully reflect Hitler’s case-hardened vanity since the game is the same game it’s always been. To serve your country you must follow a Leader. But even to an inexperienced teenager who had just been knocked around by evil for about two years from 1969 to 1971 – I felt this totalitarian urge or “Will-to-Power” was too artificial. Even though I was in a panic myself I could feel that the pace set by the Nazis to restore Germany and take it to war was artificial, terrifyingly artificial. I felt this artificial pace was both pretentious and deviant.

I also asked myself how they managed to accumulate such psychological insight into the mass psychology of ‘we the people’? How had they become so familiar with the ‘child’ imprisoned behind the fears of every German citizen? Who taught them how to manipulate this fear and the child caught within it, all wrapped up in a cocoon of fairytales? How did they know they could forge it into rallies as overwhelming and organized as those witnessed at Nuremberg in Bavaria? And what drove them to carry out their manipulation and coercion to such extreme limits? A lust for power? Un-tempered imagination? An appetite for luxury and privilege? An abysmal inferiority complex? Compulsive dreams? Rage? Envy? Anger? Discontent? A lack of creativity? Lack of love? Despair? A pathological abhorrence of historical obscurity? Extreme geographic-claustrophobia that craved Lebensraum? The curse of an unadmitted, narcissistic stupidity? Dark memories of the Post-Versailles Depression that all but sank the average German citizen, threatening the industrialists as well? The foreign investments that gave them overnight respectability – a nice, palatial headquarters in an aristocratic section of Munich; nice cars to drive, built by Ford and GM? Or was it the irresistible lust for weapons of mass destruction, the promise of a brand new War Machine – literally an unimaginable Military, Industrial and Ideological Complex? So much power in the hands of so much impatience is a recipe for great harm.



                     The Motivation

We still have not completed the puzzle. We can suggest that PNAC wanted to accelerate the process of establishing a New World Order with them in charge. But we have not dealt with the problem of how to get the people permanently behind the cause since we established earlier that most people don’t want war and indeed why would they? But we learned from Iraq War 1 – from a highly paid New York PR firm that ran focus groups – that if you expose the populace to atrocities, you have just found the key that unlocks the gate of most resistance. Once people hear about atrocities against the most innocent among us, they will help you dismantle Mount Everest if need be. People are emotionally impacted by brutal atrocity, so intensely, they will happily and patriotically help you with your dazzling revenge or even heroic vigilantism. But the atrocity must be real and on full display, so that its effect cannot backfire. And that means a sacrifice and a risk. It must never leak out that you were behind the atrocity yourself, or it could be disastrous. To my amazement, Christian America bought the Big Lie, forever convinced that Osama bin Laden and his amazing group of 19 ‘non-conspirators’ knew how to force pilots to die by crashing into the Twin Towers instead of by downing the jets into the Hudson or Atlantic – which is what they were trained to do. And the absurdities unravel from there. But it doesn’t matter, because the lie became sacred emotionally and it was easier to wrestle with vengeful feelings towards dead Arabs, than to wrestle with living Christians who were still in the White House.  We did not stop the 2nd Iraq War because in the back of the collective mind – deep in our emotional factories – we had doubts. The doubt was born of fear that oozed through the fractures of a collective cognitive dissonance. We needed consistency to alleviate all doubt and there was no consistency anywhere – save for tiresome, one-note talking-points, like automatic machine gun fire from the White House. We let it happen because we doubted ourselves and did not have the collective power to confront the White House and the Pentagon.

If your propaganda is to get people to go to war – the prime goal of your titanic agenda – then you must go a little further. And 9/11 fulfilled this requirement as well. To understand it we need to go back to Hermann Goering – often seen as Hitler’s right hand man and the man who claimed in front of a gathering of Nazis on the occasion of Hitler’s birthday that he alone knew the circumstances surrounding the burning of the Reichstag because he himself had the honor of starting the symbolic blaze himself! This implies that he also understood why the spectacular act of arson in 1933 was so important to the Nazi cause.

When interviewed by the American psychologist, Gustav Gilbert, during the Nuremberg Trials, Goering said this to Gilbert:

“Why, of course, the people don’t want war. Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece. Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship… ”                                                                                                             Hermann Goering

At this point Gilbert responded:

“There is one difference. In a democracy the people have some say in the matter through their elected representatives, and in the United States only Congress can declare wars.”

Goering then answered Gilbert back:

“Oh, that is all well and good, but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country”.


Perhaps I underestimated the power of shame in any social order. Perhaps I have underestimated how much people need to feel approval from authorities, parents, peers, loved ones. Too much shame withers the soul of many of us. It mortifies us. So we rouse ourselves to prove ourselves. Goering was a man of war. He and Hitler shared a common purpose and a common modus operandi: war and conquest of the ‘inferior’ by the ‘superior’. And yes, people work hard and value their security and they don’t want it harmed or threatened or taken from them. A blatant attack cannot be left unanswered.

It becomes clear rather swiftly that 9/11, which could have been called Operation Phoenix, fulfills every aspect of Goering’s recipe for war – how to get people to do the bidding of their leaders and all the points that post-truth tactics have in common with Hitler’s principles of propaganda. It is radical. It is violent. It is emotionally so profound as to be traumatic for both individuals and for the nation as a whole. It uses simplistic repetition that pins the blame on a group of Arabs – whose credentials, as it turned out, render them incapable of such an operation – but that didn’t matter from the outset because America was under attack and it was not a movie! The propaganda demonized jihadist Muslims over and over to deflect away from the fact that expensive military tools, devices supposedly put together under Reagan, had been unable to protect America from the attack. The President himself, George W. Bush, was unable to respond swiftly to the ostensibly catastrophic emergency of ‘America under attack’ because it was more important for him to listen to the story about a pet goat in a children’s school in Florida than rush to safety and start responding to ‘America under attack’. But there is a simple reason why George W. Bush could continue on in his role of President-who-puts-children-and-books first – even ahead of war and the first war-like attacks on continental American soil ever – because America was not under attack at all – unless you believe in a sort of deep-seated auto-immune disorder. It was a carefully orchestrated government-controlled operation – as slick as Gulf War 1 that George H. W. Bush was so unequivocally proud of – especially the genius of those simply fabulous Patriot Missiles!!! Man, do those babies kill!

The setting of a children’s school in Florida was pure propaganda. It was a primitive psychological technique that you could apply to movies, musicals or advertizing. We the audience are to identify with both innocent children in America and a totally innocent, sweet, sweet President – far away from the evils of either New York business or Pentagon war-mongering, or the persuasive pressures of Europe’s Central Banks. This was a President who cared about America’s kids first and be damned if the first attack on continental American soil was going to be allowed to disturb that bond, that care. Or, was it a plausible deniability stunt? Or was it all of the above – designed to establish George W. Bush’s profound innocence – ever and always – stored in the same emotional substratum as the collapsed WTC buildings themselves? Then it is the same shocked President who comes out with the start of the Official Narrative. 19 Arabs and the formidable evil magician, Osama bin Laden. And that is where our emotions went. It’s where they direct your emotions first, when you are traumatized, that matters because that is what molds a sacred bond that lasts forever. The fire of your emotions burns into an image rendering it both life-defining and indelible. No matter that for years and years we could not find Osama bin Laden just like NORAD et al could not defend New York or the Pentagon from being hit by planes. Military jets could not intercept a plane between Boston and New York even though the FAA was telling them to please get up there and help out?! Military jets could not get scrambled to intercept a plane headed for the South Tower of WTC? And no jets, no surveillance could detect and intercept a huge plane purportedly angling in to hit the Pentagon!?! In other words the same slick military machine that George H. W. Bush was so proud of in 1991 – suddenly, for no legitimate reason – had a 100% failure rate on 11 Sept 2001? Not a chance. It isn’t the nature of the beast. All the people at NORAD and all the people in the FAA know what they are doing.  The sequential unfolding of the outrageous, ‘radical and violent’ events of 911 was virtually a 100% success and George H. W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld were probably more proud of that operation than the smooth, detached 1991 attack on Saddam Hussein. For one thing it announced the glorious, indescribable commencement of a New World Order – so valuable – even a sacrifice of as many as 100,000 fellow Americans would have been morally acceptable. Hubris of this magnitude – though impossible to accept with the heart – probably thinks we should be grateful that only 3,000 died when it could have been 30,000 or any other figure.

If Americans sense even one granule of ice gleaming at the tip of this iceberg, or one cell in the trunk of the elephant-in-the-room that is growing out of the truth about 9/11, then they are now feeling that something is wrong and that America has become completely divorced from its own political process and that what Gilbert had to say to Goering about the democratic process in the US Congress no longer applies today, indeed if it even applied then.


It is a terrible irony, truly terrible, that an Administrative team uses Christian values, beliefs, norms and ‘Ideology’ to advance their cause against what some have labelled, the “cancer of Islamism”. The essence of the New Testament is what Christ declares to Pilate not long before his ‘crucifixion’ and yet Donald Trump – America’s 45th President – has lied more frequently and more outrageously than any known political candidate in American history. So Pilate has the last say: “What is truth”? And we can ask, what is Christianity if it cannot prevent its adherents from chronic lies? Is it just a recipe for post-truth Machiavellian hypocrisy? What is Christianity if its central character is not only the most written about figure in Western History, with Hitler running second, but unlike Hitler, may not have existed at all – except, of course, in the living, human soul? And this most popular figure who may not have existed historically in the flesh, was conceived to have been sacrificed, not so much for our sins and fallibilities, but for the truth itself. What truth? The truth that is the essence of what we all are and when we are in touch with it – so the New Testament perspicaciously suggests – ‘we hear Christ’s voice’? One imagines, in modern jargon, a state diametrically opposite to “cognitive dissonance” – such as we all cherish in great music: something like “Synchronous Cognitive Resonance.” Hitler on the other hand, who obsesses us almost equally, was a calculating and cunning liar who sacrificed, not himself, but millions of others in multiple countries to advance a personal agenda – or delusions of grandeur – shrouded in lies, deception and broken promises. Hitler and Christ are the two extreme poles of what all of us are in this earthly life. The Roman governor still has the last say: “What is truth”? And each and every one of us – whether Atheist, Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Confucianist, Hindu, Hopi, Inuit, Jainist, Jewish, Jungian, Korean Shamanist, Masonic, Muslim, Rastafari, Shinto, Sikh, Spiritualist, Sufi, Taoist, Unitarian Universalist, Zoroastrian,  – still has the right to answer this question with all sorts of other people surging around a great and common ground.



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